2024 Audi Q8 Facelift Review | Interior | Price | Range

2024 Audi Q8 Facelift Review

The 2024 Audi Q8 SUV has arrived, continuing the legacy of its internal combustion lineage with a modern twist. Crucially, this is not the Q8 e-tron; it’s the traditional gas and diesel-powered version that steadfastly caters to those who prefer conventional engines. Interestingly, Audi has kept the diesel option alive in this model, a rare choice in today’s rapidly electrifying automotive world.

2024 Audi Q8 Facelift Review

Subtle Exterior Enhancements

Interior and Tech Upgrades

As part of its latest facelift, the Audi Q8 has undergone some understated yet significant changes. While maintaining its status as one of the most aesthetically pleasing coupe SUVs against competitors like the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe, the Q8 features new grille patterns and larger, more integrated side intakes. The rear sees redesigned tailpipes and introduces OLED technology for enhanced lighting. Additionally, three fresh paint options鈥擲akhir Gold, Ascari Blue, and Chili Red鈥攃omplement the subtle revamp, along with a new dark grey Audi logo, which adds a modern touch to the classic design.

Interior and Tech Upgrades

Inside, the Q8 maintains its high-quality and minimalist design but gets a tech boost. The infotainment system now supports more apps like Spotify and Amazon Music, enhancing connectivity and entertainment options. The Virtual Cockpit has been upgraded to better integrate safety features, displaying critical information such as lane change warnings directly in front of the driver.

Special Launch Edition

The model tested, particularly on UK roads, was the Launch Edition鈥攁 special version based on the S line trim but with an additional cost of 拢10,600. This edition not only sports unique 22-inch alloy wheels and a black styling pack but also boasts the new OLED tail-lights, and luxurious interior enhancements such as matte brushed aluminium trim and multi-colour ambient lighting. This edition enhances both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality, making it a standout choice for buyers.

As always, the spaciousness of the Q8 is a major plus, offering ample legroom and a generous 605-litre boot, ensuring that comfort and practicality are not compromised. The Audi Q8 continues to evolve, blending traditional engine options with contemporary updates, striking a balance that appeals to both new and loyal Audi enthusiasts.

Performance and Handling: Striking the Right Balance

Ride Comfort and Body Control

The Audi Q8’s larger 22-inch wheels play a noticeable role in its road manners. At low speeds, there’s a slight fidget over most surfaces鈥攁 small price to pay for its otherwise smooth ride. The setup is firmer compared to the Q7, yet it remains comfortably poised, especially outside of Dynamic mode. For those rare spirited drives, the Q8 maintains commendable body control. It’s not the car for aggressive cornering鈥攄ue to its size and heft鈥攂ut it’s sufficiently agile when you feel a bit daring.

Steering and Maneuverability

The steering on the Q8 is precise and well-weighted, although it falls a bit short in terms of tactile feedback. A notable omission is the four-wheel steering, available exclusively on the top-tier Vorsprung trim, which enhances agility and ease of maneuvering in tight urban spaces. This feature significantly improves the driving experience, particularly in navigating crowded city environments.

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Engine Performance and Efficiency

The diesel-powered 50 TDI model sports a 3.0-liter V6 engine, offering a robust 282bhp and 600Nm of torque from just 1,500rpm. Despite a bit of initial sluggishness, the Q8 quickly gathers pace, achieving 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds. The engine鈥檚 performance is matched by an efficient eight-speed gearbox that optimally utilizes the available torque, reducing the need for frequent shifting. This setup is ideal for seamless motorway driving.

The mild hybrid technology standard in this model further refines efficiency, allowing the engine to shut off during coasting and aiding in quick stop-start functionality. While urban fuel economy challenges remain due to the vehicle’s mass, highway driving sees a notable improvement, making this powertrain a financially sensible choice in the absence of a plug-in hybrid option.

Pricing and Equipment

The Launch Edition, while a limited-time offer, represents the higher end of what the Q8 has to offer, but all variants are generously equipped. The base S line starts at 拢75,500 and includes 21-inch wheels, Matrix LED lights, heated leather seats, adaptive air suspension, and comprehensive parking cameras, ensuring a high level of comfort and convenience across the board.

Financial Incentives

Audi is currently promoting the Q8 with attractive financing options, including a 拢3,000 deposit contribution for those opting for a PCP finance agreement. A typical plan involves a 拢10,000 initial payment followed by monthly payments of 拢1,135 over three years with a 10,000-mile annual limit. This makes the Q8 an accessible option for those looking to invest in a premium SUV with robust performance and luxurious amenities.

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