Lexus LM 2024 Review | A Luxury Minivan Like No Other

Lexus LM 2024 Review

When Lexus unveiled the newest version of the LM at Auto Shanghai 2023, the buzz was palpable. Many touted it as potentially the coolest minivan ever, and my excitement to review it firsthand was through the roof. Fast forward to my recent trip to Japan, where not only did I get to test drive the Lexus GX and TX models, but also the star of the show鈥攖he 2024 Lexus LM.

First Impressions: The Alphard Connection

Our journey began in an Alphard, the Japanese-market Toyota that serves as the base for the LM. The ride from Haneda airport into Tokyo was nothing short of luxurious, with corporate-jet-style seats that promised comfort and opulence. However, it was merely a precursor to the true luxury of the Lexus LM.

Lexus LM: The Alpha Alphard

Transforming from the Alphard鈥檚 impressive setup, the LM elevates to a whole new level. The vehicle is less of a minivan and more of a private limousine. The division between the chauffeur鈥檚 area and the main cabin is marked by a sophisticated glass partition that offers both privacy and style, being able to turn opaque or lower completely at the push of a button.

Lexus LM 2024 interior: Luxury Meets High-Tech

The highlight for any tech enthusiast or luxury seeker is undoubtedly the massive 48-inch LCD screen that spans the width of the interior. This technological marvel allows each of the four passengers to indulge in their chosen entertainment, from watching movies to conducting Zoom calls, all fed from a personal mobile device.

Comfort and Convenience Galore

Comfort isn鈥檛 just in the seating; it extends to every aspect of the LM鈥檚 design. Underneath the sprawling screen lie small compartments and a cooler dedicated to chilling champagne鈥攊ronically, not suitable for meat or fish, as humorously noted by a sticker. On a rainy day in Tokyo, the thoughtfully placed umbrellas stored outside the cabin underscored Lexus’ attention to detail, ensuring comfort without compromising the pristine interior. The deep-pile carpet, so plush one could kneel without a scuff, further emphasized this dedication to luxury.

Your Throne Awaits: The Royal Rear Seats

The back seats of the Lexus LM are where luxury reaches its zenith. Dubbed “thrones” by Lexus themselves, these seats are massive power recliners complete with elevating leg rests and neatly integrated tray tables that fold away into the armrests. This isn’t just seating; it’s an experience tailored for royalty. The attention to detail is further underscored by the center armrest, which houses a pair of detachable tablets. These allow passengers to control everything from climate to lighting, ensuring their environment is exactly to their liking.

Chauffeur’s Domain: No Less Luxurious

Even the driver’s space in the LM is crafted with care and sophistication. Surrounded by luxurious leather and accented with herringbone-pattern wood and bronze-colored metal, the chauffeur’s seat is far from a downgrade. This exquisite design not only makes the driving experience more enjoyable but also contributes to the vehicle鈥檚 overall allure. If the Lexus NX featured a dashboard this refined, it would likely attract more admirers.

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Driving the Hybrid Titan: The LM500h

The opportunity to drive the hybrid-powered LM500h was irresistible. The vehicle handles beautifully, with a giant windshield that offers expansive views while driving. The LM500h is equipped with a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with an electric all-wheel-drive system, delivering a total of 349 horsepower. The drive is smooth, mirroring the luxurious feel of the leather seats, and the vehicle manages curves with minimal body lean, proving that it鈥檚 built to cater to a serene driving style.

Living It Up in the Back

While driving the LM was a delight, the true allure of this vehicle lies in its passenger experience. Opting for a chauffeured ride, the difference in perspective was palpable. The LM鈥檚 Adaptive Variable Suspension, though a tad firm on bumps, provides a ride so quiet it feels sanctified. Coupled with the ambient tones from the 23-speaker Mark Levinson stereo system, the environment is nothing short of transcendent.

2024 Lexus lm Minivan Price and Configurations. What鈥檚 the Cost of Luxury?

2024 Lexus lm Minivan Price
2024 Lexus lm Minivan Price

While exact pricing for the new LM500h wasn鈥檛 available, estimates suggest a ballpark figure around $160,000 based on previous models and current speculations. For those considering different configurations, Lexus does offer versions of the LM that seat six or seven passengers. However, for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, the four-seat configuration remains unrivaled.

Coming to America? The Lexus LM’s U.S. Prospects

There鈥檚 a compelling argument to be made for the 2024 Lexus LM to cross into the U.S. market. This vehicle offers a unique blend of luxury and efficiency that sets it apart from traditional American chauffeur options like the Chevrolet Suburban or Cadillac Escalade. Its ease of entry and exit, coupled with superior fuel and space efficiency, make it an attractive alternative.

But Will It Make the Leap?

Despite the LM鈥檚 appeal, the prospects of it coming to the U.S. are slim. The vehicle鈥檚 foundation, the Toyota Alphard, was primarily designed for the Japanese market, and adapting it to meet U.S. crash standards could be a significant hurdle. While the LM will be making its way to markets in Europe, Asia, and Australia, the structural changes required for U.S. compliance present a considerable challenge.

There鈥檚 also the visual aspect to consider. Transforming a Toyota Sienna into something that approaches the LM鈥檚 level of “visual hipness” would be a tall order. The LM boasts a level of design flair that seems worlds apart from what鈥檚 typically seen on American roads, even in the luxury segment.

Hope for the Future

However, all hope is not lost for Lexus enthusiasts in the U.S. The growing interest in the LM and the general resurgence in minivan popularity could prompt Lexus to consider a U.S. version in future redesigns. The market dynamics are changing, and as minivans gain traction as a cool category once more, the timing could be right for Lexus to introduce something as avant-garde as the LM to American consumers.

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