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Citroen Ami Review 2024

It’s more like a four-wheeled rebellion against conventional vehicles, officially rocking the title of a quadricycle. This nifty classification means it dodges the barrage of rules that regular cars have to play by.

Citroen Ami Review / It’s What Now?

Yep, the Ami is this lightweight, 458kg ‘thing’ that’s looking to replace your tube ride, bus journey, or even your e-scooter dash. It’s essentially the missing puzzle piece in urban transport, filling the gap between traditional vehicles and lighter mobility options.

Size Matters, But Not Here | Citroen Ami Max Speed |

citroen ami range km
citroen ami range

So, how tiny is the Ami? Picture this: it’s less than 1.4 meters wide and under 2.5 meters long. Yet, it somehow manages to squeeze in two people. Comfort is… let’s just say, subjective. Powering this mini marvel is an 8bhp motor paired with a 5.5kWh battery, propelling it to a staggering 28mph (maybe 29 if you catch a nice downhill slope). From a standstill to its top speed, you’re looking at a leisurely 10-second sprint, heavily influenced by the driver’s weight. And its range? A modest 47 miles.

Design Genius or Madness?

Peek under its skin, and you’ll find ‘Blue Ami’ plastic panels hanging on a basic frame. But here’s where it gets clever: the front and rear ends are mirror images, and the side glass and doors (yep, one opens one way and the other the opposite) can swap sides. This isn’t just quirky; it’s a masterstroke in reducing production costs and keeping the price tag friendly.

Behind the Wheel: Pure Joy

Driving the Ami around town is an experience filled with joy. It turns heads not because it’s flashy, but because it’s the embodiment of feel-good on wheels. It’s what you drive when you want to smile, wave, and maybe even start a conversation at every red light.

But Who’s It Really For?

Here’s the deal: the Ami caters to a very specific kind of commuter. We’re talking about those short, city-only trips where speed limits are a non-issue, and the thought of highway driving is off the table. It’s less about getting from A to B and more about enjoying a little bubble of happiness (and dry hair) on your way across town. Think of it not as a car, but as the most over-engineered umbrella ever – keeping you dry, safe, and smiling through city streets.

The Citroen Ami Cargo: The Urban Delivery Game-Changer

So, there’s a new twist in the Citroen Ami saga 鈥 the Cargo version. Imagine the regular Ami, but instead of a spot for your buddy, there’s room for your parcels, pizza boxes, or whatever you’re hauling around town. It’s like Citroen went, “Let’s make a tiny, electric van,” and honestly, it’s pretty clever. It’s aimed at the Deliveroo and Amazon delivery folks, or really anyone who needs to zip around the city with a bunch of stuff but not another person.

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Driving at 16? Yep, It’s Possible

Here鈥檚 something that鈥檒l have the teens perking up: in the UK, you can legally drive an Ami at 16, as long as you’ve got a moped licence. How cool is that? It鈥檚 not every day you get to drive at 16, especially something as unique as the Ami.

But Can Teens Afford It?

You’d be surprised. The Ami kicks off at 拢7,695, making it the cheapest option on wheels by a long shot. We鈥檙e talking about a price that makes the Kia Picanto look like a luxury purchase in comparison. Remember, though, the Ami isn鈥檛 trying to be a car; it鈥檚 something else entirely.

And for those thinking about monthly budgets, Citroen鈥檚 got you covered with finance plans that could see you driving an Ami for 拢99 a month, given you put down the right deposit. The idea here is to make the Ami accessible to young folks who are starting to figure out their finances and need a reliable yet cool mode of transport.

Citroen Ami Interior

Citroen Ami Interior

So, stepping into the Citroen Ami, you might think you’ve accidentally wandered into a minimalist art piece. It’s that or Citroen decided to channel a “less is more” vibe to the extreme. Let’s break down what it’s like inside this quirky cube on wheels.

Spartan Chic or Just Spartan?

Picture this: you’re greeted by a dashboard that’s as bare as they come, sporting a grand total of three buttons. Yeah, just three. There鈥檚 one for the fan, which, spoiler alert, has one setting and sounds suspiciously like you’re blow-drying your hair on the go. Then there’s a button for the hazard lights 鈥 safety first, folks 鈥 and another for the heated rear windscreen because, well, why not?

Driving modes? They’re handled by another trio of buttons neatly tucked into the base of the seat. It鈥檚 all very minimalist, or, let鈥檚 say, straightforward.

Seating: A Hard Place

The seats could be mistaken for avant-garde sculptures if you squint hard enough. Made from what can best be described as the most uncompromising plastic, they鈥檙e “enhanced” with pads that wouldn鈥檛 look out of place as kitchen countertops. Citroen seems to have designed an interior you can clean with a garden hose, which, depending on your weekend activities, might just be a plus.

Tech Meets Basic Needs

There’s a spot on the dash where your smartphone can proudly sit, complete with a USB port for charging 鈥 because even in a car this minimal, we can’t live without our phones. Storage is… creative. You’ve got a tiny space behind the driver鈥檚 seat or beside the passenger鈥檚 legs, but don’t expect to fit much more than a couple of bags in the 63 liters of cargo space.

A Few More Quirks

Despite the austere setup, the Ami feels surprisingly open and light, thanks to a panoramic glass roof and an expansive windshield. Just a heads up, though: if you鈥檙e tall, you might find yourself doing a bit of a neck bend to see traffic lights, and those mirrors might test your patience with their tendency to wiggle loose.

Charging the Ami? The cable is permanently attached and stuffed into a niche in the passenger side door, complete with a cutout so you don鈥檛 have to get creative with window positioning to charge the car.

Doors: Because Normal is Overrated

And then there are the doors. In a move that screams “quirky,” the driver鈥檚 door swings open in a classic ‘suicide’ style, while the passenger door opts for a more traditional approach. And yes, they even lock and open differently. Because why make things simple when you can make them interesting?

Citroen Ami Price

Alright, if you’re eyeing the Citroen Ami and wondering about the options and costs, let’s get into it. Starting at 拢7,695, the Ami positions itself as a budget-friendly chariot. But Citroen tosses in a bit of customization fun with three color packs 鈥 orange, grey, and blue. For an extra 拢400, these packs throw in some flair with colored wheel caps, door nets, floor mats, and a couple more bits and pieces to make the Ami feel a bit more you.

Trims: From Basic to… Slightly Less Basic

Citroen Ami Interior

Now, before you get visions of luxury upgrades dancing in your head, let’s set the record straight. We’re not veering into the land of high-end audio systems or seats that knead your back. If the standard Ami is the starting line, then the Pop spec acts as the middle child in the lineup. For 拢8,495, you nab one of those color packs and score some black exterior trim and door stickers. Is it a game-changer? Eh, not exactly, but it adds a little personality.

Then there’s the Tonic trim, sitting pretty at the top of the range for 拢8,695. It includes everything from the Pop spec and tosses in some khaki-colored accents for good measure. But let’s be clear: there aren’t any major upgrades here. It’s all about the looks, without any added comfort perks or tech wizardry. So, if you were hoping for something to soothe your back on those longer drives, you might want to keep those dreams parked.

Summing It Up

Choosing between the Ami’s trims really boils down to how much you’re willing to pay for a splash of color and a few extra decorative touches. While the options might not transform the Ami into a luxury cruiser, they do offer a bit of customization to make this quirky ride even more unique. Just remember, at its heart, the Ami is all about simplicity and getting you from point A to B in the most adorable way possible, extra trims or not.

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