2024 MINI Countryman Review / Price / Interior / Engine

2024 MINI Countryman Review

This thing is stretching the “mini” concept to its limits – and then some. Remember how the Mini used to be, well, mini? Not anymore. This third-gen Countryman has bulked up significantly. We’re talking 130mm longer and 60mm taller than the one it’s replacing. This growth spurt practically shoves it out of the cozy crossover category straight into the realm of full-size SUVs. Imagine, it’s nearly as long as the original Range Rover, which is pretty wild considering where it started. Sir Alec Issigonis, the brain behind the original Mini, might just be doing somersaults in disbelief.

Now, the Countryman is stepping into the ring in what’s basically the family car royal rumble. It’s up against a bunch of heavy hitters – think the Audi Q2, Cupra Formentor, the Ford Puma (which was the top dog in Britain for 2023), Lexus LBX, Nissan Juke, and a few others. But here’s where it gets interesting: the Mini is banking on its charm. It’s rolling into the fight with top-notch digital tech, killer connectivity, and a bucketload of personality. The aim? To not just compete but stand out as the most decked-out Mini to hit the streets. It’s like the Mini took a look at the competition and said, “Hold my beer.”

Electric Avenue Hits the Countryman

2024 MINI Countryman

The headline grabber? The Countryman’s going electric for the first time with the E and SE All4 versions. Both of these electric wonders are juiced up by the same 65kWh battery, but they’re putting out different vibes with 201bhp or a beefier 309bhp. As for how far they’ll take you? You’re looking at a pretty solid 287 miles for the lower power model and 269 miles if you opt for the extra oomph. That’s quite the leap into the electric scene for Mini.

2024 MINI Countryman Engine
2024 MINI Countryman Engine

Now, for those not quite ready to jump on the electric bandwagon, the Countryman hasn’t left you behind. It’s offering three petrol-powered options. The base model, dubbed the C, comes with a peppy 1.5-litre turbo three-cylinder pushing out 168bhp. Step up a notch, and there’s the S All4 with a 215bhp 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder. And for those who want to feel the wind a bit more, the John Cooper Works (JCW) edition ramps it up to 296bhp with the same engine but tuned to give you that extra punch. Fuel efficiency-wise, you’re looking at about 34-36mpg, with CO2 emissions ticking the boxes at 177-188g/km.

Prices are kicking off at £29,325, but if you’re eyeing the top-tier Countryman JCW All4 (yeah, the one with the black and red swagger), that’s gonna start at £41,520. Diesel lovers and manual transmission enthusiasts, it might be time to pour one out, as those options aren’t on the table.

Mini Countryman 2024 Price

With a starting price of £28,500, the Mini Countryman positions itself as a premium option in the crossover/SUV market. Considering the tech features, the electric and petrol options, and the Mini’s iconic design now expanded into a larger, more versatile format, it aims to offer value through a blend of performance, technology, and that unmistakable Mini character. This price point reflects its standing as a premium choice, competing not just on the quality of the drive but also on the richness of the experience inside the cabin.

But Does It Still Feel Like a Mini?

Despite this Countryman ballooning in size, the heart of the Mini – that fun, spirited essence – is very much alive and kicking. The JCW model especially is a nod to Mini’s legacy of being a cheeky challenger on the racetrack, stirring up the good ol’ days’ vibes. Sure, it’s got a different mission now, and the world it’s zooming around in has changed heaps. But even as it stretches to fit those classic Mini design elements onto a bigger canvas, it still throws a bold, confident look your way.

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This JCW edition is strutting a new look with a glossy black double octagonal grille and pops of color on the side intakes, not to mention a sleekly integrated radar sensor paving the way for some semi-automated driving action. It’s a balance of honoring its roots while charging headfirst into a future where big, bold, and electric aren’t just trends, but statements.

2024 MINI Countryman Interior

mini countryman 2024 interior
mini countryman 2024 interior

2024 MINI Countryman Interior: The inside of the new Mini Countryman is like stepping into a mini tech haven. The first thing that’ll catch your eye is this massive circular display sitting right in the middle of the dash. It’s about 10 inches wide, which, just for a bit of context, makes it a tad smaller than the steering wheel. And let me tell you, the graphics on this thing are crisp – probably some of the best you’ll see in any car.

This screen isn’t just about looking pretty; it’s loaded with features. You’ve got your essentials like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, though they kind of stick to the middle of the screen. Then there’s something pretty cool – ‘Spike’, a digital doggo who’s there to help you navigate through the car’s features. It’s like having your very own tech-savvy pet in the car.

But here’s the smart part: you don’t need to glue your eyes to this fancy screen to keep track of important stuff like your speed or where you’re heading. Every Countryman comes with a head-up display, which projects all that crucial info right in your line of sight. This means you can keep your eyes on the road and still have all the info you need.

Below that eye-catching main screen, there’s a neat set of controls. You’ve got this central ‘ignition switch’ – a bit old-school, but with a twist. You twist it left or right to fire up the engine, and there’s a toggle next to it for shifting into drive. Then, on the flip side, you have the ‘Experiences’ switch. This little feature lets you scroll through eight different presets that not only change the vibe inside the car with different lighting and sounds but can also tweak how the car responds. It’s like having different moods for your car, making every drive a bit more special.

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