2025 Nissan Kicks Review | Fresh Step Forward | All-Wheel

2025 Nissan Kicks Review

The 2025 Nissan Kicks seems to be hitting the reset button in a big way. Nissan’s latest iteration of this compact crossover SUV sports a cleaner, more unified look that marks a significant departure from its predecessor. It’s like Nissan took a step back, looked at the Kicks with fresh eyes, and decided it was time for a change鈥攁 move that could very well pay off.

2025 Nissan Kicks Review

2025 Nissan Kicks Review

The first generation of the Kicks rolled out in 2018, and despite a refresh in 2021, it always felt like something was missing. Sure, we had a go in a decked-out Kicks SR model and found quite a bit to like, especially when you considered what you were getting for the price. It wasn’t the fastest or the flashiest, and yeah, the rear seats could feel a bit snug, and the drive wasn’t exactly thrilling. But it made a solid argument for itself with its fuel efficiency and wallet-friendly price tag.

Fast forward to 2025, and it looks like Nissan isn’t just resting on its laurels. They’re keeping the familiar S, SV, and SR trim lineup but injecting a healthy dose of premium vibes, especially with the SV and SR trims. We got a sneak peek at the SR model equipped with the Premium package, and let me tell you, it’s looking like a whole new ballgame. A panoramic sunroof, a Bose 10-speaker audio system that could give concert halls a run for their money, heated seats to keep you cozy, a heated steering wheel that feels like a warm handshake on a cold morning, and remote engine start for those days when you just can’t deal with the cold (or the heat).

It’s clear that Nissan is on a mission to bring some of the magic from higher-tier models down to the Kicks, blending technology, design, and those little luxuries that make every drive just that bit more special. If the new Kicks lives up to the hype, it could very well shift the narrative from “it’s a sensible choice” to “it’s the smart choice and a treat to drive.”

A Fresh Step Forward: The 2025 Nissan Kicks Redesign

The metamorphosis of the Nissan Kicks from its earlier versions to the 2025 model is a tale of design evolution, where function meets form in the most visually appealing manner. Gone are the days of the Kicks being an awkward blend of disparate design elements. The 2025 iteration introduces us to a vehicle that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also thoughtfully designed down to the last detail.

Beyond the Surface: The All-New Kicks鈥 Design Philosophy

The previous iterations of the Kicks could be likened to a puzzle with mismatched pieces鈥攊ts design elements borrowing from various models without a cohesive theme. The 2025 Nissan Kicks, however, stands out with a design philosophy that’s both clean and cohesive, shedding the franken-car aesthetic for a more refined and mature appearance.

Detail-Oriented Design: The Delightful Surprises of the 2025 Kicks

Nissan has elevated the 2025 Kicks beyond the expectations for an entry-level vehicle, embedding it with design details that delight and surprise. From innovative lighting arrangements to charming design Easter eggs, the Kicks invites admiration and closer inspection. The subtle etching of the “Kicks” nameplate and the sneaker-style texture on the lower surfaces speak to a vehicle designed with intention and a sense of fun.

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Cohesion and Complexity: A Unified Aesthetic for the New Kicks

The new Kicks presents a masterclass in achieving a complex yet unified design. Both the front fascia and the rear end of the car work together to create a singular, cohesive surface, showcasing the intentionality behind Nissan’s design approach. This coherence in design sets the 2025 Kicks apart in a sea of subcompact competitors, offering a mature yet playful aesthetic that’s bound to captivate.

Elevating the Game: The 2025 Nissan Kicks with All-Wheel Drive

The 2025 Nissan Kicks makes a bold leap forward by introducing all-wheel drive (AWD) for the very first time, a significant enhancement that elevates its capability and appeal. The Kicks now boasts a wider stance and 8.4 inches of ground clearance, promising improved performance across diverse driving conditions. This new feature marks a pivotal moment in the vehicle’s evolution, offering enhanced versatility and driving confidence.

Power and Performance Upgrades

Under the hood, the Kicks is powered by a robust 2.0-liter inline-four gasoline engine, generating 141 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. This represents an impressive increase over the previous model, boosting power by 19 hp and torque by 26 lb-ft. The transition to a six-speed automatic transmission from the previous CVT is another critical update, ensuring a more dynamic and engaging driving experience.

Comprehensive Safety Across All Trims

Safety takes center stage in the 2025 Kicks, with Nissan Safety Shield 360 standard on all models. This all-encompassing safety suite includes features such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear automatic braking, and lane departure warning, among others. The inclusion of adaptive cruise control as standard on Kicks S and SV models, along with the debut of Nissan鈥檚 ProPilot Assist on the SR trim, underscores Nissan’s commitment to integrating advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies across its lineup, making them accessible to a broader audience.

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior Design: Where Sophistication Meets Playfulness

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior design
2025 Nissan Kicks Interior design

Inside the 2025 Nissan Kicks, the design seamlessly transitions from the bold exterior to an interior that’s equally captivating. The use of interesting textures and a playful approach to design, highlighted by strategic use of accent colors, crafts a modern and inviting space. It鈥檚 a refreshing take that positions the Kicks not just as a crossover but more in the realm of a compact SUV with an edge.

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior design

Comfort is king in the Kicks, thanks in large part to the Zero Gravity seats which are engineered to distribute weight and pressure evenly, making long drives or quick jaunts equally enjoyable. The SR trim level adds an extra touch of flair with lava-red weave accents and integrates Bose Personal Plus speakers right into the headrests for an immersive audio experience. Materials throughout the cabin of this pre-production model felt premium to the touch, dispelling any notion of cheapness. This Kicks SR also comes equipped with a 12.3-inch infotainment display, a significant upgrade from the standard 7.0-inch screen available in lower trims, and a large panoramic sunroof that bathes the interior in natural light.

Room For Stuff: Best-in-Class Cargo Space

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior design

When it comes to utility, the Kicks impresses with a best-in-class 40.3-inch cargo opening, facilitating easy loading and unloading. With up to 30 cubic feet of space with the rear seats up and 60 cubic feet with them folded down, the Kicks leads its class in cargo capacity. Nissan’s clear intent with the Kicks is to lure you in with best-in-class specs that don’t just sound good on paper but truly enhance the ownership experience.

Pumped Up Kicks: A Closer Look at the 2025 Nissan Kicks

As summer 2024 approaches, anticipation is building for the release of the 2025 Nissan Kicks. Nissan hints that the pricing, to be revealed closer to the sale date, won鈥檛 stray far from the current model’s starting point of $20,790. This approachable price point, combined with the enhancements we’ve glimpsed, positions the Kicks as a strong contender in the bustling compact crossover market.

Our sneak peek at the Kicks鈥攂oth inside and out鈥攕uggests Nissan is stepping up its game, aiming to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, and Volvo. These brands are known for their appealing compact crossovers, and it seems Nissan is ready to join the ranks with a significantly improved offering.

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