2024 Mini Aceman Review | Specs, Pricing & Availability

2024 Mini Aceman Review

So, the Mini lineup is getting a fresh face with the new Mini Aceman. It’s kind of like the old Mini Paceman, but not really鈥攊t’s a brand new all-electric SUV. Unlike its bigger sibling, the Countryman, which has grown considerably, the Aceman sticks to being compact and more city-friendly.

2024 Mini Aceman Review

Design and Style: Trendy Yet Functional

First off, the Aceman is a looker! It sports a slightly boxier shape than the Countryman, with pronounced wheel arches that give it a robust vibe. What’s cool are the rhombus-shaped headlights up front and customizable LED taillights at the back. And yes, because it’s all-electric, that front grille is just for show鈥攖otally blanked off.

Despite its compact dimensions鈥攋ust 20mm longer than a Renault Clio鈥攊t feels roomy, thanks to clever design like pushing the wheels out to the very corners. This not only maximizes interior space but also keeps it nimble on those tight city corners.

Inside the Aceman: Chic and Cozy

Stepping inside, you’ll find the Aceman’s interior has a lot in common with the latest Countryman and Cooper models. It’s all about style here, with patterned fabric panels sweeping across the dashboard and into the door cards. They’ve matched these patterns with the seat upholstery and piping too, creating a really cohesive and stylish look.

At the center of it all is this snazzy circular screen, 9.4 inches across, handling everything from your tunes to your driving stats. Below that, there’s a neat little panel with all the essential controls鈥攕uper intuitive.

Space and Practicality: Compact but Capable

Mini says there’s ‘generous legroom,’ which sounds promising for comfort, right? We’ll see how it measures up in real life soon enough. The boot’s got 300 liters of space鈥攏ot the biggest you’ll find, but definitely enough for a shopping spree or a weekend getaway.

Exploring the Mini Aceman Trim Levels and Equipment Packs

Trim Levels: Classic, Exclusive, and Sport

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The Mini Aceman comes in three different trims: Classic, Exclusive, and Sport, each adding a touch of its own flair:

  • Classic Trim: This entry-level option keeps things simple yet stylish. It offers three paint colors, two designs for the 17-inch wheels, and a gloss-black front grille. The interior features either grey/blue or black/blue upholstery, making it a solid choice for those who appreciate a more subdued aesthetic.
  • Exclusive Trim: Step up to the Exclusive, and you’ll see a range of additional paint options to personalize your ride further. It features larger 18-inch alloys and a classy silver front grille. Inside, the blue and orange color scheme adds a vibrant touch to the cabin, giving it a more luxurious feel.
  • Sport Trim: Inspired by the high-performance John Cooper Works models, the Sport trim amps up the excitement. It boasts high-gloss black exterior trim, iconic bonnet stripes, and a striking red roof. Sportier alloys and sports seats inside reinforce its dynamic nature, with the red and black theme continuing throughout the interior.

Equipment Packs: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

Aside from the trim levels, the Aceman also offers three equipment packs that add various high-tech and comfort features:

  • Level 1 Features:
    • Keyless entry for added convenience.
    • Wireless smartphone charging to keep your devices powered up without the mess of cables.
    • A head-up display that projects important driving information directly into your line of sight.
  • Level 2 Upgrades:
    • A panoramic sunroof that opens up the cabin, letting in more light and air.
    • Tinted windows for extra privacy and protection from the sun.
    • An upgraded Harman Kardon sound system, perfect for music lovers seeking a rich audio experience.
  • Level 3 Additions:
    • Electric massaging front seats, providing ultimate comfort during long drives.
    • An interior camera, enhancing security and monitoring inside the vehicle.
    • Augmented-reality navigation, which overlays navigation data onto the real-world environment, making it easier to follow directions.

Each of these packages allows potential buyers to customize their Aceman according to their needs and preferences, whether they’re looking for basic functionality, enhanced comfort, or the full suite of luxury and technology options. The Mini Aceman seems well-equipped to compete in the modern market, providing a range of choices that cater to different tastes and requirements.

Mini Aceman: Battery Options, Performance, and Pricing Insights

Under the Hood: Battery and Motor Specs

The Mini Aceman is shaping up as a sporty electric option, sharing the same base architecture as the smaller three-door Mini Cooper hatch. It steers clear of the larger Countryman鈥檚 technology, positioning itself uniquely in the Mini electric lineup. Here鈥檚 a breakdown of what you can expect from the two versions available:

  • Aceman E: This model is powered by a 184hp electric motor and equipped with a 42.5kWh battery. It promises an official range of 192 miles on a full charge, making it suitable for city driving and moderate commutes.
  • Aceman SE: For a bit more power, the SE comes with a 218hp motor and a larger 54.2kWh battery. It boosts the range to a maximum of 252 miles. This makes it a more viable option for longer trips or those looking to stretch their journey a bit further between charges.

Performance Metrics

Both models offer decent performance, with the E model accelerating from 0-62 mph in 7.9 seconds, and the SE model a tad quicker at 7.1 seconds. While these figures are respectable, especially for urban driving, they might not turn heads when compared to some of the more performance-oriented budget electric vehicles like the MG4 XPower or the Volvo EX30 Twin Motor, which pack almost twice the power for a comparable price.

Market Introduction and Pricing

The Mini Aceman is set to hit the roads with first customer deliveries expected in November 2024. Pricing details are starting to emerge, although full specifics on all trim levels are still under wraps:

  • Aceman E: Starting price is pegged at 拢31,800, positioning it as an accessible option for those entering the electric vehicle market.
  • Aceman SE: This higher-spec model starts at 拢36,300, offering more power and range for the additional cost.

Comparative Market Position

When compared to competitors like the Volvo EX30 or Jeep Avenger, the Aceman鈥檚 pricing appears competitive, particularly given its stylish Mini branding and the cachet that brings. However, it鈥檚 worth noting that it is still pricier than the MG4, which might sway budget-conscious buyers looking for more power at a lower cost.

In conclusion, the Mini Aceman aims to blend Mini’s traditional charm with the efficiency and modernity of electric power, offering a well-rounded package for urbanites and eco-conscious drivers. Its competitive pricing, especially in the context of its unique design and brand heritage, makes it a compelling choice despite tough competition from more powerful, yet budget-friendly, alternatives.

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