2026 BMW IX3 Review | Interior | Range | Price

2026 BMW IX3 Review

So, BMW’s got this electric side gig, right? The i sub-brand? Well, they’re planning to beef it up with a new ride, the 2026 iX3 SUV. And guess what? It’s gonna be cruising on this fresh EV platform they showed off with the Vision Neue Klasse X concept. Expecting some cool options like single and dual motors, a hefty battery, speedy charging, and the thing should go more than 300 miles before it needs a juice-up. Not much chatter yet on the iX3 specifics, but it’s gonna be one of six fresh models BMW’s rolling out on this new platform. Oh, and there’s talk about an i3 sedan that’s gonna be the electric twin of the next-gen 3-series sedan. The concept’s got this wild, futuristic look, so the iX3 EV’s gonna stand out big time from the regular gas X3. Looking forward to some top-notch infotainment and driver-help goodies, plus all the fancy trimmings that make it scream luxury SUV. And fingers crossed for that rush you get from quick takeoffs and smooth, fun handling. As soon as more deets drop on the 2026 iX3, we’ll spill the beans.

2026 BMW IX3 | What’s New for 2026?

Alright, here’s the scoop on what’s fresh for 2026. The iX3 is hitting the scene as a brand-new player. Now, if you’ve been poking around online or keeping an eye out, you might’ve seen an iX3 SUV being mentioned here and there. But hold up, that’s old news; it’s been around for a bit in other parts of the globe, rolling on a platform similar to the current gas-powered X3. The 2026 iX3 we’re hyped about? That’s a whole different beast. It’s set to land in North America, sporting BMW’s latest and greatest, an EV-dedicated platform called Neue Klasse.

2026 BMW IX3 Price

2026 BMW IX3 Price

When it comes to forking out cash, the 2026 BMW iX3 is looking like it’ll start in the ballpark of $60,000 and could climb up to around $70,000, depending on how you kit it out.

Got a few options to think about:

  • eDrive40 might set you back about $60,000 (estimating here).
  • xDrive40? Around $65,000 (also an estimate).
  • And if you’re eyeing the M50, you’re probably looking at about $70,000 (yep, estimated).

Now, just to be clear, BMW’s been pretty tight-lipped about the exact pricing, the different trims, what’s under the hood, and all that jazz for the 2026 iX3. We’re expecting a couple of flavors – something with rear-wheel drive and another with all-wheel drive, plus a juiced-up dual-motor model that could be rocking an M50 badge. As soon as we get the lowdown on the upcoming iX3, we’ll make sure you’re in the loop with all the details.

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Range, Charging, and Battery Life

For the range, charging setup, and battery life, BMW and the EPA haven’t dropped any official word yet on the iX3’s range. It’s a bit early for those specifics. But here’s the deal: the iX3 is going to roll out on the Neue Klasse platform, which is pretty slick with an 800-volt electrical setup and batteries boasting up to 20% more energy density than what’s currently out there. So, piecing things together, it’s looking like the iX3 could easily cruise past 300 miles on a single charge. That’s the hope, at least. Once the numbers are officially out, you’ll hear from us.

2026 BMW IX3聽 | Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

2026 BMW IX3聽 | Interior, Comfort, and Cargo
2026 BMW IX3聽 Interior

Switching gears to the inside of the iX3, if the concept vehicle’s giving us any hints, it’s gonna be all about sustainable vibes and feeling spacious. Looks like there’ll be plenty of room to stretch out for four grown-ups. The concept threw in a massive panoramic glass roof, which really opens up the space and brings in a ton of light. Then there’s the mood lighting鈥攕ome of it’s even woven into the fabric bits, lighting up the place in a cool way. They showed it off with this eye-catching red-and-white interior color scheme, topped with what seemed like super soft, velour-style material on the seat tops. Sounds like it’s going to be a pretty nice place to hang out while cruising down the road.

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