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Gac Aion Y Plus Review 2024

So, GAC’s Aion brand did something pretty slick in Bangkok with their Aion Y Plus, and it wasn’t just about rolling out a new model. It’s their first leap outside of China, and they’ve got some big plans. They’re not just dropping cars in Thailand; they’re setting up for the long haul. Gu Huinan from GAC Aion is talking big game about making Thailand a hub for EVs in Southeast Asia. That’s not just ambition; it’s a game plan.

Gac Aion Y Plus Review

Before this big Bangkok moment, Aion was laying groundwork like a pro. They inked a deal with their first Thai dealer earlier in the year, which is kind of like saying, “Okay, we’re serious about this.” Then they had this back-and-forth with Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor peeps, brainstorming on how to make the local production dream real. By August, they shipped over the first batch of Aion Y Plus cars, and that was the signal—Aion’s here to play.

Meet the Aion Y Plus

Now, about the Aion Y Plus that’s turning heads. They launched two versions—the 490 Elite and the 550 Ultra—with prices that make you think twice about going for the usual suspects. We’re looking at 1.0699 million baht ($29,900) for the starter and 1.2999 million baht ($36,300) for the top-tier. And the size? It promises you won’t be rubbing shoulders much with your shotgun passenger.

Why It’s Not Just Another SUV

But here’s where it gets wild. The Aion Y Plus isn’t just about driving; it’s about what you can do when you’re not moving. Fold down those seats, and you’ve got yourself a 5㎡ screen for whatever kicks you’re into—karaoke, movies, gaming, you name it. It’s like they fused a living room with an SUV.

Gac Aion Y Plus Interior

And let’s not breeze past how the Aion Y Plus is doing back home in China. In August alone, this SUV sold over 26,000 units, sliding past the BYD Yuan Plus and trailing only behind the Tesla Model Y. That’s not just good; it’s a sign that Aion Y Plus is a heavyweight contender in the electric SUV ring.

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