Top 5 Luxury Suvs 2024 | A Glimpse Into The Future

Top 5 luxury suvs 2024

As we cruise into 2024, the luxury SUV market has never been more exhilarating. Combining opulence with cutting-edge technology and thrilling performance, this year’s top contenders redefine what it means to drive in luxury. From sleek designs to eco-conscious powertrains, these models promise not only to elevate your driving experience but also to set new standards in the automotive world. Join us as we explore the top 5 luxury SUVs of 2024, each offering a unique blend of style, comfort, and innovation.

Top 5 luxury suvs 2024

#1 2024 Porsche Cayenne

2024 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche, with its legendary history in crafting sports cars that thrill and excite, doesn’t hold back when it comes to their SUVs either. Take the 2024 Cayenne, for example. It’s like Porsche sprinkled a bit of their sports car magic on it, making it a blast to drive鈥攁 feat not many SUVs can claim. Despite being a mid-size SUV, it dances around corners as if it were much smaller, thanks to a chassis tuned by folks who clearly know what fun driving is all about.

Speed? It’s got plenty. Whether you opt for the eco-friendly plug-in hybrid or the beastly twin-turbo V-8, the Cayenne doesn’t just move, it sprints. But it’s not all about the adrenaline rush. This is Porsche’s roomiest ride, packing luxury, a smooth and quiet ride, and loaded with tech and goodies to make any journey enjoyable. Sure, it might not zip around like a 911 Turbo, but the Cayenne brings its own flavor of excitement, blending sportiness with the room and comfort for your crew and gear. This mix of thrills and practicality is precisely why it’s snagged a spot on the 2024 Editors’ Choice list.

#2 2025 Genesis GV80

Porsche’s been turning heads and curving corners with its sporty lineup for ages, and it’s no surprise that when they tossed their hat into the SUV ring with the 2024 Cayenne, they brought that same thrill-seeking vibe. This mid-size SUV is like a ballerina with biceps鈥攁gile in the twists but packing serious muscle, especially when you opt for the beefier engines like the plug-in hybrid or the growling twin-turbo V-8. It鈥檚 Porsche’s roomiest ride, dripping with luxury, from its whisper-quiet cabin filled with tech goodies to a ride smooth enough to make a silk sheet jealous. Sure, it won’t outrun a 911 Turbo on the track, but for a mix of muscle, luxury, and enough room for a family road trip, the Cayenne flexes hard. It’s no wonder it landed a spot on the 2024 Editors’ Choice list.

Genesis GV80 is like that person who walks into the room, and suddenly, everyone’s heads turn. A past 10Best trophy holder, this SUV is all about delivering luxury without making your wallet weep, a trick Porsche and BMW haven鈥檛 quite mastered. It kicks off with a 304-hp turbo four-cylinder that’s all about that smooth ride, but only if you’re cool with just two rows of seats. Want more excitement? The 380-hp twin-turbo V-6 not only brings more zoom but also unlocks the option for a third row, making room for up to seven adventure-seekers. All GV80s come with an eight-speed and all-wheel drive to handle whatever roads you throw at it. Inside, it鈥檚 like stepping into a first-class lounge鈥攖hink heated and cooled seats that hug you front and back, and even heated armrests. The ride? Quiet as a secret and just as thrilling.

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#3 2025 BMW X5

Top 5 luxury suvs 2024

2025 BMW X5

Lately, BMW seems to have shifted gears with its standard models, easing off the sporty accelerator to cruise more into the luxury and tech lane. The mid-size X5 SUV embodies this shift perfectly. You’ve got your choice of engines: a turbo inline-six, a beefy twin-turbo V-8, or a greener plug-in hybrid. Each one brings the power, serving up swift performance that’ll have you smiling on straightaways. When it comes to handling, the X5 keeps things light and fun, though it doesn’t quite hit the athletic highs of, say, a Porsche Cayenne. And the ride? Smooth for sure, but it doesn’t envelop you in cloud-like comfort as the Genesis GV80 does.

But where the BMW really shines is in its tech showcase. It’s like stepping into the cockpit of the future, with a sleek infotainment system and a dashboard display that curves like the horizon. Plus, it’s packed with driver-assistance goodies, including an optional Highway Assist feature that takes the wheel on long stretches, giving your hands a break. All in all, the X5 is a solid pick for those looking for a luxury SUV that’s as nice to look at as it is to drive. And if you’re craving a bit more flair or firepower, BMW has you covered with the stylish X6 and the powerhouse X5 M.

#4 2024 Volvo XC90

2024 Volvo XC90

BMW’s been playing a bit of a balancing act lately, tipping more towards luxury and tech while still trying to hang onto that driving excitement it’s known for. Enter the mid-size X5, a blend of power and finesse with its lineup of turbo inline-six, twin-turbo V-8, or plug-in hybrid engines. It’s got enough get-up to make a straight line feel like a party, but when it comes to twists and turns, it doesn’t quite dance like a Porsche Cayenne. Nor does it glide with the buttery smoothness of a Genesis GV80. But where it really sings is with its tech lineup鈥攁 dashboard that looks like it’s leaped straight out of the future with its curved display, and features that make long drives a breeze, like the Highway Assist for hands-free cruising. It’s a solid pick in the luxury SUV choir, with its well-dressed interior and pleasing drive. And if you’re hunting for something with a bit more flair or power, peek at its siblings, the stylish X6 or the mighty X5 M.

The Volvo XC90 is like a fine wine, only getting better with time. Here we are, nine years in, and it’s still turning heads as one of the classiest mid-size luxury SUVs you can find. Step inside, and you’re greeted with a cabin that’s the epitome of Scandinavian chic鈥攕imple, modern, and wrapped in top-notch materials. It’s spacious, too, making it a sweet spot to unwind on the road, though the third row’s a bit snug for the tall crowd. Under the hood, you’ve got choices that run from a modest 247 hp in the B5 to a hearty 455 hp in the Recharge plug-in hybrid, which can even sneak you around town on battery power alone for up to 36 miles. Sure, it’s got a couple of quirks, like a dashboard screen that could be bigger and infotainment controls that might test your patience. But when you stack up its strengths, this Swedish beauty holds its own against the big names like Porsche’s Cayenne, BMW’s X5, Genesis’ GV80, and Mercedes’ GLE-class. Its blend of style, comfort, and capability earns it a well-deserved spot on our 2024 Editors’ Choice list.

#5 2024 Lexus GX

2024 Lexus GX

The Lexus GX, a trailblazing stalwart in the brand’s lineup, has finally gotten the makeover fans have been waiting for, stepping into 2024 with a fresh face and a bunch of new tricks. Gone are the days of the dated design; in its place, the GX550 emerges with a rugged, boxy exterior that whispers hints of the iconic Land Cruiser鈥攁 look that promises to stand the test of time, especially given Lexus’s habit of playing the long game with its models.

Perched on a brand-new platform shared with the likes of the Toyota Sequoia and Tundra, the 2024 GX550 waves goodbye to the old V-8 and says hello to a more modern twin-turbo V-6 engine, available with a hint of hybrid for those looking to blend power with efficiency. It finds its niche nestled between the luxurious, off-road-ready LX and the TX SUV, which opts for a roomier interior and smoother city ride. This latest iteration of the GX not only maintains its legacy of rugged elegance but also brings it into the modern era with a suite of upgrades sure to excite both off-road enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike.

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