Top Summer Tires 2024: Best Picks For Superior Performance
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Top Summer Tires 2024

Which tire is best for summer?

As the warmer months approach, ensuring your vehicle is equipped with the best summer tires becomes a top priority. The right set of tires can significantly enhance your driving experience, offering superior grip, handling, and safety on both dry and wet roads. In 2024, tire manufacturers have outdone themselves with innovative designs and advanced technologies, providing options that cater to every driver鈥檚 needs. Whether you鈥檙e a daily commuter, a weekend warrior, or a performance enthusiast, our comprehensive guide to the top summer tires of 2024 will help you make an informed choice for your vehicle.

Top Summer Tires 2024

#1 Load Range SL 4-Ply BSW

When it comes to finding the perfect tire for your passenger vehicle or SUV, the Fullway HP108 stands out as a reliable and high-performance option. As we look for the best summer tires for 2024, it鈥檚 essential to choose a tire that ensures safety and comfort on the road. Let鈥檚 dive into what makes this tire a great choice for any driver looking for a blend of safety, comfort, and durability.

Unmatched All-Season Performance

The Fullway HP108 is designed to provide excellent traction throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions. Whether you鈥檙e driving on a sunny day or navigating through a rainstorm, this tire鈥檚 ability to resist hydroplaning ensures you stay in control. The reinforced sidewalls are a standout feature, offering protection against accidental curb damage, which is a common concern for many drivers.

Comfort and Quiet on Every Drive

One of the most notable aspects of the Fullway HP108 is the quiet and smooth ride it offers. The specially designed tread pattern works to cancel out road noise and minimize vibrations, making your driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. This is particularly beneficial for long drives where road noise can become quite tiring.

Enhanced Control and Safety

With better surface contact, the Fullway HP108 significantly boosts controllability, ensuring you have better control over your vehicle. This is crucial for maintaining safety, especially at high speeds. The tire鈥檚 construction is designed to enhance its high-speed performance durability, promoting a safer driving experience even when you鈥檙e pushing the limits on the highway.

Fullway Tires: A Commitment to Quality

Fullway tires, produced by Qingdao, one of China鈥檚 leading tire manufacturers, have been around since 2003. They鈥檝e built a reputation on integrity, innovation, and quality. Their focus on creating budget-friendly yet high-performing tires has made them a popular choice worldwide. Whether you鈥檙e driving a sedan, coupe, minivan, or SUV, Fullway tires offer a range of options to meet your needs.

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Technical Specifications

To give you a clearer picture, here are some key technical details of the Fullway HP108:

  • Brand: Fullway
  • Seasons: Year Round
  • Size: 205/55R16
  • Section Width: 205 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity: 1356 Pounds
  • Tread Depth: 9/32nds
  • Tread Type: Highway
  • Ply Rating: 4-Ply
  • Rim Width: 6.5 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 24.9 Inches
  • Item Weight: 21 Pounds

#2 LG27 All-Season Passenger Car

Summer performance tires have always been a hot topic among car enthusiasts, and Landgolden tires are making waves with their blend of quality and affordability. Designed for a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks, these tires offer versatility and performance that cater to various driving needs. Whether you鈥檙e navigating city streets or exploring rugged terrains, Landgolden has a tire that suits your journey.

Performance for Every Need

Landgolden offers a diverse range of tires, from everyday touring and highway tires to specialized high-performance and all-terrain options. This variety is achieved through advanced manufacturing technologies, ensuring that every tire leaving their factory is built to perform.

Landgolden LG27: The Star Performer

One standout in their lineup is the Landgolden LG27. This high-performance, all-season tire is specifically designed for passenger vehicles. It promises excellent year-round traction, which is a game-changer for those who face diverse weather conditions.

Hydroplaning Resistance

One of the key features of the LG27 is its ability to combat hydroplaning. The tire鈥檚 wide grooves efficiently channel water and slush away from the tire鈥檚 footprint, helping you maintain control on wet roads. This feature alone can make a significant difference in driving safety during rainy conditions.

Enhanced Handling

When it comes to handling, the LG27 doesn鈥檛 disappoint. Its center ribs and shoulder blocks maintain constant road contact, which improves steering responsiveness and driving stability at high speeds. Additionally, the shoulder design increases the number of biting edges, making cornering safer and more precise.

Shorter Braking Distances

Safety is further enhanced by the center rib鈥檚 road contact, which creates friction during braking. This design choice leads to shorter braking distances, giving drivers more confidence and control during sudden stops.

Quiet and Comfortable Drive

One of the underrated features of the LG27 is its ability to provide a quiet ride. Thanks to the five-pitch variation along the tire鈥檚 footprint, road noise is significantly reduced, ensuring a more enjoyable driving experience for passengers. This focus on reducing noise levels makes long drives more pleasant and less fatiguing.

#3 Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire

When searching for the top summer tires 2024, the Goodyear Eagle LS-2 all-season tire deserves a spot on your list. Known for delivering both a smooth and quiet ride, these tires are engineered to perform exceptionally well in various conditions, making them a reliable choice for year-round use.

A Quieter Journey

Ever been annoyed by road noise on a long drive? The Eagle LS-2 addresses this with its special tread block sequence. Not only does this design enhance your car’s handling and traction, but it also reduces tread noise, making your drives quieter and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Wet Traction

Caught in a downpour? The Goodyear Eagle LS-2 is equipped with four circumferential grooves designed to quickly evacuate water, providing enhanced wet traction. This feature ensures you can drive confidently, even in wet conditions.

Protection and Style

No one likes the look of a scratched-up rim. Goodyear has thought of this too, incorporating a rim protector to safeguard your wheels against accidental curb damage and scrapes. Plus, the premium sidewall styling adds a touch of contemporary flair to your vehicle’s appearance.

Goodyear: A Legacy of Innovation

top summer tires 2024

When you think of Goodyear, you might picture the iconic Goodyear Blimp hovering over a football game. But Goodyear’s history of innovation stretches back over a century. From creating Henry Ford鈥檚 first racing tire in 1901 to pioneering the nylon-reinforced tire in the 1940s and introducing America鈥檚 first radial tire in the 1970s, Goodyear has always been at the forefront of tire technology.

#4 Lexani LX-Thirty

good summer tires

Looking for good summer tires for your SUV or Crossover? First things first, if you like to put the pedal to the metal, the LX-Thirty has you covered. These tires are built for speed, giving you stability and control whether you’re cruising down the highway or zipping through city streets. They鈥檙e perfect for those of us who enjoy a bit of thrill on the road and need a tire that can keep up with our adventurous spirit.

Performance Handling: Navigate with Precision

Good handling is key for any vehicle, and the LX-Thirty nails it. You can take those tight corners with confidence and glide through traffic with ease. The performance handling on these tires is top-notch, making your drive smooth and responsive. This is especially great for SUVs and Crossovers, where precision can sometimes be a challenge.

Driving Comfort: Enjoy the Journey

good summer tires 2024

Let’s talk about comfort. Nobody likes a noisy, bumpy ride, and Lexani gets that. These tires are designed to give you a quiet, smooth experience. Whether you’re heading out on a long road trip or just doing your daily commute, the LX-Thirty makes sure every journey is a comfortable one.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Drive with a Conscience

Here’s something cool 鈥 Lexani takes their commitment to the environment seriously. These tires are crafted to be fuel-efficient and sustainable. So, you can enjoy your drive knowing you’re doing your bit for Mother Nature. Plus, the reduced rolling resistance not only saves fuel but also makes for a quieter ride.

Longevity: Built to Last

When you invest in tires, you want them to last, right? The LX-Thirty promises durability. These tires are reliable through countless miles and different weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about frequent replacements, which is a huge plus for peace of mind and your wallet.

#5 Hankook Kinergy ST H735

If you’re in the market for the best summer tires 2024, the Hankook Kinergy ST H735 should be at the top of your list. Since the early 1950s, Hankook has been a leader in the tire industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. As Korea鈥檚 premier tire company, Hankook has adapted to the rapidly changing automotive world with a range of products that include the high-performance Ventus series, the versatile Optimo touring tires, and the rugged Dynapro light truck tires. Today, we focus on the Kinergy ST H735, a tire designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Hankook鈥檚 long-standing reputation for excellence is evident in the Kinergy ST H735. This tire is engineered with precision and designed to handle various driving conditions, embodying Hankook鈥檚 commitment to innovation and reliability. The Kinergy ST H735, with its size of 225/70R15 and a section width of 225 millimeters, fits a wide range of passenger vehicles. Its 27.3-inch diameter makes it versatile and adaptable for different road conditions.

best summer tires 2024
best summer tires 2024

The Kinergy ST H735 boasts a load capacity of 1764 pounds and a maximum pressure of 51 PSI, ensuring it can handle substantial weight and pressure with ease. The symmetrical tread pattern and 8.8 32nds tread depth promise balanced and long-lasting performance. Weighing in at 20 pounds, this tire features radial construction, providing a smoother and more stable ride. As an all-season radial tire, it excels in summer conditions, offering excellent traction and handling on both dry and wet roads.


When to Change Winter Tires to Summer Tires

Changing from winter tires to summer tires can be a bit tricky, but here’s a good rule of thumb: once the average daily temperature consistently stays above 45掳F (7掳C), it’s time to make the switch. Winter tires are designed for cold, icy conditions and can wear out faster in warmer temperatures. Using summer tires during the warmer months not only improves your vehicle’s performance but also extends the life of your winter tires. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast and plan accordingly. It鈥檚 always better to switch a bit late rather than too early to ensure you鈥檙e prepared for unexpected cold snaps.

What Causes Low Tire Pressure in Summer?

Low tire pressure in summer is often due to the natural expansion and contraction of air inside the tires. As temperatures rise, the air inside your tires expands, increasing the pressure. However, when temperatures cool down overnight, the air contracts, which can cause a noticeable drop in tire pressure. Additionally, small punctures or leaks can exacerbate this issue, so it’s crucial to regularly check your tire pressure, especially during significant temperature fluctuations. Keeping your tires properly inflated helps ensure optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and safety.

How Long Do Summer Tires Last?

The lifespan of summer tires can vary depending on factors such as driving habits, road conditions, and tire maintenance. On average, well-maintained summer tires can last between 20,000 to 40,000 miles. To maximize their lifespan, it’s important to rotate your tires regularly, maintain proper tire pressure, and avoid aggressive driving behaviors like sudden braking or sharp turns. Regularly inspecting your tires for wear and tear can also help you catch any issues early, ensuring your summer tires stay in good condition for as long as possible.

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