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Ford’s Recall Marathon: A Conversation on Quality and Numbers

If you’ve been feeling like Ford has been sending out recalls more frequently than your favorite TV show’s new episodes, you’re not alone. The latest one, a recall for the 2024 F-150 due to incorrect fasteners in the steering system, brings Ford’s 2024 recall tally to an astonishing 25 in just 19 weeks. Yes, you read that right—25 recalls in just 19 weeks.

A Weekly Affair?

The numbers speak volumes. Ford is averaging more than one recall a week this year, and while some recalls affect a relatively small number of vehicles (like the nine Mavericks recalled for incorrect tire labels), others are far more extensive. Take, for example, the nearly 1.9 million Explorers recalled due to potentially detachable A-pillar trim. That’s not a small number by any measure.

The Standouts: Small Numbers and Big Impacts

Of the many recalls, a few stand out. The most recent F-150 recall, while critical due to the potential for steering failure, affects only 385 trucks. Meanwhile, a recall advising 217 Maverick owners to park their cars until a fuel leak issue is remedied underscores the severity and diversity of problems Ford is dealing with.

Ford vs. The Rest: A Recall Race

Comparing Ford’s recall rate to other automakers reveals a broader industry issue but also highlights Ford’s prominent position. Stellantis’s American arm, FCA US, isn’t far behind with 21 recalls in 2024, affecting a little over a million vehicles. Hyundai and BMW are tied at 11 recalls each. Then there’s Forest River, Inc., which deals with RVs and similar vehicles, almost matching Ford with 24 recalls this year.

A Historical Perspective on Quality

Quality control problems aren’t new to Ford. The automaker led in the number of individual recalls from 2021 to 2023, averaging over one recall a week. The record was set in 2022 with 68 recalls. If Ford keeps this pace, 2024 might see similar numbers, with around 1.3 recalls per week already in play.

Leadership’s Stance

Ford CEO Jim Farley hasn’t shied away from acknowledging these issues. During a conference in February, Farley expressed regret for not addressing quality problems sooner in his tenure. This candid admission indicates that while Ford is aware of its quality control challenges, rectifying them is an ongoing process.

Conclusion: A Path Forward?

With nearly three million vehicles recalled in just the first 19 weeks of 2024, Ford’s recall saga underscores significant quality control challenges. For Ford owners and potential buyers, this raises important questions about vehicle reliability and the company’s strategies for improvement. Only time will tell if Ford can curb this trend and restore confidence in its quality assurance processes.

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In the meantime, it’s safe to say that keeping an eye on recall news has become a necessity for Ford enthusiasts and owners alike.

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