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Best EV Cars With Longest Range 2024

Remember when electric vehicles (EVs) and range anxiety were almost mentioned in the same breath, kind of like that infamous connection between reckless driving and Nissan’s Altima? It feels like ancient history now, especially considering how most modern EVs laugh in the face of the once-dreaded 100-mile range limit, boasting capabilities of over 200 miles on a full charge.

But here’s the kicker: the EPA’s estimated range doesn’t always line up with what happens in the real world. And that’s precisely why we rolled out our 75-mph real-world highway range test. This isn’t about the slow and steady; it’s about hitting that sweet spot of 75 mph, the speed you’re likely cruising at when you’re itching to cover some serious ground on the highway.

Best EV Cars With Longest Range 2024

#1 Mercedes-Benz EQS: 400 Miles – $105,550

Mercedes-Benz EQS: 400 Miles

When we talk about gas-powered cars, it’s all about the feel of the drive鈥攈ow quick it accelerates, the hum of the engine, or how smoothly it rides. But dive into the world of electric vehicles (EVs), and the spotlight shifts to tech features. How many screens does it have? Can it sync with my entire digital life? In this arena, the Mercedes-Benz EQS stands out as a prime example, transforming from just a car to something akin to a mobile digital haven.

The EQS Experience: Beyond Driving

Driving the EQS feels like stepping into the future, where the vehicle is more of an experience than just a mode of transport. Picture this: a sprawling 56.0-inch Hyperscreen stretching across the dashboard, not just displaying information but immersing you in it. The navigation system is like something out of a sci-fi movie, overlaying arrows onto a live video feed of your route, making every turn and lane change crystal clear.

But Mercedes didn’t stop there. The EQS is a tech powerhouse on wheels, featuring wireless charging pads for both front and rear passengers, six USB ports to keep everyone connected, and a fingerprint-recognition system for that personal touch. Want to stream content? Each screen in the cabin turns into your personal cinema. And let’s not forget the luxurious foundation it’s built upon, being an S-Class sedan: ventilated front seats, heated rear seats complete with matching pillows, and a cabin decked out in top-notch materials and flawless build quality.

A Missed Opportunity in Driving Dynamics

However, it seems that in the pursuit of creating this digital masterpiece, Mercedes might have overlooked a crucial aspect鈥攖he joy of driving. The EQS, for all its technological marvels, falls short in delivering a driving experience that’s engaging or even pleasing. The responses feel sluggish, handling is less than thrilling, and the brake-pedal feel is just odd. It’s a point of contention that Mercedes has recognized and is addressing with a revamped brake system for the 2024 model.

#2 Tesla Model S: 320 Miles – $76,630

Tesla Model S: 320 Miles
Best EV Cars With Longest Range 2024

Tesla’s journey with the Model S has been a tale of constant innovation and refinement. Back in the day, the Model S lineup was a bit more diverse, featuring several trim levels, including the notable Long Range Plus. Despite what the name might suggest, the Long Range Plus variant paved the way for what we currently recognize as the Long Range model. Both boasted the capability to stretch past the 400-mile mark on a full charge according to EPA standards, an impressive feat that underscored Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) range.

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Real-World Performance: A Closer Look

While official EPA estimates serve as a useful benchmark, they often don’t tell the whole story. That’s where our 75-mph real-world range test comes in, designed to mirror the conditions of long-distance highway driving more accurately. When put to the test, the Long Range Plus showed its mettle but also revealed the gap between laboratory and real-life results, falling more than 80 miles short of the EPA’s optimistic numbers. However, it still delivered a commendable 320 miles in real-world conditions.

Not to be overlooked, the Model S Plaid, despite being engineered for astonishing performance, also put up a strong showing in our range test. Clocking in at 280 miles, the Plaid variant demonstrated that power and efficiency could go hand-in-hand, albeit with some concessions.

What This Means for EV Buyers

For those contemplating a Tesla Model S, these real-world range figures offer valuable insights. While the allure of official EPA range estimates is strong, understanding how these vehicles perform under practical driving conditions is crucial. A 320-mile range in the Long Range Plus and 280 miles in the Plaid variant are impressive achievements that underscore Tesla’s engineering prowess and the Model S’s role as a trailblazer in the EV space.

#3 Lucid Air: 410 Miles – $78,900

Electric cars with greatest range

Lucid Air: 410 Miles

The engineering marvel that is the 2024 Lucid Air sets a new benchmark in the electric vehicle (EV) landscape. It’s hard to find another EV that strikes such an impressive balance between raw acceleration and range. Imagine hitting 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds and still cruising past the 400-mile mark without needing a recharge. Even its high-dollar competitors like the Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-AMG EQS53, and Tesla Model S find themselves mastering one aspect but not both. And then there’s the Air Sapphire performance model, taking it up a notch with a jaw-dropping sub-2.0 second sprint to 60 mph.

The Pure Trim: A Blend of Luxury and Practicality

What really catches our eye is the entry-level Pure trim, which has rightfully snagged a 10Best award for 2024. It’s not just the luxury or the wallet-friendly angle that impresses; it’s that extraordinary driving range that makes it a standout. Lucid’s secret sauce? A mix of innovative tech, cutting-edge battery design, and power-dense electric motors, all drawing from the brand’s Formula E racing pedigree.

Design and Comfort: Room for More

Step inside the Lucid Air, and you’re greeted by a designer aesthetic coupled with a premium, spacious cabin that comfortably accommodates four adults, even on those longer jaunts. While its starting price hovers near six figures, nudging us to desire a tad more opulence inside, there’s no denying that the Air’s interior is both stylish and upscale, a fact that’s earned it a 2024 Editors’ Choice award.

Tech That Evolves with You

In the realm of in-car technology, Lucid, like many startup automakers, views it as an evolving feature. The Air’s dashboard, boasting three screens, isn’t just about the tech that’s there now but what it can become. Thanks to over-the-air updates sent directly from Lucid’s Silicon Valley headquarters, the Air’s tech suite is set to grow and improve, ensuring your vehicle stays as cutting-edge as the day you bought it.

#4 BMW i7: 310 Miles – $106,695

 BMW i7: 310 Miles

Electric vehicles (EVs) and luxury sedans are a match made in automotive heaven, a statement proven true by the 2024 BMW i7. With its potent EV powertrain and the whisper-quiet operation that luxury buyers covet, the i7 takes the serene driving experience to new heights. Combine this with a ride as smooth as glass and a cabin that鈥檚 the epitome of opulence, and you’ve got an electric 7-series that fully justifies its price tag, not to mention earning a 2024 Editors’ Choice award.

A Sanctuary on Wheels

The i7 isn鈥檛 just any luxury sedan; it鈥檚 a haven of tranquility and sophistication. Every inch of its spacious interior is crafted from premium materials, designed to cocoon passengers in comfort and luxury. For the tech-savvy and those who enjoy being chauffeured, the i7 raises the bar with its array of digital displays and an optional drop-down theater system鈥攁 feature setting it apart from its closest competitor, the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Power Meets Efficiency

Under the hood, the i7 xDrive60 packs a 536-horsepower punch, coupled with an impressive driving range of up to 318 miles. For those craving more vigor, the M70 trim dials it up to 650 hp while maintaining a commendable range of around 295 miles. And let鈥檚 not overlook the eDrive50 model. While BMW keeps the details under wraps, it鈥檚 anticipated to be the range champion among the lineup.

Rivaling the Best

In the arena of electric luxury sedans, the i7 holds its own against heavyweights like the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. Yet, where the i7 distances itself is in the realm of luxury. Neither rival comes close to offering the sybaritic indulgence that the BMW i7 provides, making it a standout choice for those who demand the pinnacle of luxury without compromising on electric efficiency.

#5 Hyundai Ioniq 6: 300 Miles – $38,650

Hyundai Ioniq 6: 300 Miles

Starting at a pretty attractive $38,650, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 makes its entry with the SE Standard Range trim. Now, while it鈥檚 easy on the wallet, it’s worth noting that this model won鈥檛 be breaking any range records soon. If your heart’s set on crossing that 300-mile threshold on a single charge, you might find this base model a tad limiting. But hey, for city dwellers or those with a tight commute, it could be just the ticket.

Stepping Up to the SE Long Range

If you鈥檙e like us, eager to see just how far an Ioniq 6 can stretch its legs on the highway, you鈥檒l be eyeing the $43,600 SE trim鈥攍et鈥檚 call it the SE Long Range for clarity. This trim level ups the ante with a beefier 77.4-kWh battery pack, replacing the 58.0-kWh unit found in the standard range model. Not only do you get more miles to roam, but there’s also a power boost with a rear motor kicking out 225 horsepower鈥攖hat鈥檚 76 more horses under the hood compared to its smaller sibling. And for those craving the grip and balance of all-wheel drive, it鈥檚 on the table here.

The Trade-Off: Speed vs. Range

Here鈥檚 where decisions get tricky. Opting for the 320-hp dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup in the Ioniq 6 catapults you into a different league of straight-line speed. But, as with all good things, there鈥檚 a catch鈥攐ur tests showed that this speedier setup comes at the cost of range. Clocking in at 220 miles in our real-world testing, the all-wheel-drive Ioniq 6 shows that sometimes you have to balance your need for speed with your range requirements.

#6 BMW iX: 290 Miles – $88,095

BMW iX: 290 Miles

Switching from the sleek lines of a sedan to the more robust form of a battery-electric SUV can feel like a trade-off, but the BMW iX proves it doesn’t have to be. Sure, its exterior might not win beauty contests, but don’t let that fool you. This mid-size BMW SUV packs a punch where it counts, especially once you step inside.

A Cabin That Justifies the Price

With a price tag flirting with six figures, expectations for the iX’s interior are sky-high鈥攁nd rightfully so. BMW doesn’t disappoint, delivering an interior ambiance that feels as luxurious and refined as the price suggests. It’s a space that makes giving up the aerodynamic aesthetic of a lower-profile vehicle feel like no sacrifice at all.

Performance and Range: The xDrive50 Experience

In the 516-hp xDrive50 variant, the iX not only offers a commanding presence on the road but also impressive electric endurance. On a full charge, it took us on a journey stretching 290 miles before needing a plug-in鈥攁 respectable figure for a vehicle of its stature and power.

Anticipating the M60

For those who crave even more vigor, BMW ups the ante with the iX M60. Sporting a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup and a whopping 610 hp, it’s the performance-focused sibling in the iX family. While we’ve yet to see how it fares in our real-world range tests, it’s a fair guess that the M60’s thirst for power might shave a few miles off the xDrive50’s range. But for the performance aficionado, that’s a small price to pay for the adrenaline rush.

#7 GMC Hummer EV Pickup: 290 Miles – $98,845

GMC Hummer EV Pickup: 290 Miles

Big Range, Big Appetite

The GMC Hummer EV Pickup throws a curveball in the EV conversation, showcasing that big results don’t always come from efficiency. Clocking in an impressive 290 miles in our 75-mph real-world highway range test, the Hummer EV proves it’s got legs for the long haul. But let’s not jump to conclusions; this feat isn’t necessarily about running lean. Instead, it’s more about the sheer capacity of its battery pack powering through the journey.

A Gargantuan Battery’s Tale

The Edition 1 Hummer EV we took for a spin in 2022 was nothing short of a powerhouse, thanks largely to its enormous 205.0 kilowatt-hour battery pack. To put that in perspective, it’s more than double the size of the battery you’d find in a Lucid Air鈥攁nother EV known for its range capabilities. While the Lucid Air prides itself on squeezing out miles with finesse and efficiency, the Hummer EV’s strategy is more brute force, leveraging its colossal battery to cover distances that impress.

The Efficiency Equation

So, what does this tell us about the Hummer EV? Well, it’s a gentle reminder that bigger isn’t always better鈥攐r at least, not more efficient. The Hummer’s journey across 290 miles is a testament to its endurance, but when you peel back the layers, it’s clear this truck quenches its thirst for the open road with a hefty gulp of electricity. The size of its battery pack is its lifeline, compensating for the vehicle’s appetite for power.

#8 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV: 290 Miles – $105,550

 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV: 290 Miles
Best electric cars with long range 2024

EQS SUV: Meeting its Sedan Sibling

The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV strides into the electric arena as the lofty SUV sibling to the acclaimed EQS sedan. Sharing more than just a name, the SUV variant embraces the same distinctive, perhaps divisive, design aesthetics and tackles the same infotainment complexities that have sparked debates among users. However, its identity is not merely a reflection of its sedan counterpart; it carves out its own space in the EV landscape, especially for those in search of electric luxury with added versatility.

A Champion of Range Among Electric SUVs

While it might trail behind the EQS sedan in terms of the maximum distance covered on a single charge, the EQS SUV has clinched its own title in our real-world highway range testing鈥攅merging as the reigning champion among battery-powered SUVs that boast a third-row seating option. Our tests in 2023 saw both the EQS450 4Matic and EQS580 4Matic SUV variants impressively covering 290 miles on a full charge. Notably, these feats were accomplished with two-row setups, sparking curiosity about how the inclusion of a third row might alter its range capabilities.

The Third-Row Conundrum

The question of how a third row of seats鈥攁nd the additional weight it brings鈥攎ight influence the EQS SUV’s range is an intriguing one. Intuition suggests that the impact might be minimal, especially when those seats are unoccupied, but assumptions remain speculative until proven by real-world testing. As enthusiasts and potential buyers alike ponder this, we await a three-row equipped EQS SUV from Mercedes-Benz to put through its paces and unravel this mystery.

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