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2024 Mini Cooper Se Review

MINI is at it again, reimagining its beloved hatchback for its fifth generation and stealing the spotlight at the 2023 IAA Munich Motor Show. This isn’t just another update; it’s a bold leap into the future while holding onto the charm that has defined MINI for decades. With an exciting mix of full-electric and petrol powertrains on the horizon, MINI is setting the stage for a versatile driving experience that caters to everyone.

2024 Mini Cooper Se Range: Cooper Electric E and SE

2024 Mini Cooper Se Range
2024 Mini Cooper Se Range

Diving into the electric avenue, MINI introduces two flavors of eco-friendly fun: the Cooper Electric E and the Cooper Electric SE. The E model boasts a 40.7kWh battery powering a single motor with 181bhp and 290Nm of torque, aiming for a 190-mile range. Not enough? The SE turns things up a notch with a 54.2kWh battery, ramping up the power to 215bhp and 330Nm of torque, shaving six tenths off the E’s 0-62mph time for a swift 6.7 seconds and stretching the range to an impressive 250 miles. Charging? Expect 10 to 80% in just 30 minutes with 75 and 95kW charging for the E and SE models, respectively.

Sleek Three-Door Design

The new generation will keep things compact and sporty, offering only a three-door variant. Those longing for more doors need not worry; the upcoming Aceman concept production version will fill the gap left by the previous five-door MINI.

Mini Cooper SE 2024 Interior “Charismatic Simplicity”

Mini Cooper SE 2024 Interior
Mini Cooper SE 2024 Interior

MINI’s design team, led by Oliver Heilmer, has embraced “Charismatic simplicity” as their guiding principle, ensuring that the latest Cooper isn’t just a car but a statement. It’s all about balancing that unmistakable MINI charm with cutting-edge technology and environmental consciousness.

Mini Cooper SE 2024 Interior

The 2024 MINI Cooper Electric isn’t just about driving; it’s about experiencing. Each MINI Experience mode comes with its own unique soundtrack. The Core mode offers a distinct sound inside and out, enhancing pedestrian safety. Go-Kart mode (akin to Sport) amps up the excitement with dynamic sound shifts, while Balance mode immerses you in the calming sounds of nature, from babbling brooks to the gentle rustle of leaves.

The LED ambient lighting syncs perfectly with these auditory experiences, illuminating the cabin with patterns and colors that adapt to your chosen mode. Go-Kart, for example, flaunts a sportier vibe, echoing the thrill of the drive.

2024 mini cooper se electric

Navigation and Connectivity

At the center of it all is the cloud-based sat-nav, seamlessly integrated into the MINI Interaction Unit. Apple CarPlay extends across the screen, while Android Auto users will see their apps in a neat rectangular format. The native navigation option even offers charge-optimized routing for efficient journeys.

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Enhancing the MINI’s connectivity are 5G capabilities and the MyMINI app, introducing the most connected Cooper yet. The cherry on top? “Hey MINI!”, the personal assistant, ready to obey your commands, with Spike the digital dog offering a playful touch as your chosen avatar.

Trim Levels Tailored to You C

hoose from three trims – Classic, Exclusive, and Sport – each with its unique flair. Classic combines knitted textiles with sleek synthetic leather, while Exclusive ups the ante with two-tone houndstooth and perforated trims. Sport goes all out with vibrant textiles, contrast stitching, and a glossier exterior for those who want to make a statement.

Safety and Convenience Tech

With features like Park Assistant Plus, Digital Key Plus, and Remote 360 monitoring accessible through the MyMINI app, the new Cooper Electric is as practical as it is stylish.

2024 Mini Cooper Se Price

Starting at 37882 for the Cooper Electric E and reaching 拢34,500 for the Cooper Electric SE, these MINIs are set to hit the road in spring 2024, marking a new chapter in electric mobility with flair.

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