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Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet Review for Car Enthusiasts

When we talk about iconic sports cars from the late 80s and early 90s, the Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet often comes up in conversation. It embodies the essence of Porsche’s engineering prowess and design philosophy during that era. This detailed review delves into every aspect of the 944 S2 Cabriolet that might pique the interest of car lovers. Buckle up as we explore this classic gem!

Design and Exterior

The Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet, introduced in 1989, boasts a sleek and timeless design. It carries the distinctive lines and curves that are unmistakably Porsche. The Cabriolet version adds an element of freedom with its foldable soft top, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate open-air driving.

The front-engine layout gives the 944 S2 a unique profile compared to the rear-engine 911. Its pop-up headlights, wide stance, and aerodynamic bodywork are classic 80s sports car features. The body is well-proportioned, and the 15-inch alloy wheels complement its sporty appearance perfectly.

How much horsepower does a 944 S2 have? Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the 944 S2 Cabriolet houses a 3.0-liter inline-four engine. This engine was a significant upgrade from its predecessors, producing 208 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque. It鈥檚 mated to a five-speed manual transmission, which provides an engaging driving experience that purists will appreciate.

What sets the 944 S2 apart is its balance and handling. The car鈥檚 perfect 50:50 weight distribution ensures stability and agility, making it a joy to drive on winding roads. The rear-wheel drive setup and well-tuned suspension enhance its sporty character, providing excellent feedback and control.

Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet Interior and Comfort

Inside, the 944 S2 Cabriolet offers a driver-focused cockpit. The seats are upholstered in high-quality leather, providing both comfort and support during spirited drives. The ergonomically designed dashboard ensures that all controls are within easy reach, reinforcing the driver-centric nature of this sports car.

Despite being a sports car, the 944 S2 doesn鈥檛 compromise on comfort. The cabin is relatively spacious for a two-seater, and the inclusion of power windows, air conditioning, and a quality sound system makes long drives enjoyable. The convertible top is easy to operate and offers good insulation from the elements when closed.

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Driving Experience

Driving the Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet is an experience that every car lover should savor. The acceleration is brisk, with a 0-60 mph time of around 6.5 seconds. The engine delivers a satisfying growl as you push it through the gears, and the handling is sharp and responsive.

The steering is precise, offering excellent feedback that makes you feel connected to the road. Whether you鈥檙e cruising along the coast with the top down or tackling twisty mountain roads, the 944 S2 Cabriolet feels confident and capable. The brakes are strong and reliable, adding to the overall sense of security and control.

How many 944 S2 cabriolets were made?

The Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet was produced in limited numbers. Between 1989 and 1991, approximately 7,044 units were made. This relatively small production run adds to the car’s rarity and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

Legacy and Collectibility

The Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet holds a special place in the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts. It represents the pinnacle of the 944 series, combining performance, style, and practicality in a package that has aged gracefully. Its rarity and iconic status make it a sought-after classic, with well-maintained examples commanding respectable prices in the collector market.

Key Moments and Highlights

  • Sleek and timeless design with pop-up headlights and aerodynamic bodywork.
  • 3.0-liter inline-four engine producing 208 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque.
  • Perfect 50:50 weight distribution for exceptional balance and handling.
  • Driver-focused interior with high-quality leather seats and ergonomic controls.
  • Engaging driving experience with precise steering and strong brakes.
  • Convertible top for an exhilarating open-air driving experience.

In conclusion, the Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet is more than just a sports car; it’s a piece of automotive history that continues to captivate car lovers. Its blend of performance, design, and driving pleasure makes it a timeless classic that deserves a spot in any enthusiast鈥檚 collection. If you ever get the chance to drive or own one, don鈥檛 hesitate 鈥 the experience is truly unforgettable.

Interesting Facts About the Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet

The Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet isn’t just an icon of its era; it also comes with a few interesting facts that add to its allure. Here are some intriguing tidbits that might interest car lovers:

1. Largest Four-Cylinder Engine of Its Time

The 3.0-liter inline-four engine in the 944 S2 was the largest four-cylinder engine offered in a production car at the time. This engine size was a significant leap from the earlier 2.5-liter engines used in the 944 series.

2. Collaboration with American Sunroof Company (ASC)

The convertible version of the 944 was created in collaboration with the American Sunroof Company (ASC). ASC was responsible for converting the coupe bodies into cabriolets, ensuring that the structural integrity and design aesthetics were maintained.

3. Limited Production Numbers

The 944 S2 Cabriolet was produced in relatively small numbers. Between 1989 and 1991, only about 7,000 units were made. This limited production run makes the car a rare and desirable collectible today.

4. High-Tech Features for Its Time

Despite being a car from the late 80s and early 90s, the 944 S2 Cabriolet came equipped with several advanced features for its time. This includes an advanced Bosch Motronic engine management system, which helped improve performance and fuel efficiency.

5. Racing Pedigree

The 944 series has a rich motorsport history, with several models competing in various racing events. The 944 S2 Cabriolet, while not a race car itself, benefits from the performance and engineering advancements developed through Porsche鈥檚 racing endeavors.

6. Part of the Transaxle Series

The 944 S2 Cabriolet is part of Porsche’s transaxle series, which includes the 924, 928, and 968. These cars feature a transaxle layout, where the transmission is located at the rear, helping to achieve the ideal weight distribution and handling characteristics.

7. Award-Winning Design

The design of the 944 series, including the S2 Cabriolet, was widely praised and received several accolades. Its aerodynamic efficiency and stylish looks were considered ahead of their time, influencing sports car designs for years to come.

8. Strong Aftermarket Support

Due to its popularity and the passionate community of enthusiasts, the 944 S2 Cabriolet enjoys strong aftermarket support. This means owners have access to a wide range of replacement parts, performance upgrades, and restoration services.

9. High Safety Ratings

For a sports car of its era, the 944 S2 Cabriolet offered commendable safety features. It came with advanced braking systems, well-engineered crumple zones, and a robust chassis, providing a reassuring level of safety for drivers and passengers.


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