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2024 BMW CE 02 Review

BMW’s CE 02 has been dubbed an ‘eParkourer’, and while the skateboarding lingo might make you roll your eyes, there’s a lot more to this ride than meets the eye. It’s a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with look-alike electric scooters, aiming straight for the hearts of young, city-dwelling riders. But, with a £7,450 price tag, it’s asking riders to really buy into the concept.

From Vision to Reality

What BMW has rolled out is neither your typical scooter nor a conventional motorcycle. It’s something entirely new, a claim that often gets tossed around but here feels genuine. The influences from the world of skateboarding and BMX are there, not just in aesthetics but in the spirit of the CE 02. Beyond its eye-catching design, this ride is packed with practical tech like a reverse gear, various riding modes (yes, they’re really called Flow and Surf), traction control, ABS, and the innovative Recuperative Stability Control (RSC), akin to a slipper clutch. Oh, and did we mention it’s keyless?

2024 BMW CE 02 Review

Cutting Through the Hype

Putting aside the marketing buzzwords, the CE 02 emerges as a distinct and intriguing offering in the electric mobility space. We took it for a spin in Lisbon’s trendy lanes to see if it lives up to its looks and whether its hefty price tag holds up under scrutiny.

2024 BMW CE 02 Price

2024 BMW CE 02 Price
2024 BMW CE 02 Price

At £7,450, the BMW CE 02 doesn’t exactly come in as a budget option when it hits dealerships in April. But, in the somewhat wild west of electric motorcycle pricing, it finds itself in an interesting spot. It’s pricier than some, sure, but then you’ve got the higher-end electric rides like those from Zero, where the CE 02 starts looking more like a steal.

Comparing the Competition

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Stack it against something like the Super Soco TC Max, a Chinese contender, and the BMW’s price tag might make you pause – the TC Max offers a similar top speed and range for about half the cost, despite packing less power. But, then again, the BMW is sporting that premium German engineering.

What You Get for Your Cash

The base model keeps it simple – one color choice, black with grey metallic accents. Want to jazz it up? The ‘Highline’ package not only brings the bike closer to its 2021 concept glory with gold forks and flashy graphics but also throws in extras like an additional power mode, heated grips, a smartphone holder, and a quick charger that cuts charging time down significantly.

Power and Extras

If you’re after the full power 15hp version, prepare to shell out £8,450. Opt for the Highline package, and you’re looking at £9,330—and that’s before adding any more goodies like a comfort seat that tips the price over £9,500. That’s a hefty ask for something in the 125cc class, especially next to BMW’s own petrol-powered C 400 X and the luxe C 400 GT, which come in cheaper.

2024 BMW CE 02 Price

However, when you break it down into PCP prices, things start looking brighter. With a 25% down payment, the base model runs £107 per month, with the high-spec Highline at £121. Compared to shelling out £156.30 for a monthly public transport pass in London, the CE 02 offers a cooler, overground alternative that could actually save you money and hassle in the long run.

So, while the BMW CE 02 might first appear as a high-priced option in the electric scooter world, its value proposition grows when you consider the overall cost of urban mobility and the unique blend of style, performance, and features it brings to the table.

2024 BMW CE 02 Engine – Electric Power Unleashed

2024 BMW CE 02 Engine
2024 BMW CE 02 Engine

Diving into the heart of the BMW CE 02 for 2024, we’ve got an engine setup that’s intriguing, to say the least. It’s an air-cooled, synchronous current motor cranking out 15hp (11kW) at 5,000rpm on the full-power model. That’s right on the mark for learner-legal bikes, but BMW’s playing it straight without exploiting the electric loophole that allows e-bikes a bit more oomph compared to their petrol siblings. The continuous power figure, or what this bike can handle without breaking a sweat, sits at 6kW/8hp.

Torque and Power: A Dynamic Duo

The torque story is where things get spicy. We’re talking 55Nm (40.5 lb-ft) of instant grunt from the get-go up to 1000rpm. As the revs climb, torque takes a backseat to power, until things peak out at 6,700rpm. This dynamic duo promises to make the CE 02 a lively ride from traffic lights and through city streets.

Battery Life and Speed

This ride sports two 48-volt batteries, each with a 1.96kWh capacity, fixed in place for maintenance ease rather than quick swaps. Together, they push the CE 02 to a top speed of 59mph and from 0-31mph in a brisk three seconds, offering a range of over 56 miles. For those sticking to moped licenses, a restricted 5hp version is lighter and slows things down a bit, maxing out at 28mph with a range to match.

2024 BMW CE 02 Transmission: Smooth Operator

2024 BMW CE 02 Transmission

The CE 02 features a clever two-stage belt drive, ensuring a smooth transfer of power from the motor to the rear wheel. This setup minimizes the bike’s mechanical complexity while ensuring a ride that’s both responsive and engaging.

Riding Modes: It’s All in the Name

BMW spices things up with their riding modes, ditching traditional labels for the more whimsical ‘Flow’ and ‘Surf’. ‘Flow’ is your go-to for city cruising, offering gentle throttle response and a balanced feel of engine braking. ‘Surf’ lets you glide more freely, minimizing energy recapture and giving you a sharper throttle for those moments when you want a bit more zest in your ride.

The BMW CE 02 for 2024 may come with a quirky naming convention and a unique place in the market, but beneath the surface, it’s a machine that’s serious about performance and rider experience. With its blend of impressive torque, thoughtful power management, and adaptable riding modes, it’s shaping up to be a contender that could attract a new generation to the electric revolution, quirks and all.

Hopping on the BMW CE 02: A Whole New Electric Experience

2024 BMW CE 02 Transmission:

Jumping into the saddle of the BMW CE 02 throws you into a bit of a new world if you’re used to the rumble and ritual of starting up a traditional bike. With its keyless ignition, the startup is more whisper than roar. Pop the fob in your pocket, hit the unlock on the right bar, press the red button while holding a brake, and boom—’ready’ lights up. Then, it’s just twist and go. Or, for a bit of a party trick, hit the reverse button, twist, and back up you go. Sounds odd, right? But give it a moment, and it feels as natural as any twist-and-go scooter, just a lot quieter.

Getting the Hang of It

The initial thrust without the clutch or the engine soundtrack might catch you off guard, but BMW’s dialed in the throttle response to be smooth, not jumpy, depending on whether you’re in Flow or Surf mode. Flow is your chill mode, easing up on the throttle response and using regen braking to slow you down gently. Surf is your lively option, ditching engine braking for more glide and response. And if you’ve got the Flash mode, that’s like Surf but adds a bit of regen braking back into the mix.

Riding Through Lisbon: Modes in Motion

Starting in Flow, you’ll soon get the hang of using the regen to slow down, sort of like easing off with a soft rear brake. But switch to Surf, and it’s a different vibe—you coast more, which oddly can bump up your range. It’s got a bit more punch, especially as you hit the 40-50mph mark. And yes, on a good stretch, the CE 02 can breeze past 62mph, feeling like it’s got more to give. The Flash mode? It’s all the power of Surf but with a noticeable regen touch.

David vs. Goliath at the Traffic Lights

Without a direct comparison to a petrol 125cc, the CE 02 stands out on its own. Thanks to instant torque and zero gears to shuffle through, it’s a little rocket off the line, potentially leaving even bigger scooters in its dust. There’s something undeniably fun about silently zooming ahead of the pack when the lights go green.

Traction Control: Not Just for Laughs

The CE 02 comes standard with traction control, including Automatic Stability Control and Recuperative Stability Control for closed throttle situations. Sure, some might chuckle at the thought, but with that instant torque ready to unleash, it’s nice to have that tech safety net, especially on wet or uneven roads.

Reverse Gear: Because Why Not?

Yep, the CE 02 even packs a reverse gear, activated by a button on the left bar. It’s a nifty feature, particularly for maneuvering in tight spots or on inclines, adding to the bike’s user-friendly vibe.

Riding the BMW CE 02 is an experience that melds the familiar with the futuristic. It’s about rethinking what a ride can be—quiet, smooth, and with a few tricks up its sleeve (like going backward on purpose). And while its price tag and tech features might raise eyebrows, it’s hard to deny the sheer fun and practicality it brings to city streets, making every light change an opportunity for a mini-adventure.

2024 BMW CE 02: A Glimpse into Comfort and Cutting-Edge Economy

The BMW CE 02 might be compact, but it’s packed with features that elevate the riding experience, whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or cruising on open roads. Let’s break down what makes this ride stand out in terms of comfort, economy, and overall equipment.

Comfort Tailored for Every Rider

With a seat height of just 750mm, the CE 02 is accessible to riders of all sizes, making it easy to get your feet on the ground. The unique design allows solo riders to choose between a relaxed, scooter-like position with front footpegs or a more aggressive, sporty stance using the rear pegs. Got a buddy along for the ride? The rear pegs are all theirs, freeing you to enjoy the journey with your feet up front. And since there’s no clutch or gear shifts to fuss over, your focus stays purely on the ride.

Economy That Goes the Distance

The CE 02’s efficiency is notable, consuming less than 6kWh per 100km. This efficiency translates to a range of over 56 miles for the dual-battery setup and 28 miles for the single-battery model. Charging is straightforward with the standard 0.9kW charger, fitting into any household socket and offering reasonable charging times, especially with the quick charger option in the Highline package, which significantly cuts down on wait times.

Packed with Premium Equipment

The CE 02 doesn’t skimp on tech. A color TFT display keeps you in the loop on speed, battery life, and more. Need to charge your phone on the go? There’s a USB-C socket for that. Plus, BMW’s Motorrad Connected app keeps you updated on your bike’s status, with the Highline package offering remote access to this info.

Every light on the CE 02 is LED, ensuring you’re seen, day or night. While the standard model keeps things simple, the Highline package turns up the heat with heated grips and the convenience of a smartphone holder, among other upgrades.

Building on Quality

The build quality and finish of the CE 02 are exceptional, setting a high bar in the electric scooter segment. Testing the Highline model revealed just how seamless integration with BMW’s Motorrad Connection Services APP can be, offering clear navigation and control right from the handlebars.

Weighing the Cost

Yes, the CE 02 carries a premium price tag, starting at £8,450 for the full-power version and climbing with added features from the Highline package. Tack on extras like luggage options and a comfort seat, and you’re looking at an investment comparable to a BMW F900GS. But for those drawn to the CE 02’s blend of innovative design, eco-friendly performance, and high-end features, it represents a compelling choice in the evolving landscape of urban mobility.

Exploring the 2024 BMW CE 02: Handling, Suspension, and Beyond

The BMW CE 02 packs a whole lot in its compact frame, proving that great things truly do come in small packages. Let’s dive into what makes this bike tick, from its nimble handling to the innovative suspension setup and the tech that keeps you glued to the road.

Frame and Suspension: A Compact Marvel

Sporting a steel double-loop frame, the CE 02 boasts upside-down forks up front and a sleek single-sided swingarm at the back. It’s a snug setup, with a 1353mm wheelbase ensuring that this bike is as agile as they come. The forks might be on the slimmer side at 37mm, but they’re perfectly suited to the bike’s stature.

At the back, the direct-connection monoshock lacks a rising rate linkage but offers adjustability for preload, giving you some wiggle room to tweak your ride.

Wheels and Braking: Tiny but Mighty

Rolling on dainty 14-inch wheels, the CE 02 wears a 120/80 tire up front and a chunkier 150/70 at the back. Despite their size, these wheels, coupled with Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Recuperative Stability Control (RSC), ensure your ride is stable yet sprightly.

Braking is handled by a single disc at both ends, complemented by a two-pot caliper up front and a single-piston setup at the rear. ABS comes standard but focuses on the front, keeping your braking sharp yet forgiving.

Weight: Light and Right

Tipping the scales at 132kg for the dual-battery setup and 119kg for the single-battery, moped-spec model, the CE 02 is lightweight and maneuverable, a dream for zipping through urban landscapes.

The Ride: Agile, Fun, and Comfortable

The CE 02 feels balanced and agile, thanks to batteries and motor placement that ensures a low center of gravity. The riding position is reminiscent of a BMX, offering a fun and upright posture. Whether you prefer your feet forward for a relaxed ride or back for a sportier feel, the CE 02 adapts to your style, no foot controls needed.

With its short wheelbase and steep rake, the CE 02 is eager to change direction, making it a blast to weave through traffic. Stability remains solid, even as you pick up speed, but it’s the bike’s responsiveness that truly shines.

Riding through Lisbon’s challenging streets highlighted the CE 02’s impressive ride quality. Despite the urban obstacles, the suspension system – especially those conventional 37mm forks – absorbed impacts with grace. The rear shock, though firm, managed to keep things comfortable for the most part.

Quality, Tires, and ABS: The Details Matter

The CE 02 exudes quality; no creaks or rattles here, even when navigating cobbled streets at speed. The Michelin City Grip tires offer confidence in both dry and potentially wet conditions, providing grip without compromising fun. And while ABS is front-only, it adds to the CE 02’s playful character, allowing for a bit of rear-wheel skid action.

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