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2024 Cheapest Electric Cars

What are the cheapest electric cars

Best Cheapest Small Electric Cars 2024

#1 Dacia Spring – $18936

Dacia Spring
2024 Cheapest Electric Cars

Full Review Of Dacia Spring

At just $18936, the Dacia Spring is making headlines as the UK’s most affordable electric vehicle (EV). It’s so well-priced, it nearly clinches the title of the UK’s cheapest new car, only narrowly beaten by the likes of the Fiat Panda, Kia Picanto, and Dacia’s very own Sandero.

What’s New with the Spring?

Having already made its mark in mainland Europe, the Spring is not resting on its laurels. It’s back with a major facelift and a host of upgrades. The exterior sports a fresh, new look, while the interior isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s seen a significant uplift in quality and tech, boosting both comfort and connectivity.

Power and Efficiency

Under the hood, or rather in the floor, the Spring houses a 26.8kWh battery. It’s a lightweight champion, weighing in at just 984kg, which contributes to its nimble handling and efficient use of power. On a single charge, you’re looking at a range of approximately 137 miles, making it a practical choice for daily commutes and city driving.

#2 Citroen Ami 鈥 from $9719

Citroen Ami

If you are looking for the cheapest small electric cars, here you are ! So, Citroen really had its thinking cap on when it decided to craft the Ami. The goal? To whip up the ultimate tiny electric car. And boy, did they hit the jackpot – if you imagine using a 20lb sledgehammer to do it. The Ami is like this little urban ninja, perfect for weaving through city streets with the agility of a cat.

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City Living with the Ami

Citroen鈥檚 Ami is basically screaming, “I own the city!” With its compact size, you can forget about getting stuck in narrow lanes. Its glassy cabin is like having x-ray vision for spotting those sneaky moped riders way before they become a problem. And the cherry on top? It鈥檚 electric. Driving into central London without having to pay congestion charges? Priceless 鈥 at least, for the time being.

But here鈥檚 the kicker: the Ami loves the city so much it never wants to leave. With a range of just 46 miles and a top speed that won鈥檛 break any records (we鈥檙e talking 28mph), it鈥檚 all about those urban adventures.

#3 Smart EQ Fortwo 鈥 from $27622

Smart EQ Fortwo

If you’re all about minimizing your environmental footprint while cruising the city streets in style (and comfort), the Smart EQ Fortwo might just be your next ride.

City Slicking with the Smart EQ Fortwo

Picture this: You’re zipping through town in something a tad roomier than the Citroen Ami, with a touch more in the way of bells and whistles鈥攖hink carpets that your feet will thank you for, seats that make leather lovers swoon, and an infotainment system that, while basic, keeps you connected. But here鈥檚 the thing: despite its slightly larger size, the Smart EQ Fortwo still plays by city rules, with an 80-mile range and a top speed that says, “I鈥檓 in no rush” at 81mph.

Taking It Easy

Pushing the Fortwo to its max? Maybe save that for another car. It鈥檚 happiest under 60mph, beyond which it starts to feel a bit like it’s running a marathon with a backpack. But don’t let that deter you.

Fun Around the Corners

Now, for the fun part: this car handles corners like it was born to do just that. Thanks to its short wheelbase and sturdy stance, it grips the road as if it鈥檚 got something to prove. And when it comes to getting off the line, the Fortwo鈥檚 electric motor has the kind of low-speed torque that makes beating the buzzer from light to light a breeze. Picture blasting from 0 to 37mph in a mere 4.8 seconds鈥攅nough to make you grin at every red light.

#4 Nissan Leaf S鈥$29,280

Nissan Leaf S鈥$29,280

If you’ve got $29,280 burning a hole in your pocket and a hankering for an electric vehicle (EV) that offers solid value, the 2024 Nissan Leaf S might just be your match. For that price, you’re getting an entry-level EV that doesn’t skimp on performance. We’re talking a 147-hp electric motor paired with a 40.0-kWh battery pack under the hood. And the range? A respectable 149 miles per charge according to the EPA, which is pretty impressive when you consider it’s outpacing some pricier competitors in the range department.

Leaf SV Plus: For the Range-Hungry

Now, if your heart (or your commute) desires a bit more mileage, shelling out an additional $8,050 will get you behind the wheel of the Leaf SV Plus. This upgrade nets you a beefier 214-hp electric motor and a larger 62.0-kWh battery pack. What does that mean for you? A boosted driving range of 212 miles on a full charge, making those longer trips or daily commutes a breeze without constantly eyeing the nearest charging station.

#5 Mini Hardtop Cooper SE Classic鈥$31,895

Mini Hardtop Cooper SE Classic鈥$31,895
cheapest small electric cars 2024

Detailed Review Of Cooper Se Classic

Opting for the Mini Cooper SE means making peace with its modest driving range. Yet, for those who can embrace this limitation, there’s a whole lot of fun packed into this two-door hatchback. It’s like getting a slightly smaller slice of your favorite cake鈥攊t’s still your favorite, just a bit less of it.

Zippy and Agile: The Driving Experience

What the Cooper SE might lack in range, it more than makes up for in pep and agility. This little electric dynamo brings the same spirited driving experience that Mini enthusiasts love, thanks to a 181-hp electric motor that keeps things lively. It’s front-wheel drive, but don’t let that fool you鈥攖he Cooper SE is all about delivering smiles per mile, sharing that dynamic DNA with its gasoline siblings.

Looking Ahead: The Next-Gen Cooper Electric

While the 2024 Cooper SE continues to charm, there’s already buzz about what’s coming next. Mini is gearing up for the next-gen Cooper Electric, set to debut in 2025. If you’re on the fence about the current model’s range, it might be worth holding out for what Mini has in store. Expectations are high for significant improvements over the current battery-powered model, hinting at a future where you won’t have to compromise quite as much on how far you can go on a single charge.

#6 BYD Dolphin 鈥 from $32194

BYD Dolphin

Why Pick the Dolphin? If you’re eyeing an electric hatchback that offers great value, the BYD Dolphin leaps ahead. Sure, it’s pricier than the Citroen Ami, but you’re getting a substantial upgrade: room for four, a sizable boot, and a range that hits 265 miles. Plus, it’s nimble enough for both city streets and highways.

It might not be the slickest European hatchback, but the Dolphin holds its own with solid grip and controlled body roll. Fancy a quicker ride? The 201bhp variant does 0鈥62mph in 6.7 seconds.

Inside Scoop: The interior is as functional as it is fun, featuring a swiveling infotainment screen for a customizable experience.

#7 Hyundai Kona Electric SE鈥$34,050

Hyundai Kona Electric SE鈥$34,050

The Hyundai Kona Electric makes going electric feel like a smart investment. Starting with the base SE model, you get a decent 200-mile driving range from a 48.6-kWh battery paired with a 133-hp motor.

Higher Trims for More Miles:

If you鈥檙e craving more range, stepping up to the SEL or Limited trims at $38,050 and $42,420 respectively, boosts your power to a 201-hp motor and extends your range to an impressive 261 miles, thanks to a larger 64.0-kWh battery.

#8 Fiat 500e Inspi(RED)鈥$34,095

Fiat 500e Inspi(RED)鈥$34,095

The 2024 Fiat 500e is rolling onto our streets with a bit of a throwback vibe, but with an all-electric twist. If you’re curious about how far it’ll take you, the 500e has an estimated driving range of 149 miles. Not the longest journey on a single charge, but it’s something.

Stylishly Affordable

Now, let’s talk dollars. Sitting at $34,095, the Fiat 500e is one of the more wallet-friendly electric vehicles (EVs) out there. It’s keeping things stylish without asking you to empty your pockets. But, a heads-up鈥攄on’t count on snagging any federal tax credits with this one, as it doesn’t qualify.

Retro Look, Modern Power

Design-wise, the new 500e is nodding back to the classic Fiat 500 we all know and love, but don’t let its cute exterior fool you. This little hatchback is all electric, all the time.

#9 Fiat 500 Electric 鈥 from $35611

Fiat 500 Electric

If you’re all about that blend of adorable looks, a stylish cabin vibe, and a drive that puts a smile on your face, the Fiat 500 Electric is calling your name. It’s not setting records for speed, space, or marathon range, but it’s overflowing with charm.

True to its roots, the Fiat 500 Electric shines in the urban jungle, nimble and eager for every twist and turn. Yet, it’s got enough sophistication under the hood to venture onto faster roads – just keep an eye on those charging stations. With the base model sporting a modest 24kWh battery for up to 118 miles, planning is key.

Going the Distance (for a Price)

Craving more range? The 42kWh version ups the ante to about 200 miles, though it’ll cost you a bit more at 拢31,195. But the drive? Oh, it’s worth it. This little dynamo stays composed in corners, responds eagerly to the steering, and grips the road like a dream, inviting you to take those curves a bit more spiritedly.

Family Plans? Think Again

As much as we adore the Fiat 500 Electric, it’s not quite ready to be the family hauler. Rear space is tight, and the boot is snug at 185 litres. Perfect for solo jaunts or outings with a friend, but maybe not the go-to for family road trips.

#10 Tesla Model 3鈥$40,630

Tesla Model 3鈥$40,630

The Tesla Model 3, a favorite among EV enthusiasts, is getting a makeover for 2024. This isn’t just a slight tweak; we’re talking a full-on refresh both inside and out. And while we’re all eagerly waiting for the return of the Performance trim later in the year, Tesla’s rolling out with its staple rear-drive model and the beefier dual-motor all-wheel-drive Long Range version for starters.

Expect the 2024 refresh to carry over the remarkable efficiency we’ve seen in the past. The 2023 rear-drive version already impressed with an EPA estimate of 272 miles per charge, and its Long Range sibling pushed the envelope further to 358 miles. With the updates, Tesla aims to keep that efficiency bar just as high, if not higher.

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