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2024 Geely Radar RD6 Review

Imagine this: a pickup truck that doesn’t just haul stuff but zips from 0 to 62 mph in less than 6 seconds. Yeah, that’s the RD6 for you. Geely dropped this electric beast in China around September 2022, slapping a price tag on it that makes you do a double-take – just $25,000 USD (which is roughly £22,000). For an electric pickup that quick, that’s kind of a steal.

Geely Radar RD6 Review

Geely Radar RD6

How Far Can This Thing Go?

Battery size is where it gets interesting. The RD6 lets you pick from three sizes, kind of like choosing the battery life on your phone:

  • The 66kWh battery gets you around 215 miles – not shabby.
  • Bump up to the 86kWh, and you’re cruising for about 280 miles.
  • Feeling extra? The 100kWh option pushes you to a whopping 380 miles. That’s a lot of road trips without worrying about where to charge next.

And if you compare that to something fancy like the Rivian R1T, which, don’t get me wrong, is pretty cool but also costs an arm and a leg (£68,000 to £75,000), the RD6 starts looking like a pretty sweet deal.

But Is It Actually Fun to Drive?

For the off-road enthusiasts, the RD6 has got some chops. It can handle the rough and tumble pretty well, although it might get cozy with a rock or two due to its ground clearance not being super high. But hey, that’s part of the adventure, right? On regular roads and highways, it’s smooth sailing – fast and silent, just how we like our electric rides.

So, What’s the Deal with the RD6’s Power?

The RD6 is rolling out with a solid 200 kW motor that’s all about giving power to the rear axle. For those who need a bit of translation, that’s a lot of oomph for an electric pickup. Battery-wise, there are options to fit everyone’s needs: 63 kWh, 86 kWh, and the big boy, 100 kWh. These puppies can get you 410 km, 550 km, and 632 km on a single charge, respectively. That’s a whole lot of road before you need to plug in.

Now, for the 4WD enthusiasts, Geely’s playing it a bit coy with the details. But, if we look at what they’ve done with the Zeekr 001, it’s a good bet that they’ll just slap another one of those powerful motors on the front axle for the all-wheel-drive action. The platform they’re working with can handle up to a whopping 140 kWh battery pack, so who knows? We might see something even beefier for the 4WD version.

Payload and Towing – Bigger and Badder

Here’s where things get even more interesting. The new 4WD version is seriously leveling up with its payload capacity – we’re talking about jumping from 430 kg to a hefty 865 kg. And if you’re into towing, the capacity’s getting a boost from 2.5 tons to 3 tons. That’s a lot of extra muscle for hauling whatever you need.

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Powering Your Adventures (and Then Some)

Ever thought of your pickup as a giant power bank? The RD6 can juice up to 6 kW of electrical gadgets right from the truck bed, offering 12V, 220V, and even 380V outlets. Whether it’s tools, a mini-fridge, or your entire campsite, you’re powered. And here’s a kicker – the 4WD version is bringing something new to the table: the ability to charge other EVs directly. That’s like being the most popular guy at the party but for electric vehicles.

A Design That Dares

It’s clear from the get-go that the RD6 isn’t just about looks; it’s about making those looks work hard. Its aerodynamic silhouette isn’t just for show—it slices through the air, enhancing both its efficiency and its zip on the highway. And those details? They’re not just thrown on. Take the grille, those LED lights front and back—they’re like Geely’s signature, a mark of quality and attention to detail.

Geely Radar RD6 Interior

Crack open the door, and it’s like stepping into a different world. The RD6’s cabin is more than just comfortable; it’s a haven of luxury. Premium materials everywhere you look, finishes that feel just right, and all those little details that show someone cared about making this space special. It’s roomy, too, with seats that invite you to settle in and stay awhile, surrounded by tech that keeps you connected and entertained no matter where you’re headed.

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