Zeekr 001 Review 2024 | Alternative To Porsche Taycan
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Zeekr 001 Review 2024: Alternative To Porsche Taycan

Driving the Zeekr 001 is like getting a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles (EVs), and it’s a future where the established premium car giants in the UK might want to sit up and take notice. This isn’t just another EV; it’s a statement of intent from a brand that’s determined to shake things up with a mix of quality, design, and cutting-edge tech.

Zeekr 001 Review 2024

Zeekr 001

First Impressions: The Good, The Gimmicky, and The Bouncy

Right off the bat, the Zeekr 001 impresses with its roominess and rapid acceleration, wrapped up in a package that significantly undercuts its rivals on price. But it’s not all smooth sailing. Some of the tech comes off as more flashy than functional, and while the safety features are comprehensive, they can feel a bit overzealous at times. Then there’s the ride鈥攑lush and comfortable on a straight cruise but let down by a tendency to get bouncy when the road gets rough.

Zeekr’s Journey to the UK

Zeekr isn’t just aiming for a quiet entrance into the UK; it’s planning a grand arrival, slated for around 2025 or 2026. Before hitting the UK, Zeekr is making its mark in its home market of China and then expanding through Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe’s left-hand drive markets. It’s a bold path of expansion for a brand that’s only been around since 2021 but has already made significant inroads with three models launched in China and 150,000 units sold.

Zeekr’s Ambition: World Domination

Emerging from the innovative ecosystem of parent company Geely, Zeekr has hit the ground running. In just a short time, it’s established itself as a serious player in the premium electric car arena, with the 001 model playing a crucial role in its ambitious plans for global presence.

Diving into the Zeekr 001, you’ll find a vehicle that stretches the definition of a shooting brake estate, landing more squarely in the territory of a large executive hatchback. But don’t let categories fool you; this car brings its own flair to the electric vehicle (EV) market.

Design and Dimensions

Zeekr 001

Measuring just 45mm shy of 5 meters long, the 001 carries a presence that’s hard to ignore, somewhat reminiscent of a “chubby Porsche Panamera.” It’s a look that’s unique and compelling, especially for an electric hatchback.

Zeekr 001 Engine: From Quick to Quicker

Zeekr 001
Zeekr 001 Engine

Base Model: The Long Range version starts the lineup with a single electric motor pushing 268bhp to the rear wheels, capable of a 0-62mph sprint in 7.2 seconds. Thanks to the instant torque of 343Nm, it feels even quicker off the line than the numbers suggest.

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Top-Tier Performance: The 001 shines with its Performance and Privilege models, boasting a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup that produces a whopping 536bhp. This powerhouse setup slashes the 0-62mph time to 3.8 seconds, with a torque output of 686Nm making every acceleration feel like a launch.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Life and Charging

Regardless of the model, each 001 comes equipped with a 100kWh battery, delivering a WLTP combined range of 385 miles for the Long Range model and 360 miles for the dual-motor variants. Efficiency hovers around 3.4mi/kWh, though real-world performance tests showed closer to 2.7mi/kWh鈥攁 gentle reminder that spirited driving will dip into your range. Charging is flexible, with a 22kW on-board charger and up to 200kW rapid charging capabilities, getting you from 10 to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Handling the Heft

Battery Life and Charging

Despite its substantial 2,200kg kerb weight (or 2,335kg for dual-motor configurations), the 001 manages its mass with grace. Steering strikes a balance between being sharp and offering feedback, while the brakes provide solid stopping power. However, the higher brake energy regeneration settings might leave you wishing for a bit more resistance.

Riding the Roads

Around town and on smoother stretches, the 001’s comfort levels impress, thanks to a passive independent suspension setup that’s standard on all but the Privilege models. It’s adept at smoothing out minor imperfections, though larger bumps can unsettle its composure. Mid-corner bumps and unpredictable road surfaces can challenge the 001’s poise, revealing moments where it struggles to maintain its refined demeanor.

Luxury and Performance in a Premium Package

The Zeekr 001 is a testament to what the future of luxury electric vehicles (EVs) can be, especially for those who value the journey as much as the destination. With its blend of premium features, advanced suspension technology, and thoughtful interior design, it’s clear that Zeekr is setting its sights high.

A Ride That Adapts to You

For those who opt for the Privilege models, the air suspension with continuously variable dampers takes the driving experience up a notch. Sport mode offers a firmer ride, making twisty roads more thrilling, while Comfort mode ensures a smoother cruise, albeit with a hint of bounciness at higher speeds. This level of adaptability in ride quality allows drivers to tailor their experience to their liking, whether they’re in the mood for spirited driving or a laid-back journey.

Zeekr 001 Interior | Driving Position and Cabin Comfort

Zeekr 001 Interior
Zeekr 001 Interior

The driving position in the 001 is a tad higher than typical sporty estates, leaning closer to SUV territory. This slight elevation, coupled with a broad range of seat and steering column adjustments (albeit with limited downward movement), ensures drivers can find their perfect driving posture.

Refinement and Noise Levels

On the move, the 001 impresses with its quietness, particularly at lower speeds. However, wheel size does play a role in noise levels; models equipped with 22-inch wheels tend to pick up more road noise compared to their 21-inch counterparts. This is a small compromise for the added style and presence larger wheels bring to the vehicle’s overall aesthetics.

Spacious and Practical Interiors

Refinement and Noise Levels

Inside, the 001 feels spacious and airy, thanks to ample headroom across all seats and generous legroom in the rear鈥攎aking it comfortable for passengers of all sizes. Storage solutions are well thought out, with plenty of compartments, though the smaller cup holders might not accommodate larger drinks.

Tech-Loaded and Tuned for the Future

Stepping into the world of the Zeekr 001, you’re not just entering a car; you’re diving into a tech hub on wheels. Zeekr’s approach is pretty clear: Why bother with trim levels when you can give everyone a fully loaded experience straight out of the gate? And boy, do they deliver, especially through that commanding 15.4-inch central touchscreen that acts as the nerve center of the car.

Tech That Catches the Eye

One of the standout tech features has to be the exterior cameras at both ends of the car, capable of capturing video or still images and saving them on a 128gb hard drive. But it’s the lightshow mode that really shows off Zeekr’s flair for the unique, syncing cabin mood lighting with your tunes (parked situations only, of course).

Dual-motor models take comfort to another level with heated and cooled seats, complete with a massage function that actually syncs with your music鈥攁 feature that might surprise you if the playlist suddenly shifts gears musically.

Practicality Amidst the Gimmicks

Sure, some might wonder if all these features are really necessary, but it’s all part of Zeekr’s grand plan, which includes keeping the car fresh with over-the-air updates. More than just flash, the 001 is also about function, boasting 21 advanced driver assistance systems powered by 28 sensors to keep you safe and sound on the highways and byways.

Navigating the Touchscreen Maze

Navigating the Touchscreen Maze

While the central touchscreen is impressive, it can be a bit much to handle, especially with small touch targets and a menu system that requires a bit of a learning curve. Without a split-screen option, juggling tasks like adjusting mirrors or silencing speed limit alerts means losing sight of your navigation. The head-up display does offer some relief, and there’s always the fallback of wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for a more familiar interface.

Oh, and get ready for possibly the loudest indicators you’ve ever encountered in a car, not to mention a symphony of safety alerts that might have you hunting for the mute button sooner rather than later.

Zeekr 001 Price That Makes You Think

When it comes to cost, the Zeekr 001 is stepping into the ring with some heavyweight contenders but at a welterweight price. In The Netherlands, the Long Range model starts under 60,000 euros (拢52,000), with the dual-motor Privilege model topping out around 68,000 euros (拢59,000). While UK pricing remains a question mark, the Zeekr’s price tag places it more in line with smaller premium EVs like the BMW i4 rather than the loftier realms of the Mercedes EQE or Porsche Taycan.

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