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Top 4 Door Sports Cars 2024

When it comes to combining sleek style, cutting-edge performance, and practicality, four-door sports cars stand out as the ultimate choice for automotive enthusiasts who refuse to compromise. These vehicles blend the heart-pounding excitement of a sports car with the convenience and comfort of a sedan, making them perfect for both thrilling weekend drives and everyday commutes. In this feature, we explore the top four-door sports cars on the market, highlighting their innovative designs, powerful engines, and advanced features that set them apart in a crowded field of high-performance vehicles. Whether you’re looking for luxury, speed, or a bit of both, these models deliver an unmatched driving experience.

Top 4 Door Sports Cars 2024

#1 2024 Acura Integra Type S

2024 Acura Integra Type S

Acura has really leaned into their “Type S” performance legacy with this one. They’ve packed a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder under the hood that cranks out a hefty 320 horsepower. That’s a full 120-hp jump from the regular model, and guess what? It’s practically the same engine that powers the Honda Civic Type R. Yeah, that’s right—the track star.

All About That Manual Life:

There’s no automatic transmission option here, and that’s no accident. Acura’s sticking to their guns with a six-speed manual that makes driving this thing a real hands-on thrill. Pushing that engine up to its 7000-rpm redline? It feels as natural as breathing, and let me tell you, it’s a blast.

Not Just a Speed Demon:

While the Integra Type S shares some guts with the Civic Type R, it’s got its own thing going on when you’re not hammering the gas. It feels a bit more grown-up, a little less raw. The adaptive dampers on this ride are tuned specifically for the Type S, so when you dial back the pace, it’s smooth and composed—perfect for when the race track feels a million miles away.

Racking Up the Accolades:

And it’s not just me saying all this. The Integra Type S has landed itself on the 2024 10Best list and snagged a spot on our 2024 Editors’ Choice list. Why? Because it nails that combo of fun when you want it and practicality when you need it. There’s enough room to haul your friends or family and gear in the back, making it a really solid choice for just about anyone.

#2 2024 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

2024 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

If you’re searching for the best 4-door sports cars, the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing should be at the top of your list. Designed for those who fantasize about a commute filled with hairpin turns rather than mundane stoplights, this car transforms every drive into an exhilarating experience.

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Consistently Award-Winning:

The CT4-V Blackwing isn’t just another powerful sedan; it’s a proven champion, clinching its third consecutive 10Best award in 2024 and an Editors’ Choice award. This vehicle stands out in its category by perfectly balancing everyday usability with ferocious performance, thanks to its 472-hp twin-turbo V-6 engine that delivers up to 445 pound-feet of torque.

Choice in Performance:

Whether you’re a purist who loves the feel of shifting gears yourself or someone who prefers the effortless operation of an automatic, the Blackwing caters to all with its options of a six-speed manual or a 10-speed automatic transmission. This versatility is part of what makes it a standout among the best 4-door sports cars.

Sophisticated Handling:

The adaptive dampers on the CT4-V Blackwing are not just about handling bumps gracefully; they’re about keeping you in control whether you’re cruising on the highway or pushing limits on a track day. This car knows how to maintain composure, making it both a thrilling and a secure ride.

An Unrivaled Duo:

Interestingly, the CT4-V Blackwing shares the spotlight with its sibling, the even more powerful CT5-V Blackwing, which features a 668-hp V-8 engine. Together, they represent Cadillac’s formidable presence in the high-performance sedan market.

#3 2025 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

2025 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing isn’t just a contender—it’s the reigning champion in the realm of top 4-door sports cars for 2024. Winning our 10Best award for the third year in a row, this model represents the zenith of General Motors engineering prowess, alongside the legendary Corvette.

A Thrill Ride Cloaked in Luxury:

On the surface, the CT5-V Blackwing may appear as a sleek, mid-size luxury sedan, but under that composed exterior lies a thrilling beast. Equipped with a supercharged 668-hp V-8 engine and a robust six-speed manual transmission, the Blackwing is a nod to traditional sports car enthusiasts who crave the engagement of a manual gearbox. This powerhouse setup, coupled with what’s considered the best traction control system in the industry, enables the CT5-V Blackwing to surpass icons like the BMW M5 and the last-gen Mercedes-AMG E63 in terms of raw exhilaration.

Value That Surpasses Its Class:

In addition to its formidable performance, one of the Blackwing’s most compelling attributes is its price point. This car comes at a considerable cost advantage compared to its German rivals, offering high-octane thrills without the sticker shock. It’s a detail that significantly boosts its appeal among top 4-door sports cars, providing performance enthusiasts with a more accessible entry into high-level sports sedan ownership.

Luxury with a Caveat:

Inside, the CT5-V Blackwing might not fully escape its roots, with some critics noting that the interior feels more like an upscale Chevrolet Malibu than a specialty Cadillac. However, this minor critique hardly dims the shine of its overall mission—to deliver unforgettable driving pleasure. Its blend of immense power, precise handling, and responsive controls ensures that it lives up to the expectations set by the best in luxury performance driving.

#4 2024 Honda Civic Si

2024 Honda Civic Si

This model is designed for those who love the thrill of driving without breaking the bank. It’s a car that’s always in sport mode, both in spirit and performance.

Simplicity in Choice:

Honda keeps it straightforward with the Civic Si. When you go to buy one, the only choice you really have to make is the color. That’s right, every Civic Si comes loaded with features, so you won’t have to navigate a confusing maze of options and packages.

Power and Handling:

Under the hood, the Civic Si features a 200-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four engine, paired exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission that adds to its sporty appeal. It’s all front-wheel drive, providing a dynamic driving experience that’s both responsive and fun.

Stylish Yet Functional Interior:

Inside, the Civic Si doesn’t just perform well—it looks great too. The cabin is decked out with a cloth interior that includes exclusive red Si stitching on the front seats, giving it a unique and vibrant touch that echoes the car’s sporty persona.

Affordable Performance:

While it may not pack as much power as some of its sport compact competitors like the Volkswagen Golf GTI or the Hyundai Elantra N, the Civic Si holds its own with a more accessible price tag. Starting under $30k, it offers great value, especially when you consider the balance of power, handling, and standard features.

#5 2024 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is a car that truly feasts on fun. Built for enthusiasts who love the rush of a race track just as much as a spirited road drive, this isn’t your ordinary Civic. It’s a performance powerhouse that turns every drive into an adventure.

High-Octane Performance:

Under the hood, the Type R is all business with a raucous 315-hp turbocharged inline-four engine. Paired exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, it’s designed for drivers who love to be in control and feel connected to the road. The Type R is not just about power; it’s about precision and passion.

Impressive Handling:

On our test track, the Civic Type R showcased its athleticism. Its ability to stick to the pavement with mighty levels of grip is reminiscent of a double-yellow line—unwavering and steadfast. This car doesn’t just handle well; it inspires confidence at every turn.

Sporty and Comfortable Interior:

Inside, the Civic Type R doesn’t skimp on flair or comfort. Decked out with glowing red carpet and matching red seats, the interior is as eye-catching as it is comfortable. It’s worth noting, though, that while the Type R skips on heated seats—a feature reserved for its more luxurious sibling, the Acura Integra Type S—it doesn’t hold back on providing a supportive and engaging cabin environment.

#6 2024 Audi RS7

2024 Audi RS7

The 2024 Audi RS7 Sportback stands out as a definitive leader in the realm of best 4-door sports cars, blending elite performance with unparalleled comfort. Its excellence is so pronounced that it earned a well-deserved 2024 Editors’ Choice award, highlighting its status among the elite.

A Powerhouse of Performance:

At the heart of the RS7 Sportback lies a robust 591-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine, paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that flawlessly delivers power to all four wheels. This potent combination ensures that the RS7 isn’t just fast—it’s ferociously dynamic, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

New Performance Trim Levels Up the Ante:

For those who crave even more power, the newly introduced Performance trim adds an impressive boost, ramping up to 621 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. This enhancement not only increases the RS7’s speed but also its stature as one of the best 4-door sports cars on the market.

Balanced Dynamics and Luxurious Comfort:

While the RS7 Sportback thrills with its power, it also excels in providing a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. It expertly balances the aggressive performance expected from a top-tier sports car with the delicate handling and smooth ride quality of a high-end sedan. The inclusion of rear-axle steering contributes to this balance, making the car feel lighter and more agile despite its substantial heft.

#7 2024 Hyundai Elantra N

2024 Hyundai Elantra N

Just three years after its debut, the Hyundai Elantra N has already received a refresh that subtly realigns its aesthetics with the more subdued base model Elantra sedan. It’s an update that not only refines its look but also subtly tweaks its underpinnings to enhance overall driveability.

Maintaining a Winning Formula:

For 2024, the Elantra N’s heart remains unchanged—a robust 276-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine. This decision keeps its spirited straight-line performance intact, much to our delight. This engine setup continues to provide the thrilling driving experience that helped the Elantra N clinch first place in a comparison test, outrunning rivals like the Honda Civic Si and Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

Visual Enhancements for a New Year:

Hyundai isn’t just resting on its laurels with performance alone. For 2024, the Elantra N sports a new look with 19-inch wheels, and refreshed front and rear bumpers, complemented by updated headlamps and taillights. These changes contribute to a more refined and handsome appearance, distinguishing the latest model from its predecessors.

#8 2024 Toyota GR Corolla

2024 Toyota GR Corolla

When you hear “Corolla,” you might think of the dependable, everyday commuter car—but the 2024 Toyota GR Corolla flips that script completely. It’s like discovering your mild-mannered neighbor is actually a superhero when the weekend hits. This car shares its name and some basic bones with the standard Corolla, but that’s where the similarities end.

Packed with Power:

Toyota really spiced things up by dropping a 300-hp turbocharged three-cylinder engine into the GR Corolla. Yes, three cylinders! But this isn’t just any engine—it’s a fire-breathing powerhouse that makes the GR Corolla a blast to drive. Paired with a multi-mode all-wheel-drive system and a sport-tuned suspension, this car is designed to tear up the track and keep pace with legends like the Honda Civic Type R and the Volkswagen Golf R.

Manual Magic:

Adding to the thrill, the only way to shift gears in the GR Corolla is with a six-speed manual transmission. It’s all about giving you full control and maximizing that fun-to-drive feeling. For those who love the art of driving, this setup is a dream.

Exclusivity and Prestige:

As part of Toyota’s GR lineup, the GR Corolla stands at the top of the performance pyramid for the brand. It’s a bit of a rare gem, too—produced in limited quantities, which makes getting your hands on one a bit of a hustle. But let me tell you, it’s worth the effort.

Editor’s Choice for a Reason:

Despite the hurdles in buying one, we think the GR Corolla is such a standout that we added it to our 2024 Editors’ Choice list. It’s not just a great performance car; it’s a statement that fun, fiery driving isn’t reserved for the most expensive or the most outlandish cars out there.

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