Chery Omoda 5 Review 2024: Performance, Comfort Upgrades

Chery Omoda 5 Review

Hey everyone! Today, we鈥檙e diving deep into the Chery Omoda 5 EX, a car that’s quickly capturing the attention of the automotive world and the public alike. From the moment I got behind the wheel, it became clear that this isn鈥檛 just another small SUV. It’s something special.

Striking Design That Turns Heads

The Omoda 5 doesn鈥檛 just attract attention鈥攊t demands it. The design is edgy, and the animated indicator lights add a dynamic flair that you don鈥檛 see in many cars within this price range. What really catches the eye, though, are the metallic red trim pieces that pop against the car’s body, giving it a vibrant and unique look. These design choices make the Omoda 5 look modern and are a big reason why people can’t help but give it a second glance.

Feature-Packed and Budget-Friendly

What’s truly impressive about the Omoda 5 is how much value it packs under its stylish exterior. The car comes loaded with features that are typically reserved for more expensive models. From safety features to entertainment and connectivity, Chery has generously equipped the Omoda 5 to stand out in its class. Plus, the price point is a game-changer, especially for budget-conscious buyers and corporate fleet managers looking for great value.

Performance in a Competitive Segment

The small SUV market is fiercely competitive, with 23 different makes and models fighting for dominance under the $45,000 price tag. In this crowded space, the Omoda 5 not only holds its own but has even outsold popular models like the Nissan Qashqai and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in June this year. That鈥檚 no small feat and speaks volumes about the appeal of this car.

A Global Vision with Local Appeal

Chery isn鈥檛 just focusing on the local market; they have their sights set on global dominance. With over 70,000 units sold in the first half of 2023 alone, they are on track to meet an ambitious target of 200,000 international sales. This global perspective might explain why the Omoda 5 feels so refined and well-rounded鈥攊t鈥檚 made to appeal to a worldwide audience.

Styling Cues from Luxurious Cousins

There鈥檚 a touch of Lexus in the Omoda 5鈥檚 DNA, particularly in its styling. Both the front and rear end borrow elements that are reminiscent of high-end models, which adds to its upmarket appeal. The rear end is especially sleek, featuring clean lines and modern LEDs that enhance its coupe-like silhouette.

Chery Omoda 5 Price: Affordable Luxury Defined

When diving into the world of compact SUVs, pricing can be as varied as the features offered by different models. The Chery Omoda 5, however, not only breaks the mold with its striking design and robust feature set but also with its incredibly competitive pricing strategy.

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Simplified Choices, Clear Value

Chery offers the Omoda 5 in two straightforward trim levels, ensuring that choosing your perfect fit is as easy as it gets. Here鈥檚 how the pricing pans out:

  • Omoda 5 BX: Starting at a drive-away price of $32,990, this entry-level option packs a punch, offering core features that surpass expectations for a base model.
  • Omoda 5 EX: The variant I had the pleasure of driving is the top-tier EX, which steps up the game in terms of luxury and technology. This model starts at $35,990 drive-away, excluding options. Considering the additional features and enhancements, this price represents significant value in the competitive SUV market.

Customization Options

For those who love to add a personal touch to their vehicle, the Omoda 5 EX offers several enticing options:

  • Metallic Paint: Choose from an array of colors like Space Black, Midnight Blue, Jupiter Blue, Lunar White, Mercurial Grey, and Saturn Silver for an additional $500.
  • Red Accent Package: For an extra $600, add red highlights to the front splitter, side skirts, roof spoiler, and wheel spokes. Note that this package is available only with Lunar White, Mercurial Grey, and Saturn Silver paint colors.
  • Two-Tone Roof: This stylish option is available for $600 for Titan Green with a white roof, or $1,200 for Lunar White, Mercurial Grey, and Saturn Silver with a black roof and red accents, adding a unique and modern twist to your vehicle’s appearance.

Standing Against the Competition

With prices that challenge competitors like the Haval Jolion Ultra, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Nissan Qashqai, and Toyota C-HR Koba, the Omoda 5 not only offers compelling pricing but also delivers a package rich in style, performance, and features, making it a standout choice for anyone in the market for a new SUV.

Chery Omoda 5 Interior

The Chery Omoda 5’s interior is a pleasant surprise, especially given its positioning in the budget-friendly segment. Here鈥檚 a detailed look at what it offers inside:

Luxurious Seating and Comfort

Right off the bat, the Omoda 5 impresses with its electrically adjustable, thickly cushioned plush seats, which boast sporty bolsters and attractive contrast piping. While they are made of synthetic leather, they mimic genuine hide so convincingly that you’d be forgiven for thinking they were the real deal. The added bonus of heated seats enhances comfort during those chilly early morning drives, making the Omoda 5 a cozy place to be.

High-Quality Touchpoints

The steering wheel in the Omoda 5 carries a leather-like feel and a flat-bottom design, contributing to the vehicle鈥檚 premium ambiance. It鈥檚 accompanied by quality brightwork and nicely damped instrument stalks, although it lacks paddle shifters. For those looking for a bit more excitement, the drive mode button quickly switches settings from Eco to Sport, adjusting the car’s throttle response accordingly.

Tech and Practical Features

The cockpit is both tech-centric and uncluttered, featuring a minimalistic approach with a few key touch buttons and a solitary knurled dial for volume adjustments on the move, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. The electronic shifter and the glass-like start/stop button add a touch of modernity, possibly inspired by luxury sports cars.

Interactive and Customizable Tech

Ahead of the shifter, the Omoda 5 includes two felt-lined phone cradles, one of which is a 15W wireless charging bay. The vehicle also features convenient smart entry and auto-locking functions, which activate as you approach or leave the vehicle with the key fob.

The HVAC system showcases a full-length horizontal vent with touch-capacitive buttons that seamlessly integrate into the interior design. When activated, these display a full-size climate control menu for easy customization.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The interior is dominated by two 10.25-inch screens; one serves as the touchscreen for the infotainment system and the other as a digital driver鈥檚 display. These screens are praised for their sharpness, clarity, and color accuracy. The system includes wireless Apple CarPlay, which connects quickly and remains reliable, enhancing the driving experience with seamless smartphone integration.

Utility and Space

Despite not leading its class in terms of boot space, the Omoda 5 still offers a decent 360 liters, expandable to 1075 liters with the rear seats folded nearly flat. The boot features practical, small cavities on each side that are perfect for securing grocery bags or similar items, though the rear seats need to be folded from the front, which might be a slight inconvenience when loading.

Powertrain and Performance

Currently, the Chery Omoda 5 is equipped with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, labeled as the 230T. This engine offers a modest output of 108kW of power at 5500 rpm and 210Nm of torque from 1750-4000 rpm. It鈥檚 paired exclusively with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) that drives the front wheels. This setup includes two drive modes: Eco and Sport, allowing some flexibility depending on driving conditions or personal preference.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Omoda 5 posts a claimed 6.9L/100km on the combined cycle, although real-world figures tend to vary. For instance, during a week of predominantly urban driving, the consumption was noted at around 10.4L/100km. While this is above the official claim, it鈥檚 not uncommon, especially in city conditions where stop-start traffic can increase consumption.

Upcoming Enhancements

For those looking for more power, there鈥檚 good news: a beefier 1.6-litre turbocharged engine is on the horizon. This engine will boost the performance significantly, offering 145kW and 290Nm of torque, and it will be coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Additionally, this variant will include an all-wheel-drive option, enhancing its appeal for those needing more traction and stability.

Driving Experience

The current 1.5-litre engine provides adequate pep for daily driving, with the CVT ensuring smooth acceleration across the rev range. The Sport mode adds a more aggressive throttle response, which can be fun when you want a bit more excitement from the drive.

However, the steering feedback is somewhat muted, which might detach the driver from feeling fully engaged with the driving dynamics. This aspect could benefit from local tuning to suit specific markets and driving conditions better.

Handling and Comfort

In terms of ride and handling, the Omoda 5 does a decent job of absorbing larger bumps and speed bumps, indicative of a suspension setup that鈥檚 geared towards comfort. However, the ride can feel sharp and busy over potholes and rougher patches of road, suggesting that the damper tune might need refinement to better suit local conditions.

The body roll through roundabouts and sharper turns is noticeable initially but settles quickly, which is typical for SUVs in this segment. A more refined damper setup could potentially enhance the vehicle鈥檚 composure and handling dynamics.

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