Top Midsize Suvs For 2024: Best Picks For Performance
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Top Midsize Suvs For 2024: Best Picks for Performance and Comfort

Ready to explore the top midsize SUVs for 2024? This year’s lineup promises a mix of innovation, style, and performance, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you’re after the latest tech features, impressive fuel efficiency, or spacious interiors for family adventures, the 2024 midsize SUVs are set to impress. Let’s dive into what makes these SUVs stand out and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

#1 Hyundai Santa Fe: Bold New Look and Practical Features

Have you seen the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe? It’s got this super bold, squared-off look with a vertical grille and sleek LED light bar that really catches the eye. Inside, it’s roomy and comfy, and now it even comes standard with a third-row seat! Perfect for those extra passengers or more cargo space.

And get this – it drives like a dream. Smooth and responsive, whether you’re in the city or cruising on the highway. Plus, with a fuel-efficient hybrid option and loads of standard features, you’re getting amazing value. The wider tailgate is a real game-changer for easy loading, too. What’s not to love?

#2Kia EV9: The Electric Game Changer

The 2024 Kia EV9 is making waves as a game-changer in the midsize SUV world. It’s all-electric and offers three rows of seating – perfect for families looking to go green. This SUV is almost 16.5 feet long, giving it a serious road presence.

Inside, it’s all about space and comfort, fitting up to six passengers without any squeeze. The EV9 promises a good driving range and fast charging, making it practical for everyday use. Kia’s really outdone themselves, blending practicality with sporty vibes. If you’re thinking electric, this one’s a must-see.

#3 Mazda CX-90: Luxury and Performance Combined

Among the top midsize SUVs for 2024, meet the Mazda CX-90, where luxury meets performance. This beauty offers a range of powertrains, including a turbocharged inline-six and a plug-in hybrid. Inside, you’ll find high-quality materials and a spacious cabin designed for ultimate comfort.

Mazda has packed the CX-90 with advanced safety features and cutting-edge tech, ensuring a premium driving experience. Whether you’re zipping through city streets or hitting the open road, this SUV delivers a refined and enjoyable ride. It’s perfect for those who crave both luxury and performance in a midsize SUV.

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#4 Honda Passport: Versatile and Adventurous

Let’s talk about the 2024 Honda Passport, the perfect blend of versatility and adventure. It’s robust and ready for anything, whether you’re tackling city commutes or off-road trails. The Passport offers plenty of passenger and cargo space, making it great for family trips or weekend getaways.

Inside, it’s all about comfort and convenience, with advanced safety features and modern tech to keep you connected. The Passport’s spacious cabin and practical design make it a standout choice for those who love both adventure and comfort. It’s reliable, exciting, and ready for any journey.

#5 Kia Sorento: Stylish and Versatile

Looking at the best midsize SUVs for 2024, the 2024 Kia Sorento is truly making waves with its sporty and upscale design. This three-row SUV boasts a refreshed exterior and a larger infotainment screen, blending style with high-tech features. It offers multiple powertrain options, including gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid, to suit various driving preferences.

What’s great about the Sorento is its focus on safety and value. It comes packed with standard safety features and Kia’s long warranty. Whether you’re driving around town or hitting the highway, the Sorento provides a smooth and enjoyable ride.

#6 Kia Telluride: Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Have you seen the 2024 Kia Telluride? It’s a real head-turner with its rugged yet sophisticated styling. The Telluride offers room for up to eight passengers and a cargo area that expands to 87 cubic feet, making it perfect for families or road trips.

Under the hood, the Telluride boasts a 291-horsepower V6 engine, ensuring you have plenty of power whether you choose FWD or AWD. Inside, the Telluride feels like a luxury SUV with its high-quality materials and spacious design, but without the luxury price tag. It’s no wonder it remains a favorite among midsize SUVs.

#7 Lexus RX: Premium and Reliable

The 2024 Lexus RX is all about premium quality and reliability. This luxury midsize SUV offers multiple variants, including gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models. The RX 350, for example, features a turbocharged 275-horsepower engine, while the RX 450h+ offers impressive fuel efficiency with up to 83 MPGe.

Inside, the RX is packed with advanced technology and safety features, making every drive both safe and enjoyable. The addition of new exterior colors and enhanced tech options for 2024 keeps the RX fresh and competitive in the luxury SUV market.

#8 Toyota Highlander: Tried-and-True Excellence

The 2024 Toyota Highlander continues to impress with its comfortable ride and high-quality interior. This midsize SUV now offers a new Nightshade edition and a standard hands-free power liftgate on select trims. The Highlander is known for its reliability and practicality, making it a top choice for families.

Available in various configurations, from basic FWD models to the highly appointed AWD Platinum Hybrid, the Highlander caters to different needs and budgets. With its refined ride and impressive fuel efficiency, especially in hybrid models, the Highlander remains a strong contender in the midsize SUV segment.


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