2024 Toyota GR Yaris Review | A Sneaky Update

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Review

First things first, let’s talk about the star of the show – the new Toyota GR Yaris. It’s like meeting an old friend who’s gone through a bit of a glow-up. On the outside, it might seem familiar, retaining that aggressive, rally-inspired vibe we’ve all come to love. But don’t let its exterior fool you; this car is brimming with updates beneath its skin, ready to surprise even the most seasoned Yaris aficionados.

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Price: Starting at £44,250

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Price
2024 Toyota GR Yaris Price

Now, onto the nitty-gritty: the price. The 2024 GR Yaris starts at a cool £44,250. It’s not pocket change, but then again, this isn’t just any car. It’s a statement, a testament to Toyota’s commitment to blending performance with everyday usability. And for those looking for something even more special, there are two special edition versions waiting in the wings, each promising its own unique twist on the GR Yaris formula.

A Quartet of Choices: From Standard to Special Editions

A Quartet of Choices: From Standard to Special Editions

Prospective owners have four models to choose from, each appealing to a different kind of enthusiast. The base model, equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, is priced at £44,250, while the variant featuring an 8-speed automatic gearbox comes in at £45,750, marking a new era of convenience for the GR Yaris lineup.

Then, the spotlight shifts to the two special edition models, the Ogier Edition and the Rovanpera Edition, each carrying a price tag of £60,000. These models stand as tributes to the mastery of World Rally champions Sebastian Ogier and Kalle Rovanpera, developed with direct input from these racing icons.

Tailored for the Track: Special Edition Brilliance

The special editions replace the standard Gravel and Track modes with settings fine-tuned to the personal preferences of Ogier and Rovanpera. This unique feature promises a driving experience that’s closely aligned with the insights and preferences of rally champions, offering enthusiasts a taste of professional rally performance.

Beyond performance tweaks, these editions also boast distinctive interior and exterior styling cues, setting them apart from their counterparts. Whether it’s the nuanced adjustments to the driving modes or the visual enhancements, these special editions are designed to celebrate the spirit of rally racing and the legacy of its champions.

Spotting the New from the Old: A Sneaky Update

Walking up to the new Toyota GR Yaris, you might pause for a second. Is this the new model or the old one? Toyota’s kept the updates on the down-low, holding onto that rally-inspired look we’re all about. It’s like running into someone you haven’t seen in a while and trying to spot what’s different. Haircut? New shoes? It’s subtle but cool.

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Wheels and Spoilers

As we circle the car, those forged alloy wheels catch your eye, unchanged and just as slick as before. It’s a case of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But then, as you drift towards the back, that’s where the magic happens. The spoiler’s had a little makeover, ditching the black for a more incognito body-colored look. It’s like it’s saying, “I’m still here, just blending in a bit more.”

Back End Beauty: Light Bars and Mesh Grilles

Back End Beauty: Light Bars and Mesh Grilles

And just when you think you’ve seen all there is, the rear of the car gives you a little nudge. Hello, full-width light bar! It’s giving off some serious future vibes, making the car look like it’s straight out of a sci-fi flick. Plus, the lower diffuser has swapped its old look for a new mesh grille, adding that extra bit of edge. It’s like the GR Yaris is flexing on us, but in a cool, understated way.

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior: A Rally-Inspired Revolution

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior
2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior

Stepping inside the new Toyota GR Yaris, you’re hit with that “new car” vibe, but it’s more than just the smell—it’s a whole new world. Toyota’s gone back to the drawing board, armed with feedback from the people who know it best: the drivers. What they’ve come up with is an interior that feels like a nod to the 80s rally cars but with a modern twist.

Back to the Future: Dash Design and Visibility Enhancements

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior

The dashboard’s completely new, ditching the previous layout for something more radical. Imagine a huge, squared-off binnacle that houses all the controls—it’s like stepping into a time machine set for the golden age of rally, but with the tech dialed up to today. They’ve even dropped the central screen by 5cm and shifted the rear-view mirror, clearing up the forward view. Remember how some folks felt a bit hemmed in by the old setup? Toyota’s been listening.

Sitting Pretty: The Seat Adjustment We Didn’t Know We Needed

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior

Remember the buzz around the Carwow channel when Mat Watson pointed out the high seating in the old GR Yaris? Turns out, Toyota was taking notes. They’ve gone and lowered the seats by a whole 25mm. It might not sound like much, but it’s a game-changer. Suddenly, you’re not perched on top of the car; you’re part of it, nestled in closer to the action. It’s like the difference between watching the rally and being in it.

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Engine

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Engine
2024 Toyota GR Yaris Engine

Pop the hood of the new Toyota GR Yaris, and you’ll find a beast that’s been given a serious gym membership. We’re talking about a tweaked version of its already formidable engine, now borrowing some muscle from the bigger GR Corolla. This isn’t just a minor update; it’s like Toyota put the engine on a strict regime of bench presses and squats.

The pistons have hit the weights, coming back lighter and stronger after some previous versions got a bit too heated during intense track sessions. The exhaust valves? Beefed up as well, ready to breathe fire without breaking a sweat.

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Interior

And when it comes to power, this little powerhouse isn’t shy. The dial has been turned up by 19hp, pushing the GR Yaris to a solid 280hp. Torque numbers are beefier too, jumping from 360Nm to a gripping 390Nm. It’s like the car went from being a middleweight contender to eyeing the heavyweight championship.

Cooling Things Down: Keeping the Power in Check

The all-wheel-drive system has gotten some love too, with improved cooling to keep things chill even when you’re pushing the limits. It seems Toyota wasn’t just about adding power; they wanted to make sure this car could handle the heat in more ways than one.

Shifting Expectations: The Gearbox Revolution

The manual gearbox, a six-speed affair, has been slickened up for those who love the feel of a gear shift in hand. But hold onto your hats because Toyota’s thrown a curveball – an automatic gearbox option in the GR Yaris.

Yes, you read that right. An automatic. In a GR Yaris. It’s not what purists might expect, and Toyota’s well aware. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just any automatic. Toyota’s opted for a torque converter over a dual-clutch to keep the drive smooth in traffic without sacrificing the fun. Plus, they’ve fine-tuned the internals to ensure it still delivers that punch you want from a hot hatch.

And before you worry about it being a snooze-fest, this auto comes equipped with launch control and the same limited-slip differential as the manual version. Yes, it’s a bit heavier, but we’re only talking about 20kg. In the grand scheme, that’s a small price to pay for the convenience and inclusivity Toyota’s aiming for.

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