GAC Aion LX Plus Review 2024 - Full Detailed View
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GAC Aion LX Plus Review 2024

So, there’s this buzz about GAC Aion, a name that’s stirring the pot in the electric vehicle (EV) scene. They’ve unveiled the 2022 Aion LX Plus SUV, and it’s not just another EV鈥攊t’s a statement. Picture this: an SUV that boasts a range of over 1000km. That’s like driving from San Francisco to Portland on a single charge. Mind-blowing, right?

GAC Aion LX Plus Review 2024

GAC Aion LX Plus

What’s the Big Deal?

Launched in November 2021 and now hitting the roads in China, this beast claims a range of 1008km in its top-end version. But hold up, that’s according to the CLTC standard, which tends to be pretty generous. Still, those numbers are hard to ignore.

The Evolution: From LX to LX Plus

The Evolution: From LX to LX Plus

This isn’t GAC Aion’s first rodeo. The LX Plus is the latest in the lineage, following the LX that debuted back in 2019. And it’s not just about longer ranges; this model borrows some slick design elements from its sibling, the V Plus, adding a bit of flair to its appearance.

Power and Performance

Both the base model and the top-tier versions pack a punch with a single electric motor, dishing out 180kW of power and 350Nm of torque. Need more juice? The mid-level 80D trims come with dual motors, ramping up the total output to 360kW and 700Nm.

Battery Brilliance

The real magic happens with the batteries. The standard 80 and 80D models are kitted with a 93.3kWh ‘Magazine’ lithium-ion battery, promising ranges of 650km and 600km respectively, per the CLTC cycle. But the crown jewel is the 144.4kWh battery reserved for the top-end model, boasting that headline-grabbing 1008km range. This isn’t just any battery; it’s equipped with GAC鈥檚 own silicon sponge anode cell technology. This tech is not only lighter (14% less weight than your typical lithium-ion batteries) but also more energy-dense, thanks to over 50 patents backing it.

Dimensions That Impress

Dimensions That Impress

With a footprint of 4835mm in length, 1935mm in width, and 1685mm in height, the LX Plus isn’t just stepping onto the scene; it’s making a grand entrance. Its 2920mm wheelbase offers a spacious interior, although interestingly, it’s 80mm shorter than the wheelbase of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, one of its key competitors. This means, compared to the Ioniq 5, the LX Plus brings more car to the road in every dimension except the distance between the wheels.

GAC Aion LX Plus Interior – A Cabin Full of Tech

Step inside, and you’re greeted by a 15.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system that takes center stage on the dash, complemented by a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster right in front of the driver. Sound lovers, rejoice! There’s a 10-speaker Alpine-branded sound system, ensuring your tunes are crisply delivered on every trip.

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GAC Aion LX Plus Price and Availability
GAC Aion LX Plus Price and Availability

But that’s just the start. Imagine navigating with augmented-reality satellite navigation, charging your devices on a wireless charging pad, and enjoying creature comforts like dual-zone climate control, interior ambient lighting, and a panoramic sunroof. And yes, there’s a power tailgate for good measure.

Connectivity and safety aren’t left behind, with 5G connectivity and an array of active safety and driver assist features rounding off the tech offerings.

GAC Aion LX Plus Price and Availability

The LX Plus’s pricing kicks off at 楼286,600 (A$62,613) for the entry-level 80 Zhizun Edition and climbs to 楼459,600 (A$100,408) for the top-tier variant. However, for now, it’s a left-hand-drive exclusive, so those in right-hand-drive markets will have to wait to get their hands on one.

The GAC Aion Legacy

GAC Aion isn’t a newcomer. As the all-electric arm of the Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC) Group鈥攚ith a history stretching back to 1954 as a bus manufacturer鈥攊t stands on a solid foundation. Today, GAC doesn’t just produce EVs under the Aion brand but also crafts vehicles under the Trumpchi brand and holds joint ventures with global giants like Honda, Toyota, and Jeep.

Founded in 2017, GAC Aion now offers five EV models, including the groundbreaking LX Plus. And while it’s not the first Chinese automaker to boast a 1000km range鈥Nio’s ET5 got there in December 2021鈥攖he LX Plus reinforces the trend towards ultra-long-range EVs, marking an exciting era for electric mobility.

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