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New Skoda Enyaq 2024 Review

The Skoda Enyaq marks an exciting turn for Skoda as their first fully electric SUV built from the ground up. It’s not just another EV; the Enyaq has earned significant praise, including a commendation in the Smart Spender Award at the 2024 Carwow Car of the Year Awards. Competing with the likes of the Volkswagen ID4, Nissan Ariya, and Ford Mustang Mach-E, it brings its unique flair to the burgeoning market of electric vehicles.

Understated Design: Blending In Rather Than Standing Out

Understated Design: Blending In Rather Than Standing Out

While the Enyaq is a bespoke electric vehicle, its design doesn’t scream “futuristic.” This subtlety is intentional鈥攁ppealing to those who prefer a more traditional look rather than something out of a science fiction movie. It’s practical and unassuming, ideal for everyday activities like the school run, without attracting too much attention.

Key Exterior Features

The SUV starts with a prominent front grille鈥攁n interesting choice for an EV which doesn’t require one for engine cooling. Skoda insists it helps transition traditional car buyers to electric models. The grille is complemented by sleek headlights and functional air intakes. The sides feature somewhat superfluous faux vents and additional creases for a touch of distinction, while the rear sports an extended spoiler, bold Skoda badging, and sharp taillights. Color variations in the bumpers provide a bit of personalization depending on the chosen trim.

Pricing Overview for the Skoda Enyaq

The Skoda Enyaq, known for its value in the electric SUV market, offers a starting recommended retail price (RRP) range from 拢44,540 to 拢53,070. Through platforms like Carwow, potential buyers can find themselves saving an average of 拢480, with cash prices starting at 拢44,102. For those considering financing, monthly payments begin at around 拢423. Additionally, the starting price for a used Skoda Enyaq on Carwow is 拢20,250, which provides an even more budget-friendly option.

Cost Considerations and Upgrades

While the Enyaq is competitively priced, especially when compared to pricier models like the Tesla Model Y, buyers should be mindful of the costs associated with optional packages. Skoda offers various upgrade bundles that can significantly increase the final price. These packs, often including desirable features, can add thousands to the cost. Therefore, it’s important to carefully evaluate which features are essential before selecting additional options to keep the price within a reasonable range.

Electric Cars in Urban Settings: Why the Skoda Enyaq Excels

City Driving Benefits

Electric vehicles (EVs), like the Skoda Enyaq, are particularly well-suited for city driving due to their zero tailpipe emissions, which contribute positively to local air quality. One of the standout features of EVs in an urban setting is their ability to accelerate quickly without the delay of shifting gears. The Enyaq, despite its two-tonne weight, is remarkably agile and can swiftly move into traffic gaps when the lights change, thanks to its single forward gear setup.

Handling and Manoeuvrability

In town, the Enyaq’s ride might feel a bit firm due to the suspension setup needed to manage its weight, but it remains comfortable enough for city driving. It features a remarkably small turning circle for its size鈥攋ust 9.3 metres, expanding to 10.8 metres for the all-wheel-drive version. This makes the SUV easy to handle in tight spaces. Additionally, every Enyaq is equipped with front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera, enhancing ease of parking in compact spots.

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On the Motorway: Smooth Sailing with the Enyaq

Comfort and Performance

As the Enyaq transitions to motorway speeds, its ride smooths out, making it an ideal vehicle for long-distance travel. The cabin remains quiet, insulated from engine, wind, and road noise, allowing for easy conversation even at high speeds. For those who prefer a bit more zest, the 80 or 80x models offer more powerful acceleration compared to the 60, though all models are adequately fast and have sufficient range for extended motorway journeys.

Country Roads: The Enyaq鈥檚 Handling and Stability

Driving Dynamics

While the Enyaq manages well on twisty country roads, it’s important to remember that it is still a large and heavy vehicle. The battery placement beneath the floor helps minimize body roll and keeps the car stable through corners. However, it doesn鈥檛 match the agility of lighter cars like the Tesla Model 3. The Enyaq performs best when driven with a relaxed approach, handling corners neatly and dealing effectively with uneven road surfaces.

Winter Readiness

For those facing snowy and icy conditions, the 80x model with all-wheel drive is a prudent choice. Unlike the standard rear-wheel-drive versions, the 80x offers enhanced traction and stability, making it more capable and safe under challenging weather conditions.

The Skoda Enyaq: A Study in Space and Practicality

Comfort and Customization at the Wheel

The Skoda Enyaq shines in its ability to accommodate drivers of all sizes. Tall drivers will appreciate the ample headroom and legroom, while shorter drivers can adjust their seating for an optimal view and reach. The basic Loft spec includes adjustable lumbar support, beneficial for those with back issues. For those seeking even more comfort, the optional Comfort Seat package offers electrical adjustments, lumbar support, and a memory function to save your preferred settings, making every drive as comfortable as the last.

Abundant Storage Solutions

Practicality extends throughout the cabin with extensive storage options. The Enyaq features large, felt-lined door bins designed to prevent items from rattling around. Additional storage spaces include areas at the bottom of the centre console, twin cup holders that are thoughtfully designed for one-handed operation, a sizable glovebox, and space under the driver’s armrest. These features ensure that all your essentials are easily accessible.

Rear Seat Comfort and Convenience

Passengers in the back will find their space just as accommodating. The Enyaq’s spacious interior offers plentiful legroom and headroom, even for taller individuals. Wide-opening doors and ISOFIX points on outer seats facilitate the fitting of child seats, including bulkier rearward-facing models. A flat floor enhances comfort for middle-seat passengers, and built-in air vents help regulate temperature. However, it’s worth noting that USB charging ports for rear-seat passengers come at an additional cost, which could be a drawback for tech-savvy families.

Boot Space and Functionality

While the Enyaq lacks a front storage compartment or ‘frunk’鈥攁 common feature in some other electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y鈥攊t compensates with a generous rear boot space of 585 liters. This capacity is sufficient for the holiday luggage of a typical family of four and surpasses that of competitors like the Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Volkswagen ID.4.

The boot’s design is thoughtfully engineered with an adjustable floor that can eliminate abrupt changes in height, provided you opt for the Transport Package. This package also includes handy levers at the tailgate for folding down the rear seats without needing to access the back doors, enhancing the vehicle’s utility.

Inside the Skoda Enyaq: A Blend of Style, Simplicity, and Technology

Inside the Skoda Enyaq: A Blend of Style, Simplicity, and Technology

While the exterior of the Skoda Enyaq may not turn heads, the interior tells a different story. Breaking away from Skoda’s traditional designs, the Enyaq’s cabin presents a fresh and unique aesthetic. One of the standout features is the two-spoke steering wheel, which, with its distinctive look reminiscent of a clown’s face, adds a touch of whimsy without sacrificing functionality. It favors traditional buttons over the touch-sensitive controls found in some competitors, which many drivers find more intuitive and less distracting.

Digital Displays and Infotainment

Behind this uniquely designed steering wheel lies a compact digital display. Unlike the expansive screens found in some luxury models, Skoda opts for simplicity with a small but effective display that provides essential driving information clearly and quickly. This minimalist approach helps drivers focus on the road while still having easy access to necessary vehicle stats.

The centerpiece of the Enyaq’s tech offerings is a large 13.0-inch touchscreen that serves as the hub for most of the car’s functions. The screen’s size and clarity are impressive, enhancing user interaction despite some issues with responsiveness. Physical shortcut buttons aid in navigation, although the integration of air conditioning controls into the touchscreen can be a point of contention due to its occasional lag.

Voice Control and Connectivity

The Enyaq features a digital assistant named Laura, designed to facilitate voice commands for controlling various car functions. While this sounds convenient, the system’s performance can be inconsistent, which might lead to some frustrations during use.

Connectivity is robust, with options for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing for easy smartphone integration. USB-C ports are strategically placed for charging devices, and wireless charging is included in the Clever Package for the 60 and 80 models, and standard on the higher-spec 80 SportLine and 80x SportLine versions.

Interior Upgrades and Cost Considerations

It’s worth noting that while the base model is well-equipped, opting for more luxurious finishes and features will increase the price. The Enyaq offers various packages that can enhance comfort and convenience, but these additions come at an extra cost. Potential buyers should consider which features are essential and whether the additional expense aligns with their needs and budget.

Electric Range, Charging, and Tax Benefits of the Skoda Enyaq

Battery Options and Range

The Skoda Enyaq offers two main battery configurations to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Enyaq 60: Equipped with a 58kWh battery, it offers a range of up to 249 miles in its base trim. However, the range slightly decreases in the more equipped 60 Edition model.
  • Enyaq 85: This model steps up with a 77kWh battery, extending the range to up to 348 miles on a single charge. The four-wheel-drive version, the 85x, has a slightly reduced range of 329 miles due to the additional powertrain components.

Charging and Tax Incentives

While the UK government has phased out the direct grant for purchasing electric vehicles, owning an EV like the Enyaq still offers substantial financial benefits, particularly through tax incentives. Owners benefit from:

  • No Vehicle Excise Duty (VED): The Enyaq, being a zero-emission vehicle, is exempt from this tax, both initially and in subsequent years.
  • Avoidance of the Luxury Car Tax: Vehicles costing over 拢40,000 are typically subject to a surcharge, but the Enyaq avoids this due to its zero-emissions status.
  • Company Car Tax Advantages: Company car drivers will find the Enyaq especially appealing due to the significantly reduced tax burden compared to fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

Safety and Security Features

The Enyaq doesn’t just stand out for its environmental credentials; it’s also a leader in safety:

  • Euro NCAP Rating: It has achieved a top rating of five stars from Euro NCAP, with high scores across the board鈥94% in adult occupant protection, 89% in child occupant protection, 71% in vulnerable road user protection, and 82% in safety assistance technology.
  • Standard Safety Features: These include multiple airbags, autonomous emergency braking (front assist), and lane assist.
  • Child Safety: ISOFIX mounts are available not only in the rear seats but also in the front passenger seat, allowing for versatility in child seat placement. Higher-spec models also include electrically operated child locks.

Reliability and Potential Issues

Reliability is a hallmark of Skoda vehicles, and the Enyaq is expected to uphold this reputation. The most notable concern reported is related to the infotainment system, which some users find glitchy. However, aside from this, the Enyaq is anticipated to be a low-maintenance, reliable vehicle, reinforcing Skoda’s status as a manufacturer of dependable cars.

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