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Aston Martin: 90% of Their Cars Are Still on the Road

Aston Martin just hit their 110th anniversary, and that says a lot about their staying power. Sure, they’ve had their ups and downs, but one thing is clear: they’re a brand that lasts. Here’s a fun fact: 90 percent of Aston Martins ever made are still on the road.

Impressive Numbers

This mind-blowing stat was revealed by Alex Long, head of product and market strategy, during a New York event. Out of around 110,000 cars built since 1913, nearly all of them are still kicking.

Keeping Track of Classics

So, how do they know this? Long explained that many countries share live VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers), making it easier to track which cars are still running. People love their Aston Martins and prefer to service them at main dealers to keep their value up. Long noted that they often see VINs from cars they never expected to be on the road anymore.

Passionate Owners

This high survival rate is a testament to the passion Aston Martin owners have for their cars. Their ratio of active vehicles even beats the G-Wagen, which boasts about 80 percent still on the road.

Driven by Love

“It’s definitely an emotional thing,” says communications director Kevin Watters. “Some cars might not make financial sense to restore, but people do it out of sheer love.” Take Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin’s CEO, for example. He has a massive collection of Astons, and he’s always getting them restored to factory condition.

In short, Aston Martin’s impressive track record and the dedication of their owners highlight just how beloved this brand is. With 90 percent of their cars still driving around, Aston Martin is truly a timeless icon.

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