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2024 CFMOTO 450MT Review

Hey there, fellow adventure seeker! Have you heard about the CFMOTO 450MT? Whether you’re all about cruising on the open road or diving into some off-road action, the 450MT is like your golden ticket to adventure land.

Power That Thrills

2024 CFMOTO 450MT Review

So, what’s under the hood… or, I guess, under the seat, in this case? The 450MT is powered by a beastly 449cc parallel-twin engine. This isn’t just any engine; it’s a piece of CFMOTO’s engineering magic, fine-tuned for adventurers like you and me. It pumps out a solid 32.5kW of power at 8,500 rpm and 44Nm of torque at 6250 rpm. Translation? This bike is ready to zip and zoom, making every ride an adrenaline-pumping thrill.

Smooth Sailing… Er, Riding


But here’s the kicker: despite all that power, the 450MT is super smooth to ride. Thanks to dual balance shafts, it offers great throttle response and keeps those vibrations low. So, whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling rough trails, it’s all about that smooth, enjoyable ride. And at just 175kg dry, it’s got that perfect mix of being light enough to handle with ease but sturdy enough to take on any adventure.

2024 CFMOTO 450MT Price

The ride-away price for the 450MT is set at $8,990, which includes a 6-month registration term to get you rolling without any hassle. However, for areas where a 6-month registration isn鈥檛 an option, the price adjusts slightly to $9,290, covering a full 12-month registration. It鈥檚 all about ensuring you鈥檙e fully set from the get-go, without any unexpected bumps down the road. To nail down the exact price and registration term for your area, catching up with your local CFMOTO Dealer is the way to go.

Gear Up for Adventure with the CFMOTO 450MT

Dive into the heart of adventure riding with the CFMOTO 450MT, where technology and comfort merge to create the ultimate touring experience. Let’s break down what makes this bike a standout choice for riders who demand versatility and control at their fingertips.

Take Control with Advanced Riding Tech

Gear Up for Adventure with the CFMOTO 450MT

Imagine cruising down a scenic route or navigating through tricky terrains, and you’ve got the power to tweak your ride’s settings on the fly. That’s exactly what you get with the 450MT’s cutting-edge features:

  • Switchable Rear ABS: With just a push of a button on the handlebar, you can disable the BOSCH dual-channel ABS on the rear wheel. This flexibility allows for a more tailored riding experience, especially on terrains where you might prefer a bit more slide.
  • BOSCH Traction Control System (TCS): Want to dial up the adventure a notch? Easily disengage the TCS via the bike’s user-friendly 5″ TFT color display. This display isn’t just about control; it also offers Bluetooth connectivity, making your ride both seamless and connected.

Designed for Comfort, Built for Distance

Designed for Comfort, Built for Distance

Long rides should be about the joy of the journey, not the discomfort. That’s where the 450MT shines with its rider-focused design:

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  • Adjustable Windscreen: No matter the weather, you’re covered. Adjust the windscreen to suit your height and riding conditions.
  • Spacious Seating: Settle into the ride with a seat designed for all-day comfort.
  • Optimised Riding Position: The 450MT’s riding position is meticulously crafted to reduce fatigue, making those long journeys more enjoyable.

Ready for Any Adventure

The 450MT doesn’t just talk the talk; it’s fully equipped to walk the walk:

  • Wheels and Clearance: With 90/90-21 front and 140/70-18 rear wheels, paired with a generous 220mm of ground clearance, this bike is ready to tackle a variety of terrains.
  • Seat Height: Find your perfect fit with an 820mm seat height, adjustable to 800mm for those who prefer a slightly lower stance.

The CFMOTO 450MT encapsulates the spirit of off-road adventure with its blend of technical sophistication, distinctive styling, and rider-centric features. Whether you’re setting off on a long journey or exploring off-the-beaten paths, the 450MT is your reliable companion, ready to conquer challenging routes and deliver a riding experience that’s as thrilling as it is comfortable.

Get ready to unleash the thrill of exploration with the CFMOTO 450MT, a bike that’s all about delivering an unparalleled adventure touring experience. With its blend of cutting-edge technology and rider-focused design, the 450MT is here to revolutionize how you think about hitting the open road or the untamed trail.

Master Your Ride with Advanced Controls

  • Switchable Rear ABS: Fancy a bit more freedom on loose surfaces or during spirited riding? The 450MT’s got you covered with a handlebar button to easily disable the BOSCH dual-channel ABS on the rear, giving you the control you crave.
  • BOSCH Traction Control System (TCS): For those moments when you want to fully engage with the ride and the road, the TCS can be switched off via the bike’s 5″ TFT color display. This display isn’t just functional; it’s your gateway to a connected ride with Bluetooth integration.

Designed for Ultimate Riding Pleasure

  • Comfort All the Way: From the adjustable windscreen that shields you from the elements to the spacious and ergonomically designed seating, every detail of the 450MT is crafted for comfort. The optimized riding position means you can say goodbye to fatigue and focus purely on the joy of the journey.

Embrace the Spirit of Adventure

The CFMOTO 450MT invites you to push beyond the familiar and explore the unknown. Its robust engine and sophisticated engineering ensure that no road is too challenging and every adventure is within reach.

  • Powerful Heart: At the core of the 450MT lies a liquid-cooled, 449cc parallel-twin engine, ready to deliver a potent 32.5kW of power and 44Nm of torque. Paired with a precise 6-speed transmission, it promises a ride that’s both exhilarating and smooth.

CFMOTO 450MT Specs

CFMOTO 450MT Specs
CFMOTO 450MT Specs
  • Engine Type: At its core, the 450MT features a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, parallel twin engine. The inclusion of a DOHC and a 270掳 crankshaft ensures a smooth and responsive ride, offering an exhilarating experience whether you’re cruising highways or tackling rugged terrains.
  • Capacity & Measurements: With a 449cc capacity, the engine is robust, providing a perfect balance of power and maneuverability. The bore and stroke measurements stand at 72mm x 55.2mm, with a high compression ratio of 11.5:1, highlighting the engine’s design for optimal performance.
  • Fuel System: Equipped with Bosch EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), the 450MT offers precise fuel delivery, enhancing both power output and fuel efficiency. This system ensures a seamless throttle response across the rev range, allowing riders to tap into the bike’s power effortlessly.
  • Power & Torque: The engine roars to life with a maximum power of 32.5kW at 8,500rpm, complemented by a peak torque of 44Nm at 6,250rpm. This combination ensures that the 450MT is ready to surge forward with authority, whether you’re accelerating from a standstill or overtaking on the open road.
  • Transmission: A smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission links the rider to the bike’s performance, offering a gear for every situation. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails, the transmission ensures that you’re always in the sweet spot of the power band.

Peace of Mind with CFMOTO’s 3-Year Warranty

Ride with confidence knowing that your 450MT is backed by CFMOTO’s 3 Year Factory Warranty Program. Enjoy two years of warranty from the date of purchase, with the option to extend for an additional year by exclusively servicing your bike at authorized dealers and maintaining an accurate service history.

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