2024 Denza D9 Review | Price | Power | Range | Interior

2024 Denza D9 Review

The 2024 DENZA D9 MPV, a standout model under BYD’s DENZA brand, has officially launched with significant enhancements and a variety of powertrain options to suit diverse needs. This new release continues to elevate the brand’s reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative vehicles tailored for both personal and business use.

Denza D9 Price

Denza D9 Price

The DENZA D9 is available in two main powertrain variants: a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (DM-i). The BEV version is offered in three trim levels with prices ranging from 379,800 yuan to 469,800 yuan, providing options for those prioritizing electric mobility. On the other hand, the DM-i version introduces five variants, priced from 339,800 yuan to 449,800 yuan, catering to users who prefer the flexibility of a hybrid system.

Additionally, DENZA has launched a luxurious four-seater Pioneer Edition of the D9, priced at 600,600 yuan. This edition includes exclusive benefits such as priority purchase rights, trade-in options, financial privileges, and comprehensive maintenance packages, enhancing the ownership experience.

Denza D9 Interior and Comfort

Denza D9 Interior and Comfort
Denza D9 Interior and Comfort

The 2024 DENZA D9 maintains its distinctive design language known as 蟺-Motion, which includes a waterfall-style grille for the BEV and a striking diamond-cut grille for the PHEV version. Its length of 5,250mm, width of 1,960mm, and height of 1,920mm, along with a wheelbase of 3,110mm, ensure a spacious and comfortable interior.

One of the notable new features is the introduction of front electric suction doors, which facilitate easy entry and exit without disturbing passengers. The interior boasts a leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel and optional streaming rearview mirrors that enhance visibility for all passengers by removing visual obstructions.

Advanced Features and Technology

Advanced Features and Technology

The DENZA D9 is equipped with the DiSus-C intelligent damping body control system, which adjusts chassis stiffness dynamically to optimize handling and comfort based on road conditions. The model also features Comfort Control Technology (CCT), improving brake pitch by 20% and enhancing cornering roll control by 12%.

Moreover, the 2024 model year introduces the DENZA Pilot L2+ intelligent driving assistance system, offering features such as lane navigation and remote parking, adding to the vehicle’s high-tech appeal.

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Power and Charging

The BEV version of the D9 is built on an 800V platform and is equipped with a 103kWh battery pack, delivering an impressive range of over 620km. It also introduces dual-gun ultra-fast charging technology, capable of adding 230km of range in just 15 minutes.

The DM-i version supports an 80kW DC fast charge, enabling rapid charging from 30% to 80% in just 25 minutes, and offers a battery-only range of up to 200km with a combined range of 1,050km under the CLTC test cycle.


The 2024 DENZA D9 MPV is a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile, luxurious, and technologically advanced vehicle. With its range of power options, innovative features, and a focus on passenger comfort and driving dynamics, the D9 sets a new standard in the luxury MPV market. Whether for family use, executive transport, or simply enjoying a premium driving experience, the DENZA D9 meets a wide array of needs and preferences.

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