2024 Dacia Spring Electric Review | A European Sensation
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Dacia Spring Electric Review 2024

The Dacia Spring brings to mind the simplicity and charm of the Citroen 2CV. It’s an homage to the idea of an uncomplicated, affordable, and endearing vehicle, but with a modern twist – it’s electric. And in today’s world where electric cars are synonymous with hefty builds, the Spring stands out by tipping the scales at just under a tonne. Yes, you read that right. It’s a light, nimble electric car that’s breaking the mold and proving that electric doesn’t have to mean heavy.

What’s the Deal with Speed and Efficiency?

Dacia promises an impressive efficiency of over 5.0mi/kWh and a “blistering” 0-62mph acceleration time of 13.7 seconds. While it might not set the world on fire, it’s the balance of efficiency and practicality that shines here. The secret? A modest 26.8kWh battery that’s just right for the car’s needs, allowing for smaller brakes, axles, and motors without compromising performance. The result? An overall weight of 970kg.

Dacia Spring Electric Price / A European Sensation

Before it hits the UK streets with its facelift next year, it’s worth noting the Spring’s success in Europe. It’s a blockbuster hit with 120,000 orders in just two years, ranking as Europe’s third best-selling electric car. Its affordability is a key factor, with a price tag under $18941 in France, claiming the title of the cheapest electric car (aside from the Citroen Ami).

Unlike its sibling, the Sandero, the Dacia Spring carves its own path on a different platform – the CMF-A from the Renault-Nissan Alliance, usually reserved for Asian markets. This means the Spring is not just a smaller Sandero; it’s a unique entity designed specifically for the urban jungle, about 300mm shorter and squarely in the A-segment for city cars.

Dacia Spring Range / Why the Buzz Around the Spring?

Dacia Spring Range
Dacia Spring Range

The Spring’s allure is undeniable: it’s budget-friendly. Dacia notes that for a whopping 93% of Spring buyers, this is their inaugural EV, and for 72%, their first Dacia. It’s not just about being affordable; it’s about being smart. Dacia’s digging into driving habits revealed most people only travel around 20 miles a day at 16mph on average. With its 140-mile range, the Spring fits perfectly into weekly life with just a single charge – which most do from the comfort of their home. It’s pitched as a secondary car but quickly becomes the primary choice for many.

Power in Simplicity

When the Spring hits the UK, only the zestier 65bhp version will be available, leaving the 45bhp model behind. While the latter ambles to 62mph in over 19 seconds, the more potent version is notably quicker, albeit it may find its match on faster roads. Yet, for city driving, even the sprint to 31mph in under 4 seconds is more than adequate. Both versions cap at 78mph, aligning with their city-centric design.

Dacia Spring Interior / Inside the Spring

Dacia Spring Interior
Dacia Spring Interior

True to Dacia’s ethos, the Spring’s cabin is straightforward yet welcoming. It’s utilitarian, with a plastic steering wheel and simple controls, but you don’t mind because it’s exactly what you signed up for with a Dacia: no frills, just function. Despite its basic nature, the Spring doesn’t skimp on practicality, offering five doors and a surprisingly spacious 290-litre boot.

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Eco-Friendly? Absolutely.

Ever heard of GreenNCAP? It’s like EuroNCAP’s eco-conscious cousin, focusing on vehicles’ environmental impact. And guess what? The Dacia Spring topped its charts last year. Dacia’s not just throwing around claims; the Spring’s well-to-wheel emissions are reportedly a third of those from a conventional B-segment internal combustion engine (ICE) car. That’s a significant step toward cleaner urban environments.

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