2024 Toyota Yaris GR Review: Performance, Reliability
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2024 Toyota Yaris GR Review: Performance, Reliability, and Practicality

The new Toyota Yaris GR 2024 is not just another small hatchback. It鈥檚 like that part in a movie where the studious character transforms into a hero, ready to kick some serious butt. While it may be based on the humble Yaris hatchback, this version has been overhauled by Toyota’s motorsport division, packing performance and upgrades inspired by the World Rally Championship. Let鈥檚 dive into what makes the new GR Yaris a standout in the hot hatch segment.

New Toyota Yaris GR 2024 Price: How Much is the Toyota GR Yaris?

The 2024 Toyota GR Yaris comes with a price tag that reflects its high-performance capabilities and rally-inspired engineering. If you’re looking to buy one outright, prices start at 拢44,250 and can go up to 拢60,000, depending on the specific model and options you choose. For those considering financing, monthly payments can begin at around 拢694.

If you鈥檙e interested in a pre-owned GR Yaris, prices on platforms like Carwow start at approximately 拢27,000. This could be an excellent way to get your hands on this hot hatch without breaking the bank.

Anticipating the 2024 Model

For those eager to get the latest version, the 2024 GR Yaris will likely see a slight bump in price due to its numerous upgrades. Although the exact pricing details haven’t been officially released, you can expect the new model to start around 拢35,000. One of the big questions is whether the popular Circuit Pack, previously an optional extra costing 拢3,500, will be included as standard. This pack adds enhanced suspension and a differential that improves traction, particularly during aggressive driving.

Comparing Value

While the starting price for a Yaris might seem high, it’s essential to consider what you’re getting. The GR Yaris is a sophisticated piece of engineering, significantly different from the standard Yaris. Compared to its competitors, it offers substantial value. For instance, it costs about 拢10,000 more than the Hyundai i20 N, but the GR Yaris delivers a more serious performance experience. It’s also 拢5,000 less than the larger Volkswagen Golf GTI, 拢10,000 cheaper than the powerful Golf R, and a full 拢15,000 more affordable than the exceptional yet pricey Honda Civic Type R.

2024 Toyota Yaris GR Performance:

While the Toyota GR Yaris may be based on the urban-friendly Yaris, it鈥檚 clear this car was designed for the thrill of the open road rather than the confines of city streets. The turning circle is a bit larger than the regular Yaris at 10.6 meters compared to 9.6 meters, making tight maneuvers a bit trickier.

The ultra-firm suspension, though excellent for spirited driving, doesn’t shine in urban settings. While the damping control is good, sharp bumps like speed humps can be jarring. The high-backed bucket seats do help absorb some of these shocks, making city driving somewhat more comfortable.

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Visibility is decent up front, but the car鈥檚 sloping roof and small rear side windows compromise rear visibility. The updated model improves forward visibility with a lower infotainment screen and a higher rear-view mirror. The addition of an automatic transmission also makes stop-start traffic less tiring.

On the Motorway

Surprisingly, the GR Yaris makes for a competent daily driver, even on the motorway. It comes with useful commuter features such as radar-guided cruise control and lane-keeping assist, which help maintain your position between the lines.

However, at motorway speeds, you might notice some wind noise and tyre roar, typical for high-performance cars. The firm suspension can cause some fidgeting on anything but a perfectly smooth surface, but it鈥檚 manageable.

On a Twisty Road

This is where the GR Yaris truly shines. On twisty roads, it鈥檚 an absolute delight. The steering provides excellent feedback, a rarity in modern cars, and the six-speed manual gearbox is a joy to use. The precise and mechanical feel of the gearshift makes driving this car an engaging experience.

The pedals are not ideally placed for 鈥榟eel and toe鈥 downshifts, but the car comes with software to assist with this. The manual handbrake, interestingly, disconnects the four-wheel-drive system when pulled, making it easier to perform handbrake turns.

The rear suspension is unique to the GR Yaris, differing significantly from the standard Yaris. It smooths out at higher speeds, providing a comfortable ride on country roads. The 2024 model benefits from minor improvements based on professional driver feedback.

Switching to Sport mode adjusts the throttle response and steering weight while shifting the four-wheel drive bias to 70% rear, enhancing cornering performance. Track mode offers a 50:50 front-rear split, ideal for track days, allowing the car to hug corners with precision.

The brakes are impressive, with 356mm front discs and four-piston calipers providing excellent stopping power. These features, combined with the car’s lightweight construction, make for a thrilling driving experience.

Engine and Sound

The 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine, while needing high revs to perform at its best, provides an exhilarating drive once it gets going above 3,200rpm. The GR Yaris weighs just 1,280kg (1,300kg for the automatic), thanks to the use of lightweight materials like an aluminum bonnet, doors, and boot, as well as a specially designed rear bumper.

One downside is the exhaust note, which is not particularly special. Toyota has attempted to enhance this with fake engine noises piped into the cabin, but the result is only partially successful.

Space and Practicality of the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris:

Let’s start with the front seats of the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris. Here, it’s all about comfort and convenience for daily use. The big high-backed bucket seats are surprisingly comfy and don鈥檛 take up too much space. The new seating position is lower, making you feel more connected to the car. Plus, the redesigned dashboard now includes a handy tray for your phone, complete with a USB-C slot for charging 鈥 a nice touch for those on the go.

You鈥檒l also find some useful storage options like door bins (though they feel a bit narrow and cheap) and a decent-sized glovebox. The driving position is spot-on, thanks to the adjustable steering wheel and those fantastic seats. However, there’s a bit of a quirk: the door handle is awkwardly placed in a circular bit of trim, which can make it tricky to grab.

Space in the Back Seats: Limited and Uncomfortable

Now, let’s talk about the back seats 鈥 and this is where things go south. The rear seats in the GR Yaris are pretty much useless for adults. The roof slopes down for better aerodynamics, but that means most adults will find their heads brushing against the roof. Plus, there are only two seats in the back because the middle seat has been swapped out for a shallow storage area without a center seatbelt.

The small rear side windows and large front seats make the back feel even more cramped. Legroom is tight, and getting in and out is a hassle due to the three-door layout. Only the passenger seat folds forward for access, and it doesn鈥檛 return to the same position afterward. If you need a hot hatch with a usable back seat, you might want to look at the Volkswagen Golf GTI or the Skoda Octavia vRS instead.

Boot Space: Sacrificed for Performance

When it comes to boot space, the GR Yaris doesn鈥檛 offer much. The regular Yaris has a decent 286-litre boot, but the GR Yaris? Only 174 litres. That鈥檚 because Toyota didn鈥檛 compromise on the design of the rear suspension or the position of the rear differential for the four-wheel-drive system.

For comparison, the Ford Fiesta ST gives you 292 litres, and the Hyundai i20 N offers 352 litres. The Golf GTI is even more practical with 381 litres. So, if you鈥檙e planning to carry a lot of stuff, you might find the GR Yaris a bit limiting. The rear seats do fold flat, but the small boot opening and the raised rear roof section make it hard to load bulky items.

Toyota Yaris GR0 2024 Interior Style, Infotainment, and Accessories

Toyota has made significant improvements to the interior of the 2024 GR Yaris, making it much more functional and driver-focused. The changes to the exterior might be minimal, but inside, it’s a different story. The new dashboard design is a standout feature, moving away from the conventional look of the regular Yaris. You get a boxy shape that rises from the center console and stretches across the front, giving a blend of retro 鈥80s vibes and modern rally car functionality.

This design comes from feedback provided by Toyota鈥檚 professional rally drivers, ensuring that everything is angled towards the driver and easily within reach. The layout is intuitive and driver-centric, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Digital Instrument Display

Behind the steering wheel, you’ll find a new 12.3-inch digital instrument display. This display is highly functional and changes depending on the driving mode you’re in. In Normal mode, it provides all the essential information, but switch to Sport mode, and the rev counter takes center stage, making it easier to know when to shift gears during spirited driving.

Infotainment System

Next to the instrument display is the infotainment screen, which has been repositioned lower than before. This change improves visibility out of the windshield and makes the screen easier to reach and operate while driving. The infotainment system is fairly quick and responsive, but it鈥檚 not the most advanced system out there. It鈥檚 practical and functional, but don鈥檛 expect it to blow your mind with cutting-edge features.

In comparison, the outgoing model feels a bit dated. The materials used aren鈥檛 as premium, the infotainment display seems awkwardly placed atop the dashboard, and the old-school analogue dials lack the modern touch of the new digital display.

Practical Accessories and Features

The interior also includes practical accessories and features that enhance daily usability. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, perfect for both daily commutes and spirited drives. There鈥檚 a handy tray ahead of the passenger seat, big enough for your phone and equipped with a USB-C slot for convenient charging.

While the door bins are somewhat narrow and feel a bit cheap, they do provide useful storage. The glovebox is reasonably sized, adding to the practicality. However, one minor gripe is the door handle鈥檚 awkward placement in a circular plastic trim, making it slightly challenging to access.

MPG, Emissions, and Tax of the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris

Engine Performance: A True Powerhouse

The 2024 Toyota GR Yaris is powered by a single engine option, but what an option it is! Under the hood, you鈥檒l find a 1.6-litre, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine that delivers an impressive 280hp and 390Nm of torque. That鈥檚 a boost of 20hp and 30Nm over the previous model.

While you might not feel the extra power immediately, our tests showed the new GR Yaris is a full second quicker from 0-60mph, hitting the mark in just five seconds. The automatic version is nearly as quick, with faster gear changes making it the better choice for track use, helping you post faster lap times without worrying about manual shifts.

For those who enjoy a more engaging drive, the manual transmission is the way to go. It offers a more involved driving experience, perfect for those spirited drives on winding roads. Whether you choose the manual or automatic, you鈥檙e guaranteed to enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

Fuel Economy and Emissions

Toyota hasn’t released the official fuel economy or emissions figures for the new GR Yaris yet. However, it鈥檚 expected that they won’t differ much from the previous model, which achieved 34.3mpg and had CO2 emissions of 186g/km.

These figures suggest that while the GR Yaris is great for performance, it comes with relatively high car tax and isn鈥檛 the most enticing option for company car drivers due to its benefit-in-kind rate.

Safety and Security

The standard Yaris has an excellent safety record, boasting a five-star crash test rating from Euro NCAP, including an 86% rating for adult occupant protection. The GR Yaris hasn鈥檛 been separately tested, but it鈥檚 reasonable to expect similar safety levels given its construction and modifications.

The new model鈥檚 exact safety specs are still under wraps, but the outgoing GR Yaris was well-equipped with standard safety features, including:

  • Pre-collision emergency braking
  • Lane-keeping steering
  • Radar-guided cruise control
  • Road sign recognition
  • Auto-high beam lights
  • ISOFIX for the two rear seats (although fitting a child seat might be challenging)
  • Vehicle stability control (which can be switched off)
  • Tyre pressure warning system

Reliability and Problems of the 2024 Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota is known for making super reliable cars, and the GR Yaris should be no exception. However, because it鈥檚 a specialist model with lots of unique parts, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you plan to push it hard on track days.

Specific Issues: Four-Wheel Drive System and Recalls

One thing to watch out for is the four-wheel drive system. If you鈥檙e really giving it the beans on a long track day, this system can overheat. When that happens, it鈥檒l cut the drive to the rear wheels, leaving you with a front-wheel-drive GR Yaris. Not ideal, but it should reset once it cools down. Still, it鈥檚 something to be aware of if you鈥檙e planning on lots of track use. Toyota even suggests changing the engine and transmission oil more frequently if you鈥檙e regularly hitting the track.

There鈥檚 also been a recall for the front-facing collision warning and automatic braking system. Some cars built between May 2020 and August 2021 had radar units that weren鈥檛 properly calibrated. If you have one of these models, make sure it鈥檚 been sorted out.

Improvements in the New Model

The good news is that Toyota has made several upgrades to the 2024 model, addressing parts that were prone to wear and damage. So, the latest version should be even more reliable.

Warranty and Maintenance

Every new Toyota comes with a three-year warranty, and if you stick with servicing at a Toyota dealer, you can extend that warranty by 12 months and 10,000 miles each year, up to ten years or 100,000 miles. But, heads up 鈥 the warranty doesn鈥檛 cover 鈥淰ehicles used for races or other associated track driving.鈥 So, if you鈥檙e planning on taking your GR Yaris to the track often, keep this in mind.



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