Cupra Tavascan Review 2024: Features, Price & Performance

Cupra Tavascan Review 2024

The Cupra Tavascan is making waves as the latest entrant in the electric SUV market, blending youthful design with mature features. It’s a vehicle that seems to echo the life stage of someone in their mid-20s: youthful yet sensible. The Tavascan marries a daring coup茅 style with practical elements, ensuring it stands out without sacrificing functionality.

Design Evolution

While the original 2019 Tavascan concept featured a more aggressive aesthetic, the production model has been toned down slightly. Nevertheless, it still boasts bold design elements such as a massive front grille, impressive 21-inch alloy wheels, and a striking full-width light bar at the rear. These features ensure the Tavascan remains a head-turner, poised to attract more attention than many of its rivals.

Power and Performance

The Cupra Tavascan will be available in two configurations: a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive version with 282bhp, and the more powerful VZ model with dual motors, all-wheel drive, and 335bhp. The latter鈥檚 prowess is evident in its 0-62 mph acceleration time of just 5.6 seconds鈥攔emarkably quick for a large SUV.

Range and Charging

Range and Charging

Both versions of the Tavascan are equipped with a 77kWh battery. The single-motor model offers an impressive range of 341 miles per charge, outdoing competitors like the VW ID 5 and Volvo C40 Recharge. The dual-motor VZ trades some range for power, offering 321 miles. With a peak charging rate of 135kW, it can recharge from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes using a fast charger鈥攖hough home charging will indeed require more patience.

Cupra Tavascan Interior and Technology

Inside, the Tavascan doesn’t skimp on luxuries. It features the largest infotainment screen in Cupra’s lineup, at 15 inches, paired with a 5.3-inch digital display for the driver. Both screens operate on a new and improved version of the brand鈥檚 infotainment software, potentially setting a new standard for user experience in Cupra vehicles. An optional heat pump is available to efficiently heat the cabin in cold weather, thereby conserving battery life and extending range.

Infotainment and Control

The Cupra Tavascan’s infotainment system is known for its quick response times, although it’s missing one critical element that traditionalists might miss鈥攑hysical controls. This absence means drivers will need to rely more on touchscreen interactions for basic adjustments, like changing the stereo volume, which can be somewhat distracting during travel. However, this is somewhat mitigated by the inclusion of voice control and wireless integration for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, enhancing hands-free usability.

Steering wheel buttons in the Tavascan are not just ornamental but functional, allowing drivers to easily switch between different driving modes. These modes help either preserve battery life or unleash the vehicle’s full performance, all accessible without taking your hands off the wheel.

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Sustainability and Comfort

The interior of the Tavascan is crafted with sustainability in mind, featuring textiles made from recycled polyester. This commitment to eco-friendly materials is becoming a standard among new vehicles, aligning with the broader automotive industry’s shift towards more sustainable practices.

Practicality isn’t overlooked either, as demonstrated by the spacious 540-litre boot, ideal for family holidays or lengthy road trips, ensuring that space will rarely be an issue.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Cupra has also packed the Tavascan with cutting-edge driver assistance features. These include capabilities for the SUV to autonomously manage its speed and positioning on motorways, even executing lane changes upon driver command. Additionally, there鈥檚 the convenience of remote parking via a smartphone app and an emergency assistance feature that activates if the driver becomes unresponsive, enhancing both convenience and safety.

Cupra Tavascan Price and Market Position

With a starting price around 拢55,000, the Tavascan is set to be the most expensive model in the Cupra range, significantly pricier than its closest competitors like the ID 5 and C40. This price point is more than double the average UK salary for someone in their mid-20s, suggesting that the target demographic is likely those who are “young at heart” rather than the younger drivers themselves. This positions the Tavascan as a premium offering, likely to appeal more to established professionals looking for a blend of luxury, performance, and sustainability.

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