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2024 Deepal G318 Review

Straight out of China comes the latest SUV that’s turning heads and gearing up for off-road adventures: the G318 by Changan’s new sub-brand, Deepal, which came into the scene in 2022. This isn’t just any SUV; it’s a nod to the rugged terrains and challenging journeys, drawing its name from a highway known for its scenic views and challenging paths. And with an anticipated price tag of about 300,000 yuan (that’s around $42,200), it’s setting itself up as a contender in the rugged SUV market.

Size and Specs: What We Know

Deepal G318

So, how big are we talking? Picture the extended-wheelbase Volkswagen Tiguan, and you’ve got a good idea of the G318’s size, with an overall length of 187 inches (4,750 mm). Under the hood, things get interesting with a 1.5-liter engine that breaks the traditional mold. Instead of powering the wheels directly, it plays the role of a generator, charging up the batteries to keep you moving.

Deepal G318 Power and Range: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Deepal G318 Power and Range: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

When it comes to what keeps this beast moving, expect a dual-motor setup driving all four wheels, ensuring that grip and power are readily available no matter the terrain. While we’re still in the dark about the exact range and horsepower figures, rumors are swirling around two battery options: a modest 18.4 kWh and a beefier 35.1 kWh pack. And the power? Reports hint at motors rated at 47 hp (35 kW/48 PS) and 80 hp (60 kW/81 PS), respectively. Sure, it might not throw you back in your seat with raw power, but it’s shaping up to be a reliable companion for those off-the-beaten-path adventures.

The first glimpses of the Deepal G318 have certainly made waves, presenting an SUV that鈥檚 not just visually appealing but screams adventure. With its C-shaped Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) adding a touch of flair鈥攖hose little eyelashes aren’t something you see every day鈥攖he G318 doesn鈥檛 shy away from making a statement. And while those off-road lights perched on top add to its adventurous vibe, it鈥檚 a wait-and-see game if they鈥檒l make it to the final production model.

Designed for the Wild

It’s not just about aesthetics; the G318 wears its adventurous spirit like a badge of honor. The silver accents mimicking underbody protection, paired with plastic cladding and robust tires, all contribute to an aura of rugged capability. It鈥檚 clear Deepal has put thought into crafting an SUV that looks ready to take on the unbeaten path.

A Nod to the Road-Trippers

Interestingly, while its build suggests a lean towards off-road comfort, the G318鈥檚 name draws inspiration from a highway rather than a trail. The 318, a renowned route stretching from Sichuan to Tibet, is famed among road-trippers for its breathtaking vistas and challenging terrain. It seems Deepal is casting a wide net with the G318, aiming to attract those who live for the thrill of the open road as much as the call of the wild.

Versatility Meets Performance

The anticipation around the G318 isn鈥檛 just about where it can take you but also what it can do. Hints at body-on-frame construction suggest Deepal is serious about off-road prowess. Moreover, the buzz around its capability to perform tank turns hints at a vehicle designed not just for utility but for fun. Whether you’re towing gear or looking to show off a bit, the G318 seems up for the challenge.

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Competition Watch

As the G318 gears up for its debut, it’s eyeing a spot in a competitive arena, with names like the GWM Tank and BYD FangchenBao in the mix. The promise of a vehicle that blends rugged functionality with head-turning design and off-road agility places the G318 in an exciting position to shake up the market.

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