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Changan Qiyuan A07 2024 Review

So, Changan just rolled out something pretty cool on September 26th, and it’s turning heads. They’ve launched their Qiyuan A07 sedan, and get this – it comes in two flavors: pure electric and extended range. The price tags are sitting pretty at 166,900 to 176,900 yuan (that’s about 22,800 to 24,200 bucks) for the electric, and 155,900 to 175,900 yuan (or 21,300 to 24,000 USD) for the extended range version. Qiyuan is Changan’s leap into the new energy scene, and the A07? It’s their first shot under this new flag.

Built on Dreams and the EPA1 Platform

Built on Dreams and the EPA1 Platform

This ride is more than just looks; it’s built on Changan’s EPA1 platform. Positioned as a medium-to-large sedan, its dimensions are something to talk about – 4905mm long, 1910mm wide, and stands 1480mm tall, with a wheelbase stretching to 2900mm.

Style Meets Function

The A07 is not shy about its looks, sporting a fastback design that’s both sleek and functional. The trunk lid and rear window glass lift up together in a seamless motion, and depending on the model, it rolls on either 225/55 R18 or 245/45 R19 tires. Oh, and those hidden door handles? They add just the right amount of mystery and sportiness.

Lighting Up the Road and Faces

Up front, it’s got this through-type light strip that stretches across the face, making it impossible to miss at night. And the Qiyuan logo – a clever mix of two 1s and one 0 – is Changan’s nod to the simplicity and origin of numbers.

Changan Qiyuan A07 Interior – Inside the Future

Changan Qiyuan A07
Changan Qiyuan A07

Stepping inside, you’re greeted with simplicity and tech married beautifully together. There’s a massive 15.4-inch 2.5k resolution screen floating in the center, and the steering wheel? It’s a double-spoke, flat-bottom piece that’s got ambient lights adding mood to the cockpit. The cool part? Almost all the car’s functions are just a touch away on that screen, with very few buttons to distract you. Plus, the traditional instrument panel has been swapped out for an AR-HUD, bringing AR navigation right in front of your eyes.

And for the audiophiles, the A07 packs an audio system with 16 speakers, including two right in the driver’s headrest. Because why not have your own personal concert every time you hit the road?

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The Qiyuan A07: A Cocoon of Comfort and Power

A Sanctuary on Wheels

Picture this: a cockpit that’s all about “five-sense immersion.” We’re talking four unique modes designed to tune into your every mood. Need to catch some Zs or find your zen? There’s a rest mode with nap, meditation, and mind-wandering scenarios. Movie night on the go? Check. Feel like belting out some tunes? Singing mode’s got you. Or if you just need a pick-me-up, there’s refreshment mode. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your senses.

Choose Your Adventure: Extended Range or Pure Electric

Both versions of the A07 strut a rear-wheel drive layout, but each brings its own flavor to the road.

Changan Qiyuan A07 Engine – The Extended Range Version

Changan Qiyuan A07  Engine
Changan Qiyuan A07 Engine

This one’s got a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine that punches out 70 kW, plus a rear electric motor kicking in another 160 kW. Translation? You’re going from 0 – 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds. And with a 200 km pure electric cruising range plus a 1,200 km comprehensive range, it’s like having your cake and eating it too.

The Pure Electric Sibling:

Here’s where things get zippy. Powered by an XTDM27 rear electric motor with a hefty 190 kW and 320 Nm of torque, this version zaps from 0 – 100 km/h in just 5.9 seconds. With a 515 km pure electric range, it’s perfect for those who want to whisper along the road and leave a cleaner trail.

Final Thoughts

The Qiyuan A07 offers a compelling choice between the versatility of extended range and the quiet power of pure electric driving. Whichever you lean towards, you’re getting more than just a way to get from A to B. You’re getting a mobile sanctuary designed to cater to your well-being, wrapped up in a package that knows a thing or two about speed and efficiency. The future of driving looks pretty cozy—and electrifying—from here.

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