2024 Genesis GV60 Review | Pricing | Transmission

2024 Genesis GV60 review

The Genesis brand, known for its luxury cars, has taken a bold step into the electric vehicle scene with its eye-catching and somewhat quirky GV60 crossover. This ride rolled out in 2023, sporting the kind of design flair we’ve come to expect from Genesis, but with a twist. It said goodbye to the usual trapezoidal grille, opting instead for a sleeker look with a subtler grille sitting low on the front bumper. This move gives the GV60 a smooth, aerodynamic vibe without losing that Genesis charm, ensuring it stands out in a sea of similar-looking cars. Inside, it’s just as impressive with two 12.3-inch screens combined into one sleek dashboard display, offering both the gauges and the entertainment system at a glance. The interior design is clean, futuristic, and perfectly complements the high-end touches throughout, including the cool crystal sphere shifter that magically appears when you start the car. Under the hood, the GV60 packs a punch with up to 483 horsepower and can go up to 294 miles on a single charge. It’s up against some stiff competition from other luxury SUVs like the Audi Q4 e-tron, Volvo XC40 Recharge, and the sleek C40 Recharge. However, the GV60’s meticulous attention to detail and fun little quirks make it a compelling, unique choice that even snagged a 2024 Editors’ Choice award.

2024 Genesis GV60 changes: What’s New for 2024?

2024 Genesis GV60

For 2024, the Genesis GV60 lineup is getting even more exciting with the introduction of a new Standard trim. This addition is turning heads with its appealing starting price and the promise of going up to 294 miles on a single charge. And there’s more good news for those eyeing the mid-range Advance trim鈥攊t’s now boasting a max range increase of 16 miles, topping out at 264 miles, thanks to the new 19-inch wheels (though the 20-inchers are still an option for those who prefer them). The Performance model continues to make a statement with its 21-inch wheels, though this choice does bring its range down to 235 miles.

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance

2024 Genesis GV60 Performance

In the 2024 Genesis GV60 lineup, the power and performance options are tailored to suit a variety of preferences. The Standard trim keeps things simple with a single 225-horsepower electric motor that powers the rear wheels, making for a smooth and efficient ride. However, for those craving more power and the added confidence of all-wheel drive, the Advanced and Performance trims step things up. The Advanced trim boasts two motors that combine for a total of 314 horsepower, providing a brisk and responsive driving experience.

The Performance trim, on the other hand, is where the GV60 truly flexes its muscles. It comes standard with two motors as well, but it ramps up the power to 429 horsepower. And for those moments when you really want to push the limits, activating the Performance model’s Boost driving mode temporarily cranks the horsepower up to 483. This feature enabled us to rocket the GV60 Performance from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds鈥攁 testament to its thrilling capabilities.

But the GV60 isn’t just about straight-line speed. It also shines when it comes to handling and comfort. The Performance trim, in particular, benefits from an adaptive suspension and an electronic rear locking differential, elements that contribute to handling dynamics that could be compared to the Porsche Macan. This makes the GV60 a joy to drive, whether you’re cruising in silence on the highway or tackling a twisty backroad. The cabin stays remarkably quiet, ensuring a serene driving experience, while its agility and stability provide both fun and confidence behind the wheel.

As of now, we’re still waiting for details on when the expected rear-wheel-drive version might make its debut.

2024 Genesis GV60 Interior

Inside the Genesis GV60, you’re treated to a vibe that’s a notch more futuristic than its larger siblings, the GV70 and GV80. While those models lean into a classic luxury feel, the GV60 opts for a fresh, tech-forward approach. It’s not just about sleek design; it’s about embracing innovations that make your drive both cooler and more convenient.

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One of the standout features has to be the center-console gear selector. Picture this: you park, and it flips upside down, transforming into something that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, like a crystal ball. It’s these kinds of details that give the GV60 its unique charm and a slightly more modern edge.

But it doesn’t stop at flashy design elements. The GV60 is all in on the latest technology, including some really groundbreaking features. Imagine walking up to your car, and it recognizes your face, unlocking and allowing you to start the engine without ever reaching for a key. That’s exactly what the GV60’s facial recognition system offers. And for an extra layer of convenience and security, there’s also biometric fingerprint readers, ensuring keyless entry is as secure as it is seamless.

Though it might not offer the same roominess as the GV70 and GV80, the GV60’s interior is a testament to Genesis’s commitment to combining luxury with the latest tech trends, making it a compelling choice for those who prioritize innovation along with comfort and style.

2024 Genesis GV60 Range

2024 Genesis GV60 Range

Every GV60 model is equipped with the same 77.4-kWh battery, yet their driving ranges vary due to differences in powertrain and wheel size. The EPA rates the all-wheel-drive GV60 Advanced trim at up to 248 miles on a single charge. Opting for the Performance model, you’re looking at an estimated range of 235 miles. However, the introduction of 19-inch wheels in the 2024 lineup brings a nice perk for the GV60 Advanced, boosting its range up to 264 miles according to EPA estimates.

The standout when it comes to range is the Standard model, which features a rear-wheel-drive setup. This model leads the pack with an impressive potential of reaching up to 294 miles per charge, making it the most range-efficient option in the GV60 lineup.

When it comes to recharging, the GV60 shows off its fast-charging capabilities. Genesis states that hooked up to a DC fast-charging station, the battery can zoom from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes, making long journeys less daunting with quick pit stops for power. However, it’s worth noting that in real-world conditions, like our 75-mph highway range test, the GV60 Performance model achieved an observed driving range of 200 miles. This highlights the variability of EV range based on driving conditions and behavior, underscoring the importance of efficient driving habits and strategic charging stops on longer trips.

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

Comprehensive Safety Suite Across All Models

  • Automated Emergency Braking: Automatically applies the brakes to avoid or mitigate a collision if a potential obstacle is detected ahead.
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring: Monitors the areas beside and just behind the GV60, alerting the driver to vehicles in their blind spot during lane changes.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Warning: Warns the driver of approaching vehicles from the side while reversing, ideal for navigating out of parking spaces safely.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Maintains a set distance from the car ahead, adjusting speed as necessary, and includes a lane-centering feature to help keep the vehicle centered in its lane.

Crash-Test Results and Ratings

For detailed crash-test outcomes and safety ratings, prospective buyers and owners can refer to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. These resources provide comprehensive insights into the GV60’s performance in various safety tests.

Key Safety Features

  • Standard Automated Emergency Braking: Helps prevent accidents by automatically applying the brakes when a collision threat is detected.
  • Standard Lane-Keeping Assist with Lane-Departure Warning: Actively assists the driver in maintaining lane position, and warns if the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane without signaling.
  • Standard Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane-Centering Feature: Enhances driving convenience by automatically adjusting cruising speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, while also helping to keep the car centered in its lane.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The Genesis brand is known for its generous warranty and maintenance coverage, setting it apart in the luxury vehicle segment:

  • Powertrain Coverage: The GV60 is backed by a powertrain warranty for up to 10 years or 100,000 miles, offering peace of mind far beyond what many competitors offer.
  • Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance: Owners enjoy complimentary scheduled maintenance services for three years or 36,000 miles, highlighting Genesis’s commitment to customer satisfaction and vehicle reliability.

Comparatively, the Jaguar I-Pace provides similar bumper-to-bumper coverage and a longer period of complimentary maintenance, though its powertrain warranty falls short of the generous terms offered by Genesis.

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